Twins 1St Birthday

Updated on November 10, 2011
E.M. asks from Liberty, MO
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My twin boys will be turning 1 year old on Thanksgiving day. Due to the fact that their birthday falls on TG day, and that they will be having their palate repair surgeries less than 2 weeks afterwards we are not having an actual party for them. (we are forgoing the party to try to keep them healthy before surgery.

My question is this: If you are a twin/multiples mom, how did you do the cake? Did you just have one regular cake and decorate it with both of their names? Did you do do two small cakes, one for each? I am thinking to not have a big cake seeing as it is Thanksgiving and their will be all sorts of Thanksgiving desserts and such. what did you do?? what would you do in my situation??? I would really love to have a party for them, but we cannot let them get sick. If they get anything respiratory their surgery will be postponed by 6 weeks, if they get a fever it will be postponed for 1 to 2 weeks. see the dilema? and the recovery after is horendous so it's not like we could do a party a week after.....darn it, what should we do?

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So What Happened?

I know that their health is the main priority. we are planning on going to my in laws house for Thanksgiving. and I know all about the pain of rescheduling surgeries etc. When they were supposed to have their lip repair surgeries back in february we had to postpone the surgery by 3 weeks because all 3 of the boys, my oldest is 2 1/2, got RSV and the twins ended up in the hospital for 5 days. so it was 3 weeks after they were released from the hospital when they were supposed to have the surgery but we had to put it back 3 weeks just to make sure they were out of the woods. Thanks for the cake suggestions. I know it was probably a silly question to begin with and I gave to much info and wasnt very concise with the flow of my post, I apologize!!!

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answers from Appleton on

I am a mom of twin girls and I did one cake with their names on it until age 6, then did separate cakes and now even sing twice. Not a biggie if there are lots of desserts. Get a big cake or a few dozen cup cakes and sing to them on TG day with everyone. If you are worried about sickness do not risk it. Mine were premies and we did not go anywhere for almost a year! They wont know the difference if you even have a party with them and you and dad. Decorate the house, get some balloons and let them dive into their cake! good luck to you!

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answers from Dallas on

I am a cake decorator. Most twin parties have one large cake for the group and then two smash cakes. In this case I'd probably suggest a smallish cake for the family and two cupcakes for smash cakes. I wouldn't feel too bad. The first birthday is for mom and dad anyway. In our house we do very simple family dinners until our kids turn 4. Enjoy pics of your baby covered in cake and celebrate the year!

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answers from St. Louis on

I have twin boys that are 8 yrs old, now. On their first birthday they each got a smash cake, and I decorated 2 other cakes- one had a duck cake, the other had a train cake. And every year after that, I have made two cakes- one for each boy, that he chose the theme for. However, I am a cake decorator, so it's not a big deal for me to decorate 2 cakes. Everyone just gets bigger slices of cake at the party. :-)

As a cake decorator, I see a lot of twin or sibling birthday cakes that are just one single sheet cake, with half of the cake decorated up for one twin, and the other half decorated for the other twin. I've done a couple of tiered cakes, also, where one tier was one theme, and the other tier was a different theme. There's also been one where they had 2 themes, and I "merged" the themes together into one cake.

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We did cupcakes. In the future if we do cakes, my plan is to do a cake for each of them. We'll see, though. My singleton's birthday is three weeks before theirs so this year (1st and 3rd b-days) we did one family party for all three. So, I may be having three cakes if this tradition continues!

As for your TG dilemma, maybe get two small special desserts or just put candles in whatever slices of pie/brownies you are already having. Just have the family sing. It can be a combo, as I'm sure you're thankful for surving the first year with twins! Good luck with the holidays and the surgeries.

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answers from Houston on

I don't have twins, but I am a party princess/clown and have done many twin parties.

A lot of parties have one big cake, then each twin gets their own smash cake or cupcake. If they are the opposite sex, sometimes there are two cakes.

This sounds horrible, but my 4 year old's bday is Dec 5th. My other child's bday is January 26th. I have had joint parties for them, making my one child wait almost 2 months for his party due to a rash of similar family circumstances. It is perfectly fine to wait, even if it is for a few months, and people would be understanding given their situations :)

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answers from Honolulu on

Then don't have a 'party.'
Their health and upcoming more important.
And this is Flu season.
And cold season.
And if lots of people are around them, they may get sick or not. You don't know. People can also just carry a virus germ on them. And they get sick.

At 1 years old, they will not 'know' if they had a party or not.
You can just, you and Hubby, get them a cake and a candle and balloons for the house, and just as a nuclear family, 'celebrate' and take photos.
Then later when they are all recovered from surgery and are in the clear... you can have a belated party, if you wish. With everyone.
It is understandable.
And, I would not take them to Thanksgiving gatherings... either. Not with their upcoming surgery looming. The Docs told you... they must not get sick, if you can avoid it.

That is what I would, do.
If that were my kids. And they had a surgery coming up.
The priority here is their surgery. Right now. Leading up to it and after per recovery.
It is not easy, to reschedule a surgery. Docs go on vacation, too etc.
As you said, you cannot let them, get sick.

As for the cake, just get a cute little round cake with their names on it etc.
Put a candle on it for each of them.
My kids at that age, did not care about a cake, nor did they even care about eating it.
It is more for the adults and taking photos of it, with the child.
A 'sheet' cake, is too big. Especially since it sounds like, you are not having a birthday 'party' at this point.
But yet, are you doing a Thanksgiving party?? Since you mentioned that "there will be all sorts of Thanksgiving desserts and such...."
Sorry, it was confusing.

Friends of mine who have multiples, get 1 cake. With their child's names on it. And writing on it that states the birthday age. ie: "Happy 1st Birthday Sally and Johnny."

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answers from Chicago on

They say to invite 2 people for every year old. Which just means keep it small. We had a huge party for our twins first bday and they didn't enjoy it at all. Our daughter cried the entire time. On their real bday we had just my parents over. my dad took some frosting and put it in our son's mouth and he threw up all over. They were not very good with table food and the texture of frosting was too much.I don't know what my dad was thinking.Anyway... just enjoy the simplicity of the day . Have one cake for you to eat and make two small smush cakes or cupcakes.Just let them have fun. Congrats to you mom on getting through the first year !It's your day too ;)

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