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Updated on February 27, 2008
J.S. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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There was a post up earlier this week which got me thinking about our TV viewing, and I have a follow up questions for all you great Mama's :)

My son is nearly 3. We watch little TV, Sesame Street, Clifford, or George on PBS (rarely - like once very 2 weeks he'll watch one of these 3 on PBS) and he loves Bob the Builder. We have 4 Bob DVD's and when he is allowed TV time, that is usually what he chooses. He gets a little TV time about 3 days a week, and MOST of these days he chooses Bob.

My question is, should I be encouraging him to watch something new, or just keep letting him watch the same Bob videos over and over... I know it is normal for little kids to want to watch the same stuff again and again, but it seems like we talk an awful lot about Bob, and what he does in these videos. Lately he has requested the very same video again and again. Am I limiting him? Should I be adding new videos to the rotation? We go to the library often, and have netflix, so we could easily add things in.


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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the info everyone! I checked out a few new videos at the library last week. They were a huge hit. Especially a Richard Scarey Busy Town video (I loved that one too). We also found a new Bob video.

Thanks again!

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answers from Lincoln on

my kids went through a phase where we had to watch "cars" the movie everyday..for ever. Finally we introduced a new movie and now every once in a while we will get them a new movie. We watch NOGGIN or the disney channel everymorning. My daughter is 3 1/2 and is now starting to ask if the shows are "new ones" She's catching on to them repeating them so often. Maybe introduce a new Bob show, there are usually new lessons in them anyways.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I don't see anything wrong with what your doing at all. My daughter watched the same dora stuff over and over and now she's is addicted and glued to Hannah Montana. She watches the Disney channel religiously and I don't even think she knows other channels exist. Your boys don't sound like they're unhappy and you aren't using the tv as a babysitter so I see nothing wrong with what your doing.



answers from Minneapolis on

I believe it is normal behavior for young children (5 and younger) to enjoy the repitition of movies/DVDs. It's grounding for them.

The key thing is to choose wisely. Be sure the messages the story is imparting are positive, non-biased, show both strong girls and boys, and fit with your family values.

Also,what's really bad is allowing them to watch more than about 1/2 to 1 hr. a day. It's okay for when you need time to cook or get a little break, but remember what kids need to grow (mentally and physically) is activity and creative play. Be clear about the "tv rules" and don't give into begging. It can become a slippery slope.



answers from Duluth on

Our daughter watches "The Wiggles: Live Hot Potato" over and over and over. We try to switch it out with other Wiggles videos (she generally only watches Wiggles or PBS Kids - we don't have cable tv) but the only one she really seems to be interested in is the Hot Potato video.

I think we have the whole thing memorized!



answers from Minneapolis on


It is totally normal, and in my opinion just fine that your son watch Bob over and over. I do in-home daycare for 7 kids. They get to watch a movie everyday at quiet time, given the choice they would always choose Dora. However, I try to switch it up a little As long as the material is good for the children, I see nothing wrong with how much they watch a particular show. My kids have learned a lot of things from Barney. As parents we teach our children: letters, numbers, colors, shapes, good behavior, etc. These videos then repeat what we've taught them and make it fun. By watching these videos over and over, the repetion sinks in and they are learning. I've never seen Bob, but I'm sure there are good messages in the video. Good Luck!




answers from Minneapolis on

My oldest (27 months) watches the same Disney movies and Doodlebops DVD over and over and over again. I know them all by heart. I don't think that is a bad thing. He knows what he likes. I've tried other movies for him and he just isn't as interested in those.



answers from Rochester on

To me, this is normal behavior. I babysat kids when I was younger who had a favorite video. It changed from month to month, but it was very repetitive. (I babysat these kids for about 5 years, when I started they were 2 & 5). We talked about the shows and roleplayed scenes from them, and sometimes it was ALL we talked about all day long. I don't think it was limiting for them, it's just what they were interested in at the time. If your kids are looking for something new, they'll let you know. For now just enjoy the fact that they have something they love so much. :)



answers from Des Moines on

I don't think you are limiting him. If your intention is to use the TV time to let him unwind and have the opportunity to let him make a choice and he chooses Bob, then I think it's just fine. If your intention is to use the TV time for education or introducing him to new things, then maybe you could gently guide him towards picking something else. Kids can watch the same thing over and over and over again. When my nephew lived with us, I think the only book we read for bedtime for several month was "there's a wocket in my pocket." He just never got sick of it!

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