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Updated on June 27, 2010
S.R. asks from Novi, MI
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Hi everyone, I don't know how many have followed my ups and downs the last few weeks. I had finally found out I was pregnant but it was tubal, they did the metho shot on Tuesday last week....Well last Friday and all weekend I was in exruciating pain...I went to ther ER and they said I could go home I prolly had a cyst rupture...I stayed home all weekend come Monday I couldn't walk. My tube had ruptured and I was bleeding heavily internally.

Anyways, I knew from the get go that this wasn't a healthy pregnancy and was relieved to find out that it could be dissolved. But with losing my tube I'm having a hard time dealing with everything. I'm very depressed...I know my chances of having another one are pretty slim.

Some words of encouragement and what other moms have gone through after having a tubal rupture would be greatly appreciated. Please no put downs, seems like there are some negative nancy's on here.

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answers from Jackson on

I am so sorry you you had such a bad experience. I hope you will find a obstetrician or fertility specialist that will treat you with more respect and care.
I had a tubal pregnancy 1977 I did not have any trouble conceiving and birthing 2 children. I hope this gives you some peace of mind.


I am so sorry you you had such a bad experience. I hope you will find a obstetrician or fertility specialist that will treat you with more respect and care.
I had a tubal pregnancy 1977 I did not have any trouble conceiving and birthing 2 children. I hope this gives you some peace of mind.

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answers from Janesville-Beloit on

I am so sorry that you went through this. I would contact the patient representative for the hospital and let them know ow you were treated in the ER. There really is no excuse for that.

As for conceiving again, I had to have an ovary and tube removed and I have 2 beautiful little girls.

If the depression continues, talk to your doctor there are usually support groups that help a lot!

Good Luck!

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answers from Kalamazoo on

So sorry for this to have happened to you. You do ovulate from each tube everyother month so it is very possible for you to still get pregnant. My friend had an ectopic pregnancy and lost one of her tubes as well. She now has a beautiful 3 year old and is currently pregnant with her second.

I pray that all goes well for you.



answers from Johnstown on

Oh, I'm so sorry :( But, just because you have lost a tube doesn't mean you can't conceive again. Most women only ovulate from one ovary every month, alternating sides each month. Every time I have conceived (2 viable pregnancies, several miscarriages) it has been from the same side. Praying for you!



answers from Detroit on

I cannot even imagine what you are going through. I'm very sorry that you've had to endure this and very sad about losing the tube and the baby. I'm praying for you this morning that others will be able to lift your spirits.



answers from Atlanta on

I know people who have gotten pregnant with only one tube! You still have a chance!



answers from Detroit on

Im sorry things will get better unfortunately the only thing i can suggest which helped me some was to consintrate on my other kids.



answers from Detroit on

As long as you are ok after all that...you can function with just one tube. My mom only had one good tube and she had 4 kids. Usually it just means you only ovulate properly every other month. No worries!



answers from Hickory on

I am so sorry for your pain right now. I I have a very close group of friends. We had tubal reversal surgery. After this surgery e/p is much higher. Most of my friend's have faced one. One dear friend lost her right tube. Took mouths to deal/heal. They told her that her left one was no good. God had different plans. After healing and all she got pregnant again. As she said, be great-full that you were given another day to enjoy the life and family you do have. You did nothing that caused this to happen some things are just not to be. Keep faith and hope in all you do. I pray you heal in great steps in every way.


answers from Dallas on

I lost a tube due to an ectopic. They had saved it, but then it was blocked with scar tissue. After going another year without concieiving, they did an HSG test where they inject your uterus with dye to see where/if there is a blockage. Alot of times, it clears your tubes out. It did with mine and I was pregnant that same month with my now precious 2 1/2 year old daughter. I'm sorry to hear about your loss, but all is not lost. I would reccomend that you try to find a good fertility specialist/o.b.



answers from San Francisco on

my niece went through the same thing, 5 months later she had a normal pregnancy and delievered a healthy baby! There is hope.



answers from Minneapolis on

All I can say is I have a friend who had a tubal pregnancy that ruptured 6 months ago and she is now pregnant with her 4th without trying. Very healthy pregnancy.

You are not out of the running for another pregnancy, and I would suggest if you want to increase your odds of having another to read "taking charge of your fertility"

I am sorry that you had to go through this. It is not an easy thing to go through.


answers from Detroit on

i had one also, but mine was corneal....meaning half in my tube half in my uterus. when they went to remove it it ruptured and they had to remove my tube and part of my uterus. i haven't read any of your other posts, but if you still have normal periods, you should still be able to get pregnant and there is always ivf. i worried about the same thing b/c i also had 3 miscarriages before i had my dtr and then the tubal was before i had my son, so there is always hope!!! best of luck to you!!!



answers from Detroit on

I am so sorry. To add such pain and additional suffering on top of losing a pregnancy is really unfair. I have heard MANY stories of women conceiving and carrying healthy pregnancies with only one tube. I would absolutely not count yourself out. Good luck, and hugs!



answers from Grand Rapids on

I know how hard this can be, but I'm here to tell you to be positive. I had my tube and ovary removed after two tubal pregnancies. After that, I still was able to conceive. I have two beautiful sons 23 and 26, so just think how far medicine has come since my day.....Put your trust in the man upstairs....It will work out. SMILE...

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