Turner falls/Arbuckle Vacation

Updated on July 28, 2007
R.K. asks from Keller, TX
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We're doing our vacation in nearby Turner Falls/Arbuckle area this year - I've been there, but its been several years, and my 4 year old has never been. What should we bring? We'll be staying in a cabin near there (not directly at turner falls, but in nearby Sulphur, OK). We're doing arbuckle wilderness, turner falls and lake murphy state park -
what do we bring with us (should we bring floats, water toys?) to make it awesome for our 4 year old? (he can swim a little, so I'm not bringing a life jacket for him, and we don't plan on doing any boating - plus he'll be with us the whole time -- thanks in advance!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I think we have decided to get a float, hopefully a real big one we can share - cause I'd certainly hate to get there and not have one and then he wants one. I'm sure they're more expensive there :) Thanks again! Oh - and fly swatter - that's a good idea that I hadn't thought of :D

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We went up there for a day trip on Thursday. I would bring some floats - where we were the river wasn't deep at all, but there were a lot of kids with floats. I would also bring a fly swatter - there are TONS of flys up there. We saw a swimming hole with a diving board right inside the park, but I don't know how deep it is. If you want to swim there you might want to bring a life jacket for your son. We had a great time just for the day so I'm sure that you'll have fun.



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We took a trip to that area in June. We also went to the Arbuckle Wilderness. Just FYI, it is very run down and in disrepair. It's pricey and the walk through area of the tour is pretty much empty and shut down. It is under new ownership and there were lots of workers working on things but there is much work to be done. Our kids enjoyed feeding the animals from the car, but it wasn't worth what we paid for it. Hopefully it will be a nice place to go after the renovations. Enjoy your trip!



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I'm so glad you wrote about this! I haven't been to Turner Falls in years. I hope you have a great time. :)



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I would definitly bring a float/swim ring as well as a life jacket, just in case. The swimming hole/pond is pretty deep and I have a feeling that the both of you(your 4 year old and mommy and daddy:-) will feel safer just knowing you have the option to put it on. In the pool, a little bit of swimming knowlege is great, but in a Lake or other type body of water, a life jacket is always a handy thing to have. Your little one will have much more fun and so will you without that to worry about.



answers from Oklahoma City on

Oh, i love arbuckle wilderness. Your 4 year old will not notice if they are doing construction! It will be great for him! I cherish my childhood memories of arbuckle! Turner falls is great.. bring a waterproof camera! It will be beautiful.

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