Twins Starting Kindergarten

Updated on July 28, 2010
K.V. asks from Orland Park, IL
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Hi Moms My 5 year old twin boys are staring Kindergarten in a few weeks full time. Im alittle nervous about them getting on the bus in the AM. When I would drop them off at Pre-School, I would have to peel on of them off my leg, as he cryed his eyes out. He did this ALL year! Now they are going to be getting on the bus in the AM and I dont know what to do. Ive been telling them they are going to be taking the bus with all their friends, telling them its going to be fun. But all they say is No they dont want to take the bus! I dont want to drive them everyday because I need to get my daughter off the Preschool and the schedules are too close! HAs anyone had a problem gettin your kids on the bus for the first time and what did you do? or how did it turn out? Thanks for your input!

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answers from Washington DC on

This is hard. I had a kindergartner who cried every day on the bus.
Is there an older friend who could help and sit with them or near them for a while? Maybe a 2nd grader?
On our bus the Kinders sat in front and the older kids in the back, but I had my 4th grader sit in the front with my little one.

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answers from Chicago on

Kindergarten is a very difficult transition for some students. The bus driver cannot hold your child while driving and will not come take your child from you. There are not seat belts on our buses. What if your child tries to get up and out the door once the bus in moving??? Think carefully about how you are going to handle this first day. Would it be better to have a teacher or principal take the child from you? Maybe driving him would be better. Kindergaren teachers are definitely skilled in this area!! The bus drivers we have had are not employed by the district, but rather an outside company and are not skilled in caring for separation anxiety ridden children. If there is a neighbor he can and will go with great. But what is that neighbor going to do if he cries and fits. He may need you to take him for a few weeks. One transition at a time..... Call the principal, explain how preschool has been, and she will tell you what she's done in the past. Really think this through.....what's best and safest for your child?



answers from Denver on

All I can say is for the first week or two be sure you allow ample time to see them off, don't rush. My son was just like this and he had a 2nd grade teacher that gave me the best advice. She told me not to let him see me get upset when he gets upset. Keep a smile on my face and focus on all the great stories he will get to tell me when I pick him up from school. It still took a couple of months, but he had the best year as far as adjusting to the separation and it was all because I quit showing that I was upset and spent a ton of time after school learning about his day.

Good luck!



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Honestly when my oldest went to Pre-School we put him on the bus just to avoid the saran wrap on the leg problem. We only lived a block and a half from the school, but he loved riding the bus so I never had the drop off problem again. I think I would just let the subject drop until a day or two before school starts and then say :"the bus will come get you and then bring you home". They'll probably be so excited about the new backpacks and supplies it won't even bother them.



answers from Sacramento on

I would try to find an older neighbor child/friend that they can sit by until they are used to riding on the bus an dhave it set up b4 they start if you can. Keep working on letting then know they will have fun on the bus, If you do to the library or book store I bet you could find some cute kids books on riding a school bus. THere are songs too "Wheels on the bus" you can sing with them about it. Stick to your guns on this mom, you can't let them tell you at this age how they will be going to school. Good luck.



answers from Nashville on

Maybe a ride on the bus prior to school would work. I know that in our area the buses start practicing their route a week or two before school so they can gauge traffic. Call the school and see if you can arrange to hop on at the stop one day and ride with them through the bus route. If you have a good bus driver he/she should be happy to help with this. We've had great bus drivers who my kids have liked to see each day. I like the other suggestions about soliciting an older bus buddy as well.

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