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Updated on September 09, 2008
A.H. asks from Clinton Township, MI
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We are working to reduce the little amount of time that our angel watches TV. To make myself not feel like a horrible mother let me explain that I know experts advise that she isn't supposed to watch TV until after 2, however not only am I a SAHM 24-7, but we are living across the ocean and therefore have no family or friends with which give me any break. We get out of the house, do crafts, are active, go for walks or to the parks, listen to music instead etc... She watches the most in the morning as we are getting the day started. Do you have a schedule or routine for TV time that works well for you and your little ones? I can't be the only one who will turn the TV on...and admit it, am I? Besides what if there are older siblings?

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Hi A., I struggle with the tv too! My little guys could watch it all day every day! They watch it so I can make breakfast, lunch and dinner and also when I get my cleaning or laundry done and when i'm getting ready for the day. Seriously, it's out of control at my house! Whatever advice you get please send it my way. I'm at a loss too!

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It sounds like you are doing a great job with your little one! I don't have much experience about the TV- my little one is only 5 weeks old- but I have heard that if you put a timer by the TV and only let them watch until the timer clicks, and then keep shortening the amount of time on the timer to reduce what they watch. I hope that helps and keep up the good work. Your little one is lucky to have you as a mom!

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My personal opinion is that TV is fine in definite moderation - the important part is that you're not using it to totally replace other activities. It sounds like you're great at keeping your kids very active, using both small and large motor skills through crafts for the small motor and physical activities (walks, park, etc) for the large motor. You're also engaging them through doing these activities which is important. I think that as long as you're choosing your programs carefully (nothing with violence, even if it is cartoon violence like Tom bopping Jerry on the head since little ones don't know the difference), you're fine - Noggin and Sprout have very safe programming. Don't beat yourself up. I agree that sometimes I just need some down time with my daughter. We'll snuggle up on the couch and watch a little TV. Or if I'm trying to make a meal and need to occupy her, I'll do it then too. I think the important part is that you make physical activity as well as crafts and reading the primary focus - and TV is just an interloper...



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My son was watching TV before 2 (my mother in law was watching him for us and she is not exactly an active person, she did not tell us until much later when he began to ask for it). We now let him watch one cartoon in the morning, one after naptime and one before bed. Typically Nogin or Sprout (lately all Thomas all the time). We will sometimes watch a movie together (Cars is his big thing) and on the weeekends he might get a little more in the mornings. Like you, I think its hard to keep them busy all the time. I mean, really - have to wash dishes or pee or fold the laundry at some point during the day!



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You aren't saying what you are watching, my daughter would turn her tv on in the morning for her kids but would only put it on the noggin channel. It is amazing how much they have learned from that channel. The kids are now 6 and 4 and they still like to watch the shows. Hope you find this helpful.



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It really is hard to ban TV.

My son is 9 months. I watch a little news in the morning, which he doesn't really notice.
I turn on something for him is when we're going somewhere and I need a few minutes to get ready. I put him in his carseat and turn it on. It's never more than 10 minutes. I hate leaving a mess behind.
Sometimes if he's fussy after his morning nap I will put him in his highchair and turn it on while I fix lunch.
He really loves attention and action, so if I can't be in the room or playing with him, sometimes I turn on some music.

Everyone needs a break! Don't beat yourself up over an hour or two!



answers from Detroit on

My son is the same age as your little one! Born Jan. 30, 07.

We don't let him watch really any TV.. only time he watches it is when he gets his diaper changed.

The Amer. Academy of Ped. says NO TV before the age of 2.. that's really hard to do..



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My daughter is 13 months, and she currently does not watch TV. My hope is that she will not desire to watch, if she doesn't really know what she's missing! I would ask yourself why your daughter watches TV...At 2, I have a feeling that she might not miss it if it wasn't available, especially if she is kept busy...I realize that is hard to do! Perhaps, if you use the TV to entertain her while you shower, get ready, make dinner, etc. Then perhaps, that's OK for about an hour a day. She may already have favorite shows or characters and may be able to pick which ones she's like to watch, then that's it. I remember when i used to babysit for a boy around 6 years and when i showed up one day, he was watching and he told me what he was going to watch and listed the entire PBS kids line up for the next 5 hours. I clicked it off and decided no more TV on my watch! Your daughter will benefit from structured activity times but may need your help finding things to do for a while.
Also, I agree with Loziermusic, that all the "experts" say NO TV until after two! They can learn more from you! ( the name Annalaina!)



answers from Detroit on

we used TV as an electronic transition times..

my daughter gets a bitof TV first thing in the morning.. she wakes up a bit crabby and laying in bed for 15-20 minutes watching a show seems to help her.

she sometimes gets a bit of TV when I put the baby down for his nap...

she usuallyget a bit of TV just before bed..

On good days it is less than 1 hour total..

But on a rainy day, and I have headache- it coudl be 3 hours..

Most days are good days.. we try to go out someplace every morning... so we are out and about in the morning.. then lunch and nap then daddy comes home and dinner time and then play outside in the backyard or the park time..

the days just fly by..

You are not a horrible mom for letting her watch tv.. but try to come up with a loose daytime schedule of activities so you fill up the day without too much tv time.



answers from Detroit on

Okay, first of all- your a great mom, you love your little one with all your heart and want the best for her. You don't sit her in front of the tv all day while you do your own thing. I know "they" say not to have kids watch tv before the age of 2, but come on...sometimes it's just not realistic. You need to do what is right for you and your family. It sounds like she is being exposed to many other wonderful activities. Try not to worry about what the "experts" say - go with your gut feeling. If you think she's watching too much - cut back, if not, don't worry about it. Enjoy her. My daughter and I will watch some of her shows and then go for walks and try to pick out the same things we saw on tv. We work on our colors, shapes, names, ect. As long as she's interested in other things and getting out and running around, I think it's fine.



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For all the bad that is said about TV & kids, there are times it is a Godsend! I always have given clear boundaries about it - choosing 2 or 3 shows that are good and saying they can watch those in the morning or whenever they're on, then maybe another show later in the day. If they get busy playing and don't remember, I don't remind unless it is a Disney special or something. It's the only way I could get anything done. Sitting there hour after hour, watching indiscriminately is what's a problem, and there are plenty of kids who do this. They need to use their imaginations and interact with family and friends as much as possible but I sure wouldn't feel guilty about using certain TV shows as part of their daily structure.

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