Tween and Acne

Updated on January 08, 2013
C.O. asks from Reston, VA
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My daughter had acne as a tween and teenager...even started using deodorant at the age of 9...but never had this problem...nor have I or my husband.

My soon to be 13 year old has acne in his hair. He showers daily. We have given him shampoo (Axe) that cleans and moisturizes. My husband thought it was dandruff and bought him Selson-Blue...I took a closer look and realized acne. No, I've not made an appointment with the doctor yet. I was hoping to find another way before taking him to the doctor.

Have you experienced acne in your hair? If so - how did you handle it?

We do NOT believe it's an allergic reaction to something. he doesn't wear hats or caps.


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So What Happened?

Thanks!! He had this BEFORE we switched him to Axe. I do agree it's harsh. it 'helps" him feel like a young man..

I love the idea of Witch Hazel!! that's what I used on my daughter's face!! And it helped a LOT!!! Thanks for the reminder!!!

Baking soda and peroxide and vinegar.....VERY interesting!!! That's a natural way to go as well. I like it!!! Thank you!!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Axe? that could be it right there. I can't imagine what is in that stuff but it couldn't be good for hair OR scalp. However as much as you think it might be acne I would say that you should get an expert opinion. It could be something resembling acne. You could also search online for pics that match what it looks like. I have done that for rashes before.

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answers from Columbia on

Axe is a highly fragranced soap. I would avoid using shampoos that are so highly fragranced.

Check out a shampoo for sensitive skin that is not highly fragranced, like Aveeno. Aveeno's body washes are also great.

Also, what kind of products is he using in his hair? Gels? Mousse? Be sure that he's not using highly fragranced products that stay in his hair all day long.

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answers from Norfolk on

Break outs can happen anywhere.
He can use benzoil peroxide spot cream but it can bleach his hair and stain colored pillow covers.
Forget using any moisturizing hair products.
It only helps to clog the pores (and he's got plenty of oil to spare right now).
You can try having him rub a baking soda paste into his scalp before he showers.
It helps absorb oil and the fine grittiness can help open up his pores.
(It works great on face, neck and back, too.)
After he's rinsed it off and finished washing, he can pour a vinegar solution over his scalp.
I use 1/4 cup vinegar (white or apple cider, doesn't matter which), dissolve 2 uncoated aspirin in it, and add 1.5 cups water.
Pour this over hair and scalp, then don't rinse it out.
Squeeze excess out of hair, then towel dry.
Once hair is dry there is no smell.
The salicylic acid from the aspirin stays on the scalp, and keeps bacteria at bay.
The vinegar is a great conditioner for the hair, makes it very shiny, and skin loves it.
You can do the vinegar every day.
The baking soda might be too drying to do every day, so try every other day or every 2 days till you find the right balance.

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answers from Boca Raton on

I'm not a fan of Axe either . . . I'd look for something at Whole Foods (or somewhere similar) that has very few, preferably organic ingredients without scent.

If that doesn't work I'd start looking at his diet, as unpopular as that is. I thought my older son was headed for severe, cystic acne like his dad had as a teen. When older son cut out gluten his face cleared up completely. I'm not kidding. It was dramatic.

In a general sense I believe our skin is one gauge, among several, of what is going on within our bodies.


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answers from Redding on

Since it seems this is only occurring in his hair, I would definitely stop using the Axe products. They may smell nice, but they aren't helping, so ditch those. Selsun Blue is a tar based shampoo which can be effective for things like dandruff, eczema, and psoriasis. Those are scaly type things. That type of shampoo could perhaps be aggravating the condition.

Our heads produce oils and it could be that his hair follicles are getting clogged. If you use anything too harsh, it could make his head produce more oils to compensate. It's the same with skin on your face.

You can try asking a pharmacist. You'd be surprised how many things they know about and can recommend.

In the meantime, I would recommend a witch hazel rinse. Witch hazel works wonders for many skin conditions. It's cheap, you can get it almost anywhere, it's not harsh, and is a wonderful astringent. It doesn't burn or sting.

I had a friend whose daughter had terrible acne on her face. She had tried everything, including Proactive, and it didn't work. I bought her some witch hazel and cotton pads and her skin cleared up beautifully. She'd been bombarding her skin with too many different things. One simple thing made a huge difference.

Again, run it by a pharmacist. It can't hurt.

Best wishes.

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answers from Detroit on

It could be adult cradle cap or some type of dermatitis. His pediatrician should take a look to be sure. If it's cradle cap, then massaging his scalp with mineral oil or baby oil should help. If it's some type of dermatitis, he may need a prescription.

I would switch away from Axe for the shampoo towards something gentler...perhaps he can continue to use the Axe body wash and deodorant.

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answers from Austin on

Yikes.. Is it Acne or just some break outs?

Acne needs to be cared for with a professionals care. This is the time to make sure the children know how to care for their skin. Please take your children to a dermatologist to have them evaluated. The doctor will advise all of you on best care for their particular skin..

My father used to worry about my "acne".. it essentially was typical break outs from an oily T - zone and allergic to overly fragrant and too much detergent in soaps, shampoos and detergents.. .. I tended to over scrub and clean my face also..

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answers from Washington DC on

I am pregnant and was breaking out terribly on my scalp. I stopped using a moisturizing shampoo and condition only the ends of my hair. The shampoo that has kept my scalp clean and clear of breakouts is called Clean (it's a new brand). Not only has my scalp stopped breaking out, but my hair is not as oily as it was and I can actually skip a day between washings. They make a women's version and a men's version... I am using the men's as it has a dandruff control in it, too, and this baby is also giving me dandruff. I truly love this shampoo.

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answers from Augusta on

Being in his hair could it be ingrown hairs and not acne?
Just an thought.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I would leave Axe at the body wash and/or deodorant only.
Axe shampoo CAUSES hairline breakouts for my son.
We switched to Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special.

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