Tummy After C Section

Updated on June 14, 2010
J.S. asks from Duluth, MN
7 answers

do you no if i can get a tummy tuck covered if you get rash's from a c section?

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answers from Indianapolis on

c-section's will not cause a rash. If you have a skin fold there it is probably either yeast from moisture or signs of infection. You need to go the doc and get it looked at and get medication to clear it up.

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answers from Chicago on

J., I don't think so. Sadly, they will still consider it an elective cosmetic procedure. Your doctor will likely refer you to a dermatologist. I hope you can find a way! A tummy tuck would be GREAT! :) Good luck!



answers from College Station on

I dont think so, but you could call and ask... Also what triggered the rash? My MIL had a staph from a cancer removal right about the same place you have a c section and they wouldnt cover it then, and they had to go back and do more surgery. It would be nice though! I had 2 c sections and hate how my tummy looks but my husband thinks I look amazing (God bless him lol) but I am really not liking it so I will def be looking into tummy tucks.



answers from Seattle on

Nope. Though it would be nice, I myself would ask for liposuction to be covered, since I have some chafing where I have extra padding...
If you have a rash in the skin fold(s) see a doctor as others have suggested. Once it is cleared up you just need to keep it clean and dry and that should help prevent the rash from reappearing. Powders or barrier creams might help as well.
Good luck.



answers from Portland on

Not sure what you mean. The C-section surgery left you with a rash? If so, it would be hard to justify more surgery, which would just cause more rashes.

Medication for a rash might be covered.



answers from San Francisco on

how I wish to have a tummy tuck.. I have had 3 csections... you cant loose the weight there.. Ive tried!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



answers from Honolulu on

If you have a 'rash' after a c-section... and it is in any skin folds... this can be a yeast infection.
So, you should go to the Doctor to check it.

A rash, does NOT happen, "because of" a C-section.

I had 2 c-sections and did not have any rash.
But my Doc and the nurses said, some women get yeast infections... in the folds of the skin or if there is moisture.

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