Tubal Pregnancy - Battle Creek,MI

Updated on February 23, 2013
A.J. asks from Battle Creek, MI
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I had a tubal pregancy my right tube exploded so I had emergacy sergury I was seven and a half weeks, but my dilema is now my left tube has a bump n it could it be another tubal pregnancy, and when in my cycle supposed to start again?

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answers from Portland on

You need to ask these questions of your doctor. Only your doctor can tell you if you have a tubal pregnancy. When your period will start depends on many factors just as it would after a regular loss of pregnancy. Talk with your doctor.



answers from Detroit on

It could or be blocked call dr.


It could or be blocked call dr.



answers from Seattle on

Interesting first question, no?

Call your OB with those symptoms.

How does one learn to spell in your neck of the woods?


answers from Hartford on

I'm sorry about the tubal pregnancy. How do you know there's a bump on your other tube, though? If a doctor or technician told you then they should have explained how they know, what it means, and what the follow up should now be. A "bump" could be anything.

Your cycle, right now, is the least of what I would be concerned about, okay?Your cycle WILL be wonky at least short term in the future, but that's not what I'd be thinking about right now because of what you just went through and your current dilemma.

Please, please get to your OB/GYN and ask them what's going on. You HAVE TO ask them these questions and figure out what the bump is. It could be another tubal pregnancy, a harmless cyst, a cyst that needs to be removed, a shadow on an X-ray, or something else.



answers from Washington DC on

Wow. I am sorry for what you are going through.

You should get rechecked by your OB. Only they will be able to answer correctly.

You cycle should start in @ 4 weeks from your surgery.



answers from Cumberland on

I'm so sorry-who showed you the bump with no interpretation? Maybe it has always been there. God bless you.

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