Trying to Wean off Proactive

Updated on June 06, 2011
M.M. asks from Plano, TX
7 answers

Good Afternoon!
im currently trying to wean my skin off proactive! does anyone have any suggestions? i have sensitive oily skin that is acne prone ,

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answers from Portland on

I don't understand why you'd have to wean off Proactive. What would happen if you just stopped using it? If your skin breaks out again I would think you'd want to go back to using proactive. If it doesn't break out again then try something else.

I just don't see skin care products as something to have to wean off of. If they're working why stop? Unless you want to see if your skin doesn't need the product anymore. Then stop and see what happens.

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answers from Los Angeles on

no need to wean. just stop using it. clinique is great for sensitive oily skin that's acne prone. use their level 4 i think. they have a thing on their website that asks u questions and match you to the right product.


answers from Dallas on

You don't have to wean your skin off of anything. Just stop.

I have sensitive/oily skin too. The only thing that has worked for me is birth control, gentle daily cleanser, and oil blotting sheets.

Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

Burts bees has an antiacne formula. I am over 40 and still is great stuff!!



answers from San Diego on

Melaleuca has a really good line for acne prone and oily skin, called "zap it" I used proactive a few years back but quit since I didn't really notice a huge difference, but since using "zap it" I have noticed significant difference. They also make a oil free moisturizer that works really well.


answers from Dallas on

i use clean and clear or neutrogena products with salycilic acid and benzoil peroxide. I use a blackhead clearing acne scrub, then a 2% salyclyic acid moisturizer, finish with a benzoil peroxide spot treatment for any flare ups. Use good makeup - Marky Kay, and Clinique have both done really well for me. You need to moistuiez even though you have oily skin. When you use a lot of drying products and dont moisturize, your face will over produce oil to make up for it and then if you dont exfoliate with the scrubm the oil gets trapped in pores and becomes a black head.



answers from Phoenix on

My skin is very sensetive and acne prone sometimes. Makeup makes it worse except bareminerals. Anyway I use baby shampoo on my face to wash it daily because it is very gentle on my skin. It has helped out a lot. I have tried all cleansers and they burn my skin or dry it out. But baby shampoo is perfect. Who Knew?

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