Tubes Tied, Pain After Sex!

Updated on November 15, 2009
C.H. asks from Lawrence, KS
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Ok i have had my tubes tied for 3 years now and i had sexual intercourse usually never a problem after sex , but i had severe pain after sex and i couldnt move for at least 10 min. It was hurting from my belly button down to my vagina like really bad , its never done that before. The pain lasted for over an hour with sharp pains what could be the problem?

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So What Happened?

im not gonna get into the gory details but i will say this i still am having pain it hasnt gone away , i was thinking i was just constipated but but i went yesterday , i have not gone today and i now only have pain around my waist area and im still hurting im gonna give it another day and if it doesnt go away i will go to the doctor. I dont have insurance or any monye till this coming weekend so but if it gets to the point where i cnat take the pain anymore i will go to the hospital i promise!! Ive tried warm baths , heating pads, ibuprophen, colace to soften my stools just in case i am constipated . So far it hasnt gone away. My pee is not a discolor and it does not burn when i pee . I dont know what else it could be. But thank u guys for your advice and input sometimes its just nice to talk to other moms who have been thru something similar. I just wanna make sure i have all the facts im only 26 years old so im fairly young but i dont feel it lol but once again thank u. And if u come up with any other results please let me know!!!

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answers from Kansas City on

I'm not sure how it is related to having intercourse, but the painful episode you describe sounds like what my friend was experiencing before she had her gallbladder removed. Again, not sure it is the same thing, but it wouldn't hurt to check it out. Good luck!

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answers from Topeka on

It could of been gas.If it occurs again I would deffiently see your GYNO you may need to get an ultra sound & several tests to rule out cyst/ tumor growths.

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answers from Wichita on

Good Morning C., This may get a little more personal then what you or anyone else reading this might of expected but here goes.
I would definitely contact you OB-GYN if you have one or your family Dr.
I went to a specialist in I think it was 83-84 with complaints, he told me I would probably need a Hysti put I could put it off as long as I wanted too. DUH stupid me did just that, to the almost failure of our marriage.
I had sever pain before I had a Complete Hysti in 87, before, during and after intercourse. All of my internal organs were cover with fibers. They took them all out scraped them off cleaned them up and put them back.. I was a puzzle in progress, they removed about a foot of my colon as there was a walnut sized tumor growing there, to the point if I had put it off any longer could of resulted in a bag to pee and poop in,. plus my appendix. My Dr. said at my bedside he was amazed I even let my husband touch me at all. Well that was one thing I never told him (dr.) as that was our only Huge problem we ever really had. I didn't let him touch me very often. Hearing it from the Dr. caused him to wake up and realize there actually was a problem, and I wasn't just putting him off, or that I just didn't want to be with him, or I hated sex etc... He apologized over and over again.

Since then it's been ok until the last 5 yrs or so. I am 58 he is 59, There is pain and burning again, Feels like I am being ripped apart and it's not pleasant. So we haven't been together intimately in over a yr. My Dr. can't find anything wrong, there isn't any type of scare tissue or blockage.
The good thing now is my husband said if we never were intimate ever again there was more to our marriage then the physical part. He would love me always. We have tried many times just can do it. It's so tight I just can't bear the pain.

Make an appointment with your Dr. C., and soon. Have what ever tests, ultra sounds, MRI's whatever it takes to find the cause of your pain. I had cystic ovaries about 2 yrs into our marriage and that cause some Horrendous pain.

God Bless you and I will pray you find the answers you need very quickly, don't put it off go As soon as Possible
K. Nana of 5
PS Sorry if this was way to descriptive.

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answers from St. Louis on

Please google PID. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease! This is serious! I have gone through it before and you need antibiotics asap!

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