Turducken & Side Dishes

Updated on December 20, 2011
L.A. asks from Kew Gardens, NY
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Ladies -

A client sent me a very generous gift of a frozen turducken. The package instructions call for us to thaw, then cook for 4 hours. Is there anything else to it? Do we need to make a foil tent? baste? do I need to put it that raised frame thing (name escapes me) in the roasting tray? can I cook potatoes and other veg along side it, or will it let out too much grease.

Also, what are some good side dishes?

I've never had this delicacy before, and am thinking of having it for christmas?

Thanks a bunch,
Fanged Bunny

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answers from Austin on

It is delicious! you all are going to love it.. Just follow the directions..

Go ahead make the traditional side dishes, except you will not need to worry about making a lot of stuffing unless you all like a lot of stuffing.

Potatoes, Salad, fresh green beans

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answers from Seattle on

The Turducken is pre-cooked....all you're doing is re-heating it.

So yes, you can place other veggies or potatoes along side it as the grease is minimal.

The stuffings are usually unique...so read the ingredients to see what flavors you are complimenting.

Happy eating!

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answers from Honolulu on

I WISH I had one!
It costs an arm and a leg here. So expensive.
Brussels sprouts. Roasted, it is very yummy. The Turducken will flavor it.
And I would do, sweet onions in the pan too.
And sweet potatoes.

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answers from Seattle on

Turducken (turkey,duck,chicken) and Turaducken (turkey,rabbit,duck,chicken) are two of my favs!!! And there are as many ways to cook it as there are to cook a turkey!!!

This is where my seattle-livin-hide buys crawdads and other things... they have quite a few ways to cook turducken on their site


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answers from New York on

Wow, L., I don't have anything to suggest to serve with it because I've never tried turducken but I am envious because I would love to have it sometime. I know what it is and am intrigued by it. Maybe someday I will. I hope you enjoy yours!




answers from Bismarck on

I don't want to put a damper on your excitement, but I would also fix a ham. I tried Turducken...ONCE! ACK! I thought it was horrible. The flavor of the duck seemed to permeate the entire thing, and not in a good way. It seems, from the other posts, that I am in the minority here, but for your guests and the children, I would offer an alternative to the Turducken, just in case any of them feel the same way about duck as I do.
Good luck and Merry Christmas!


answers from La Crosse on

Last year I made one from scratch. I thought it was very good! Glad you have a frozen one.. VERY time consuming to make!!

I have no idea about the frozen ones but mine did have alot of grease. When cooking it, I just buttered the top and seasoned it and covered it like I would normally do when cooking a turkey.

I made home made stuffing. mashed potatoes and gravy ( used the grease from the birds to make gravy)

It does have a unique taste to it, but really what ever you normally serve with any of those birds goes good with this also.

Enjoy :)



answers from Philadelphia on

You could do a pan of roasted potatoes. An easy recipe is chopped red bliss with olive oil and french onion soup pack. (recipe is on the french onion box)

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