Tutoring in the Bronx

Updated on December 01, 2006
M.D. asks from Bronx, NY
5 answers

My daughter needs that extra help in school, she is in first grade

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answers from New York on

Thats great Im happy for you I am in a similar situaion so i hope i can get where you are dont give up

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What kind of tutoring does she need? All subjects or certain ones in particular?

I think the previous poster made a GREAT suggestion. You might also want to take a look into local high schools who are also often into tutoring as a volunteer thing for some clubs and organizations.

Have you consulted with your daughter's elementary school? Don't they offer any kind of tutoring services?




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Hi M....How r u...My name is J....And I too am the mom of a 6yr old son Dylen...Who also needs help in school...Mostly in Math...But his school is offering the newton program...So maybe that will help him...What part of the bx r u from...Maybe we can get together sometime...I know what u r going through...And I know it is hard...But if u ever need someone to talk to I'm here...Hope to hear from u soon...



answers from New York on

Hi M.,
Congratulation on your first apartment! I know how much it means to you, especially now that you two have your own peaceful and safe place to live. I live in Astoria, Queens, and the rents here are way too high… but back to your concern, I used to go to Bronx Community College, and we had a lot of clubs there who would look for community services, and tutoring was one of our favorites. We would go to local schools and offer our time to help. I worked for the math tutoring department, and if you would go there and ask if anybody had some time to dedicate to your daughter I know they would love to help you. And if you don’t live close to BCC, try any close collage to your place.
Good luck,
A. R.



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Hi M., dedication and persistence. I find that it worked for me and still does. Talk to the teacher and devise a plan to help her more at home. Maybe if she has a lil friend that she can work with at home it will enable her to do better. Sometimes the work may seem easier coming from someone her own age. Make learning fun, there are so many books, t.v. shows, magazines, etc. A trip to the library is also a great way to get the community involved. After school programs a must when needed. I have done all these and they have worked. Remember they get tired and overwhelmed at times, a little break inbetween helps them regroup their thoughts. Best of luck with the school work. N.

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