TV Watching for 5 Month Old

Updated on September 04, 2008
M.C. asks from Orlando, FL
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I have noticed that when I have the TV on now around my 5 month old, she seems to try to watch. It is normally brief, but I am still concerned. Is it harmful for her to "watch" TV? What about the Baby Einstein DVD's?

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I don't have a website for you to reference what I am going to say, but I'm sure if you google -- you can find a million.

Basically, under the age of 2, children should not watch television at all (American Pediatric Association).

Then over 2 years of age -- limiting t.v. watching is strongly recommended (no more than 2 hrs.).

Television at your baby's age (5 months) or under 2 years has an effect on the young developing brain. I have the Baby Einstein tapes & even those are not recommended. Some studies have even shown that those children incline for ADHD -- their conditions are exacerbated by television watching.

Put your baby in front of a window to watch outside -- it will be just (maybe more) interesting to her:)

Congrats on your new little one!



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I'm going to guess she's not really "watching", just checking out the flashing colors and accompanying sounds-- heck, that's why it gets my attention! :)

I agree with the other moms who've said that TV *isn't* the devil. I can also understand why pediatricians would recommend no TV for babies-- I mean, how many more people would be upset if they *did*?

That being said, my 16 m/o daughter (an only) generally watches Noggin, which is a fairly commercial-free cable channel, or as they say, "It's like pre-school on TV!" She interacts vocally and dances along, so it's not totally sedentary, but I preach moderation. We tried the Baby Einstein videos when she was younger, and they totally BORED her-- they're very slow-paced.

I'd say there's a huge difference between watching something geared towards kids and watching a crime/drama show or an R-rated movie. (In case you were wondering, I don't recommend the latter.)

The best advice I can give is, USE YOUR JUDGMENT. You know your kid better than anyone. Stay strong, mama!



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if she is interested in baby programs let her watch a few. watch them with her and point out things to her and show her the things in real life. most parents would say there is nothing wrong with a video a day, that's about 30minutes to an hour. as long as you are doing plenty of physical activities and other stimulating activities t.v. can be fine if limited.



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I have to tell you that before I had children I said my kids were not going to be "babysat" by the TV. I have taken my words back SO many times. I have an 8 yr old & a 7 yr old. Children are going to be entertained by noise & movement. I don't beleive there is anything wrong with them being enteratined by something that allows you to be a person to & get stuff done around the house. As they get older, you just need to make sure that along with the TV they are also being active & learning things also. My 1st wasn't very intersted in the TV when she was a baby but my second was. They are both smart & well balanced. Don't be so hard on yourself!



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TV is not "harmful" to babies. My daughter was soooo into Telltubbies and she is now in the gifted program at school. Tellitubbies didn't help her get into the program-- she just has the IQ for it-- but it certainly didn't harm her brain. I agree that you shouldn't plop your infant in front of the TV, but if you have it on it won't harm her



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The American pediatrics association kids not watch TV until they are 2--which also includes just having it on passivelyw hen they are in the room. With that said, we watch a lot of TV in our house so our son was still exposed and by 18 months it was a necessity for long car trips. Moderation is the key though along with age-appropriate shows--I know some moms with colic babies that used the baby Einstein videos when they were trying to make dinner or do something for 20 min but I don't think they help the baby at all--just the parents.
A great book on TV and kids which compiles many years of research and is actually a good read is
The Elephant in the Living Room: Make Television Work for Your Kids

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