Trying to Transition into Life as a SAHM

Updated on November 13, 2009
E.H. asks from Covington, GA
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I am 25, have a twenty month old daughter, and I am due in May to have another little girl. Ever since I had my daughter, I have been working part time. I really enjoy my job, but finding good childcare has been a nightmare. With my due date fast approaching, my husband and I have been contemplating me staying home full time to be with the kids. We agree that it would be the best thing for them instead of having someone else keep them part time, but it's hard for me to fathom being home EVERY day and money being tight. I know a lot of SAHMs who say it's worth the personal sacrifice and the financial sacrifice because you can never get that time back. I'm almost to that point, but it's hard for me to think about putting my career on hold for a few years. Does this sound crazy? I think I need advice!

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answers from Atlanta on

I was one of those that was in the corporate world and loved it. (I was the only one with an education, btw.) But, my husband and I decided that once we started having children, I would stay home with them. That was over 11 years ago. My priorities changed once I had children. We are poor, but happy. lol

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answers from Atlanta on

E. I too am a SAHM. I also have a Tupperware business that has generated some $$$ for me and my family. Tupperware has been a great opportunity for me and my family and I am so glad that I joined the team of mothers I work with. If you are interested in hearing more about Tupperware and how it could possibly work for you and your family please call me at ###-###-####.


Imagine ... Life on your terms!

Listen to the $1,000 Hotline at 1-866-376-7518.



answers from Sumter on

Read the book "From High Heels to Bunny slippers" this will change any thoughts that you have about not staying at home with your kids and help you figure out some things about yourself as well. This was an awesome read too!



answers from Atlanta on

My advice is, if you are able to find a childcare scenario that you are happy with, then keep your part-time job that you are happy with. I started staying home with my two girls when my oldest was 3 and my youngest was just born. I would have to say that it was a challenging transition on myself and my three year old. I'm not saying that I would take that away, but if I had the opportunity to work just two days a week and be with my kids the other days, I would do it in a hearbeat. That way, you get your days to be with adults (and actually enjoy your job) and your kids can get accustomed to being with other adults and children. Hope this helps. If you can't find childcare that you are happy with, then stay home for now. In that case you would just be worrying about your kids all the while you are working.



answers from Columbus on

Hey E.. I know how you feel. After the birth of my oldest daughter (who is now 26 and a new mom too!), I desired to stay home but never knew how in the world we could make it on just one income. I had to LEARN how to save money. It was not magic at 1st. Every month got better and better. Soon, I was able to do odd jobs from home that earned a little extra income. That would allow us to go out to eat, spend a little more on groceries, purchase the never ending needs of little ones...diapers! It has not always been easy. There are sacrifices that do come with being a stay at home mom. What we found for us was the benefits out weighted the sacrifices. Some of the benefits we (my husband and I) did not see until many years later. This is not to say that working moms do not see the great benefits. Everyone has to make their choice of how they can and will raise their own family. For me, I can only give the advice of has worked these 26 years.

If you would like some of the ideas of the odd jobs I did to make the money while at home, reply back and I will share. I would also be happy to share how I saved money around the house.

Oh by the way, today, I have 10 children. If you would have told me that 26 years ago, I would have never believed you. But it worked. :-)



answers from Charleston on


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answers from Atlanta on

Hey E. I am a fairly new SAHM, well since January, and it does take a lot of adjusting & getting used to. Sometimes it seems like my little angel, she is 3, just likes to test me. I always knew that she is VERY well behaved but I realized all NEW boundaries had to be established once again. Once I took her out of school I really wanted to be able to stimulate her in the same way, however we live in a new neighborhood and don't know any kids around, so social activities being our first challenge. Also, in regards to learning...I always knews that it takes a very SPECIAL kind of person to be a teacher....especially to little ones :) We work on our alphabet and numbers daily & I seem to be imrpoving LOL. With all being said...and keeping in mind that you're prob already a new mommy with a lovely 2 year old by now (take in every second, you will learn to practice patience in addition to accepting help from your, I'm almost positive, very eager little helper, and now new 'big sister'). ALWAYS, meaning at least once or twice a week, make sure you have some E. time (even if that means just taking a bath alone and getting dressed without having to answer ANY questions i.e. what and why questions are VERY common in my house). Staying at home and working part time are pretty similar...instead of working 2 days a week...your are now working 5. Ask your husband to pitch in, make time for date nights, and enjoy the newest addition to your family. Afterall, you are truly blessed to have this opportunity. So many people are looking for work TO support their little have a CHOICE. The best of luck to you!



answers from Florence on

Hey E.!

I know this is a big decision you are having to make--but one I feel that you will enjoy.
I had a baby 10 months ago and thankfully get to stay at home with him. I couldn't stand to think of missing a single day. So I have my own direct sales business with Homemade Gourmet. It allows me to get out of the house and meet other moms like myself, mingle with all kinds of people and also bring in some money. Best of all I make my own schedule and can work as much or as little as I want. In todays economy things can be tough for people but thankfully I can't get fired from my job! LOL Perhaps a direct sales business would work for you? I know with a company like mine--you've basically got nothing to lose when you sign up. Just something to think about! Whatever your decision--kiss and hug your babies as much as you can! They are only little once so cherrish every single moment! Best of luck to you!


answers from Spartanburg on

I have never regretted staying home with my kids. Sure there are days when it is hard. I have had home business as an outlet and that get's me out a few nights a week when I want or not at all when a new baby came or when I didn't want to because of the holidays or things were just crazy. You may be amazed how much less you can live on when you have more time to plan meals, shopping, etc and of course no child care. If you need to be out you can pre arrange with your hubby to keep the kids so you can have adult time or maybe even volunteer somewhere to have your adult time. So many ways to make it work you need to just find what works for you and your family. I will say I have never heard a mother say she regretted staying home but I have heard many say they wish they could get back those years. I wish you the best as you work through it and figure out what will be best for your family! I took a part time job briefly to make ends meet so things do change with time and nothing you decide has to stay permanent.

K. B mother of 11 and SAHM for 22 years

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