Tummy Time Trouble

Updated on January 18, 2008
S.J. asks from Newmarket, NH
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I have a 3 month old who caught a nasty cold from my toddler. she had a cough and alot of drainage from her nose. we were unable to give her tummy time because of it. now that she is better, she is totally against the idea. im thinking she got used to all the time sitting up and laying down. now she cries and fusses and spits up when we try to put her on her belly. does anyone know any ways to make this time enjoyable for her again????

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answers from Providence on

I have met very few infants who in fact enjoy tummy time! My daughter hated it and is a healthy, well developed 2 1/2 yr. old. My 4 month old baby boy doesn't enjoy it either! I put him on his belly for the 2 or so minutes he tolerates it and then roll him over. Don't stress over it!

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answers from Lewiston on

You could begin by lying on your back and putting your baby on you, face to face. Then she would have you to stare at while she gets her tummy time, and it's fun for both of you. Another way to go is try a bolster- a rolled up towel under her chest and armpits, to lift her up a bit. Using an unbreakable mirror either on the floor or in front of her is another way to give her "someone" to talk to! A few minutes at a time to begin with, and she should get back into it.
Another thing to consider is wearing her in a sling. Not a Bjorn type carrier, but a soft sling, and as you move and shift your weight doing housework and such, your baby needs to move and shift her weight as well. This counts as "tummy time" because it is forcing your baby to work her upper body muscles and flex her neck and head to look around.

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answers from Springfield on

My daughter hated tummy time also. However, it is the only way I could get her to sleep. Here's what we did and maybe it will give you some ideas. I would lay her down for tummy time and she would cry. I'd let her cry for about a min or 2 trying to give her things to play with, musical things got her attention. I'd pick her up after a min or 2 and then we would try again later that day or the next day. I also used my big exercise ball. I put her belly down on the ball and very gently rolled her or just let her lay there. She is now 9 months and still doesn't like being on her belly very long unless she's sleeping. I think some babies just don't like it.



answers from Boston on

Maybe for a little while just cut out the tummy time. She is so young she may forget about her fear. Before you know it anyway she'll be rolling onto her tummy herself. Sorry I'm not of more help.



answers from Boston on

Have you tried putting a mirror on the floor? Our son likes to look in the mirror during tummy time. He also loves Whoozit, and we often put that down in front of him. Good luck!




answers from Boston on

My daughter never liked tummy time from the get-go. She always fussed and spit up. The only time she wanted to be on her belly was when she was asleep. After tons of agonizing about it, and trying putting toys around, laying down with her, trying softer mats, etc, we pretty much gave up and didn't try anymore. She never crawled and was a late walker, but she got around just fine scooting on her bottom. She is now almost three and has been running and climbing like everyone else for while. I guess my advice is just to keep trying periodically, but be okay with the fact that some kids just really don't like to be on their bellies and they figure out the whole moving around thing anyway.



answers from Boston on

poor girly! I recently saw (and added to my registry) a "toy" for infants her age that is a sort of raised swivel with a mat beneath it. It is terribly tough to describe, sorry. But look under baby on Target.com. I bet they have them at other stores as well.
It is called the "Lamaze Spin and Explore Garden Gym", I don't usually go for stuff like this, but this looked neat.



answers from Boston on

Hi Stacey- I'm no expert- I have one child- a 7 mo old girl! But she has never liked tummy time either. She also often spits up when she is on her belly- sometimmes I wonder if this has to do w/ her fussiness, that it bothers her tummy in some way...

Anyway- things that have worked for us- she will hang out longer on her tummy on our bed- I think because it's softer. We also bought her this great mirror, made by Leap Frog, that is a good tummy time toy- you put her on the ground in front of it and she stares into it (got it at Babies R Us. We just do a little bit at a time and put toys in front of her- she is now sitting up and has yet to roll over (without help)...I'm wondering if she ever will...

I've just resolved to let her develop as she will!!!

good luck!



answers from Hartford on

I wouldn't worry about it too much. My daughter also hated tummy time with a passion and I wasn't good about given her tummy time b/c she cried instantly (also had reflux and was preemie). So, she never rolled until almost a year I think! She never crawled and went straight to walking. Now she is 21 months old and very smart with a great vocab. SO, my opinion is if your DD doesn't like it, don't force her! Good luck!

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