Tutoring Needed in New Tampa

Updated on March 09, 2008
S.S. asks from Wesley Chapel, FL
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I was just told by my daughters 2nd grade teacher that she would suggest getting a tutor for her so that she doesn't have problems in 3rd grade. I guess the FCAT either makes or breaks a child! She needs help mainly with reading and also building her self confidence with independent school work.

We have always been told that she is head of the class and a very smart child. The teacher has totally surprised us! I wanted to see if anyone has suggestions for tutors without spending a fortune at places like Huntington,etc.

How much do they normally charge? How many hours/times per week is usually suggested.

I have been told that she needs to build her self confidence in reading and other studies. She knows the skills but doesn't give herself the chance to work through them before saying I can't do it. I already feel that the amount of homework they come home with each week can be alot for them, plus spelling etc. The tutoring would be on top of all she is already doing.

As a parent,it makes me feel that i have failed her. I don't want any problems in the years to come and want to nip this in the butt now. If we could all be so fortunate to be able to afford private schools with small classes for our children.

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Hi, we were told a similar thing by our daughters teacher in 3rd grade. We decided to order her some books from the "School of Tomorrow" they are paces that she can work in at her own pace, they are simple to understand and little cartoon kids guide her thru it. It has worked very well for us. Also, on the reading, there is a book called "Handbook for reading" that will do the trick. Good luck :) L.



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Hi S.!
I am a stay at home mom of one 21/2 year old girl with another girl expected in early June. I am a former teacher of 10 years with experience in grades 2,3,4, and 5. If you are interested in hiring a tutor, please give me a call. We can discuss her needs and work out a reasonable fee. You have not failed her by any means! Sometimes it is easier for children to learn from someone other than Mom or Dad. I live in the New Tampa area as well, so distance shouldn't be a problem.
Please respond back if you would like my phone #.
Best of luck!



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HI, S.
Many teachers tutor - I think the going rate is about $20-$25 per hour. Education students are a great option, too -eager to test their skills, and in need of money (and willing to take less than working teachers). Think about calling USF college of Education and get your name posted.

Building Confidence? Have her read to younger siblings or stuffed animals... or real animals :-). Be sure to discuss what she's reading to make sure she's "getting it" - think book club, not pop quiz. We like to take turns reading a page or paragraph to one another.

Also, your teacher may be able to offer a list of tutors available through the school.
Good luck!



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Hi S.,

I would recommend you check with your school and see if there are any teachers that will tutor your child right after school and then you may pick them up an hour later. I am a teacher at a public school and I know most of the teachers at my school tutor pretty resonable right after school. Then you also don't have to go somewhere to get the service your child is already there.

Just for your information, I came from a private school and you have to be very careful about private schools! I thought it would be best for my children also. Not the case! They are not state ruled or regulated, which means they do not need to have a teaching degree to be a teacher. Parents do not realize that, and pay so much money for a "private" school that does not even have a true certified teacher. If you go under school stats it is very interesting and it will tell you all about the rules of the state. The classrooms were also 18-22 children in the private class and my public school has 18 max in our classrooms.

Good Luck!

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