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Updated on June 01, 2012
J.G. asks from Belvidere, NJ
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Hi there Mamas! I am trying to lose weight and I just joined weight watchers online. More than getting to a specific weight I am trying to get into a particular skirt I bought for inspiration. It is a size 14 and I am 5'6" with a medium build. Anybody out there a size 12-14 and about my height? Just curious I am wondering what my goal weight will be. Thanks! Wish me success!

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answers from Cincinnati on

I am way shorter then you. But I love that you bought a skirt as inspiration! I lost 150 pds and every 20 pds or so I would buy something two sizes smaller then I could fit. I called them my "someday, maybe, eventually clothes" I like aiming for a size instead of a weight. I want to be a size 6, I am in between a 10 and 8 right now. So instead of stepping on the scale, I try on clothes.

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answers from Dallas on

I am your height in and in your size range. I find every 10 lbs I lose, I go down a size. If you are a 14, plan to lose 10 lbs to fit that skirt.

The best, easiest, fastest, safest way to lose 10 lbs quick - cut your white carbs. No white sugar, rice, bread, potatoes. No super sugary fruits.
Cutting those things will do 2 things - 1) stop your cravings and hunger 2) drastically reduce your calorie intake while not having to check points or portion size.
Once you've got that part under control - around 2 weeks - add whole grains back in. Focus on getting tons of colorful vegetables, fiber, and protien, while cutting calroies.

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answers from Washington DC on

First...Much success with the weight loss Mama!!! all depends on how you are shaped. I don't know what your current weight and size are, so it's hard to tell you what your goal should be to get into that skirt.

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answers from New York on

I am 5'7" medium build and when I was a 14 I weighed about 180.

I wish you luck and fortitude! I made it down to a 10 almost an 8, at 155 lbs and then I got pregnant! It was not easy to lose the wieght but once it started coming off it really motivated me to lose more.

Good luck!

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answers from Los Angeles on

My wife is 5'7" medium/heavy build and weighed 145 when we got married. That was before she got pregnant for the first time. When she hit 50 she was still 5'7", and hit 170-175.

If loosing weight were easy, I'd already be skinny. Good luck and best wishes in your diet.

Good luck to you and yours.

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answers from San Francisco on

Well I am 5'5" and a size 12 at about 160 pounds. But I have a lot of muscle, wide back/shoulders, thick in the middle, narrow hips (typical German lol!) A lot has to do with your body type, and of course the cut and style of the skirt. I actually have a few skirts that still fit well and they are size 10. But I think that's because the cuts are more generous in the waist and narrower in the hips.
No matter what, good for you and good luck!!! I just bought three new dresses the other day and I feel like a princess because they look so damn good!

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answers from New York on

I am also doing Weight Watchers! I am 5'6 and am about a size 16. My goal weight is between 155-160 lbs. I have been doing it since Tuesday and have already lost 3 lbs! But unfortunately I still have about 53 lbs to go to get to 160 lbs. (do the math) :-P But it works, it really does! I did it before I got married. Keep in touch and well try to share progress. :)

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