Tubal Reversal (Getting Tubes Untied)

Updated on September 12, 2010
J.N. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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I was in with my OB yesterday and she was shocked with the fact that I had my tubes tied at age 22. She said, you would've had to march in here 1000 times, and I still wouldn't have done it!

I had talked with a prior OB about untying them, and she told me, it's not a very smart idea that this method of surgery is frowned upon in the medical field.

So, my question is have you or do you know someone that has had their tubes cut and burned(tied) and had them untied(reattached). If so, how did that go for you/them?

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answers from Appleton on

My aunt had her tubes untied and she now has a beautiful daughter and another son! So it worked well for my aunt!

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answers from Omaha on

My question is: why on earth is it "frowned upon" to return your body to it's natural order and state of being????!!!!

One thing you will learn is that not ALL medical professionals agree on everything. I'm a nurse and I see that doctors disagree all the time. This is why it is called a "practice".

I say "Go For it!"

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answers from Minneapolis on

It is expensive in MN to have a tubal reversal. With hospital fees, etc., I've heard to plan $15,000 or more. You will need your surgical op report, then a doctor will be able to determine if you are a good candidate for reversal. IVF does have better success rates. You didn't say your age now, but if you are young and have had children before, your success rates for IVF are even higher. Make sure you check out both options.



answers from Minneapolis on

i got mine done bout that age also-i had 2 babies that was good enuff for me-but they made me wait for 6 months an see a counseler...i was good to go...then i met a special someone long after my divorce-we decided to get the whole thing reversed...well guess what-10,s of thousands of dollars-ins.will not approve it.so it comes out your pocket-then its not always a 100%...so i said for get it...well good thing i did because it didnt work out-we were together 11 yrs.it was a total nitemare...so in the long run-it all worked out for the best.



answers from Des Moines on

I have no direct experience with this, but I would seek more than one medical opinion about any surgery.



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I'm sorry I know nothing about this. But I was going to tell you that on Baby Center there is a group or alot of them are support groups about this. There would be hundreds of women who have dealt with this to talk to!

Good luck and baby dust.



answers from Hickory on

Yeah something I know a lot about. I had my tubes tied, cut, and burned in 2003. In March or 2008 I had TR surgery. After surgery the pain I had along with the killer cycles improved. I have gotten prego but have not carried one to term yet. But I know many lady's who have. It is easier than most think. It was right at 6,000 out of pocket. Most insurance companies will not pay for it. We drove down to the center on Sunday checked into our hotel room, got up Monday morning meet the others and took the van to the surgery center. Got there went through all the before steps, talked with the doctor and then waited my turn for the OR. Went in ans was not even a hour and I was in recovery. I feel better after the TR now than I did after the TL. If you want to ask anything more feel free to write me anytime. M.

On Lenore Z. post. Mine were tied, cut ,and burned. You sound like you could do just fine with TR surgery. I know a lady that after surgery has one tube at 1cm and had a healthy baby after TR surgery. Many of the ladies I have meet tried IVF first to only not get that wanted baby and then they came for TR surgery. A lot are now holding babies or wanting on there little ones to pick a birthday. On a funny note I had mine at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center and I am on the boards,lol.



answers from Columbus on

My sister in law had hers untied. It cost her around $6000 plus she had to take some kind of pills or shots or something (can't remember). Anyway, I think it took her like a year to get pregnant, and now she wants another one, but she will have to go back to the pills or shots or whatever to get pregnant again... I think that had something to do with hormones or something but I am not sure. Also, she is from Ohio and ended going to North Carolina to get it done because I THINK it was cheaper there than here. I may no have every one of my fact exact, buy I do know for sure that she got them untied and she did in fact have a baby.



answers from Boston on

Funny you posted this, as I just put a question up about IVF! I am in the same boat as you, except I had mine tied when I was 32. I feel THAT is too young as well, 22 is scary young. I think ALL OB's, regardless of where they practice or their own feelings, need to offer mandatory counseling to women asking for TLs, or at least some hard core questions and a lecture before doing it. My request for it, at the young age of 32, was just easily granted and that is one of the many things I live with regret over in terms of the huge regret I have over making that choice 3 years ago.

To answer your question, I looked into this reversal and it wouldn't work for me since mine were cut and cauterized, or burned at the ends, to avoid any possibility of them growing back together. If that was the method used on you, your chances of a reversal are lower, but it depends on how much tube you have left on each side. Basically, you need a certain length so if they are rejoined there is enough there for an egg to travel down and not get caught, resulting in an ectopic. If your tubes were only cut, or clamped, you have a much better chance at reversal success. They frown upon this in the medical field because it has a lower success rate than IVF, which is what I was told my option was (or adoption). And yes, IVF is a medical "business" of sorts, so you have to find the right dr. and clinic to work with your unique situation and not just want to make money. We are not "infertile" like most couples who seek IVF, we just have a transportation blockage.

My husband works with a woman who had a successful reversal and had another child afterwards, and I have asked this question here myself and gotten replies from women who have done the same, so it is possible. I didn't go that route because I didn't want to spend the money on that and have it not work, so I thought I'd save the money for IVF, which is more expensive. The clinic in NC that does reversals is called Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center I believe. Their website is tubal-reversal.net. There is a message board on there you can look at to read about women's success and failure with the TR. Good luck... I truly get what you are going through and it hurts something fierce. Hope it all works out for you.


answers from Omaha on

My sister-in-law had this same type of situation. Had 2 kids when she was young and single. Had her tubes tied to avoid more. Then, met her current husband and they wanted kids. It was very pricey, but it worked. They had 1 miscarriage before they had their twins. The twins were born healthy weighing 7 pounds each. YIKES!

Good luck.


answers from Waterloo on

I know of a few people who had tubal reversals. Some of them were able to get pregnant afterwards and some were not. My mother had the procedure and had difficulty getting pregnant. The one time she did concieve she had an ectopic pregnancy. But other people have had several children after the surgery. I know it's not a very popular surgery. Don't know if this helps you or not. :)