Twin Moms--What Is Essential to Have 2 Of?

Updated on September 01, 2011
V.T. asks from McKinney, TX
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I'm pregnant with twins and I'm starting to acquire the necessary baby items. I have a toddler, so I have a swing, bouncer chair, vibrating chair, crib, etc. My daughter loved her bouncer chair, so I'm pretty convinced that I will need a second one, and eventually will need a second crib, but what do I definitely need two of and what can I get by with just having one? I'm hoping to not buy a second swing or second vibrating chair, and just rotate the kids between the two items. We have a lot of consignment sales coming to our area, so I'm hoping to get a good deal on things, but the thought of buying two of everything bothers me, especially if I don't need it.

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answers from Cleveland on

id get a second swing my daughter LOVED her swing and we went through two swngs it was used so much and my sisters twins loved theres. I would get two boppy pillows to lay them on when they are awake or just get one and switch out

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answers from Norfolk on

The only thing I would say you absolutely need two of is carseats. Sorry for the no-brainer response, but somebody had to say it. :-)

I was gifted with a second swing, and that was somewhat of a godsend since neither of my twins were ever as fond of the bouncey chair as my son was. Everything else, I play the rotation game. My firstborn seemed to have one of everything and it seemed I just didn't have room for more. Still working on that, actually. Oh, and my twins stopped sharing a crib at 10 months old. I should have separated them earlier, but I wanted them to have the comfort of each other nearby. However, when they can start crawling all over each other, they will. No concept of manners yet. :-)

I would say that the best bet is to wait and see what your new babies prefer. It may be that they don't like the same things, so the array of options you have now will be just fine. It may be that they both want bouncey/vibrating seats and want nothing to do with a swing. Hard to tell in advance. I wish you luck.

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answers from Albuquerque on

I would get a second swing. Both of my twins loved the swing and there were moments that I would have lost it had I not had 2 swings. I would also say get 2 boppys...

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answers from Chicago on

Actually, especially if space is an issue, one crib will do fine as well. I had 3 and my kids all slept together until they were 4 months old. Then my son moved into his own crib when I got one from a friend and my girls did not separate until they were moved to toddler beds just past 2 yrs old. A second bouncer will definitely help and a car seat of course. I used my swings like crazy--my mommy-sanity toy as I called it. But then again a classmate's mom had twins and did not have any swings so pretty much up to you and your lifestyle. I did have highchairs for each but not until they were almost close 9 months old and could really feed themselves. Until then I fed them sitting on the floor in their bouncers. It was much easier that way to go from one to the other.

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answers from Chicago on

We had two of almost everything since they were gifts. But, the one thing we did go out and buy a second of was the exersaucer. Our boys loved the one, so we bought another used. Of course, a second high chair is essential. Check your local twins club ( Most do a spring and fall resale and you can get some great deals on good gear and clothes.



answers from Miami on

We just had one of everything except cribs and high chairs. We just rotated them between everything but I liked having the two cribs because one didn't wake up the other and also, as they got older, we could all sit at the table and eat dinner, each in there own high chair.



answers from Kansas City on

hit the garage sales!!!!! last summer we got tons of stuff for our twin boys, they are almost 9 months old now. we had 2 swings, our kids are lovers of the swings though so they were lifesavers for us in the beginning. 2 boppy pillows, 2 bumbo chairs. we just have one crib, we moved our toddler into a toddler bed early so he we used to it when his brothers came. we kept them in the same crib until they really started getting bigger and kicking eachother. we put one baby in the crib and the other in the pack and play, we have it nice and soft and cushiony so he is comfy.

so def need 2 of:
boppy pillow
bumbo chairs
we had 2 of the exersaucers, one was a hand me down and the other we bought

good luck, twins are soooooooooooooooo much fun!!!!! our oldest is only 20 months older than his twin brothers...i love it!!



answers from Dallas on

I ended up needing 2 papasan swings, as my girls only liked swinging side to side, so I bought a used one on Craigslist shortly after they were born and I realized what a lifesaver the swing was! I had 2 bouncys, but both really preferred one seat over the other, so I would really not reccomend buying 2 of a bunch of stuff until you see what they like. I ended up having to put my tins in separate cribs at 3 months because one would always wiggle over and kick the other and ake her up, so I
would be prepared to have 2, or they do sell crib dividers that of course iI didn't know about at the time!
Consignment sales are great, but I bought and sold a bunch of baby gear on Craigslist, and had great success with getting good quality stuff for 1/2 of retail, and then making most of the money back reselling it.
I would strongly reccomend a double snap and go stroller for when they are in infant carriers, it was a lifesaver!! Good luck, it gets easier after 6 months:-)

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