Trying to Get Pregnant After 5 Years

Updated on November 12, 2008
J.H. asks from Tallahassee, FL
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Hello all, I am wondering if anyone else has gone through this. I was told when I was 16 that I would probably never be able to have children. Well needless to say I got pregnant with twins when I was 19. I was not on any kind of fertility treatments. Since my boys were born, I have never been on birth control and we don't use protection and I have never gotten pregnant. I would like to have another baby. Has anyone ever gone through this? I am scared to get on fertility treatments because I had twins the first time and they are identical so my egg just split it had nothing to do with being hereditary. I am scared that with fertility treatments I may have two or more babies again. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do or if you have gone through this then what did you do? Thanks so much!

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answers from Melbourne on

Not messing with unnatural drugs is a good idea!

Even if you do not have regular periods, you can use the Natural Family Planning method (NFP) as described in books from the Couple to Couple league ( ).

Here is the search page to find a teaching couple near you:

NFP is a Symto-thermal method (NOT the calendar or Rhythm methods which don't work right) which uses your base body temp and other signs from your body to chart out your cycle. Women with irregular or regular cycles can use this method successfully to get pregnant or not. It is the most medically safe, and also 99% effective! My husband and I used this method to conceive two children when we wanted and will continue using it afterward as a contraceptive measure.

BTW, most doctors won't know about this method or have limited knowledge about it. Contact Couple to Couple League for the classes!

Good luck and God Bless!

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answers from Fort Walton Beach on

Hi J.,

I too was told I couldn't have kids and have two lovely daughters! Wonderful that doctors are wrong :)

The first thing that is absolutely necessary is that you are in the best health possible. So many things can create the smallest issue that leads to other problems. My first suggestion is that you get your immune system to it's optimum level. A good absorbable multivitamin is ABSOLUTELY essential. I can recommend one if you are interested.

The next thing is to get anything out of your life that breaks down your immune system. Synthetic chemicals are the worst. Whether they are your cleaning supplies, your bath and body products, or any pharmaceutical you take. They ALL break down your immune system.

This process is simple and inexpensive and can be done efficiently. I had a girlfriend that was a painter by profession. She either couldn't conceive or miscarried multiple times. When she started wearing a reverberator to stop from inhaling the fumes from her paint, she conceived and carried her first child to term. Sometimes you don't even know what is standing in the way until you start removing things.

Another way to build your immune system is to have regular chiropractic maintenance. This is not for bad backs and sore muscles. It is for overall health. My family and I don't get sick. I can't even remember when I had a sniffle last and I was the sickest kid and adult you could ever find until a few years ago.

I'd love to talk if your interested. Just let me know!




answers from Daytona Beach on

Get the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility". It is a great source!



answers from Boca Raton on

When I was trying to get pregnant my regular doctor gave me great advise. He said forget about getting pregnant, have as much sex as you can every day. He said we should have so much sex we should be standing in Target and I should look at my husband and say "Honey, didn't we do it here last week?" Needless to say, when I told this to my husband he shrugged and gave me an exaggerated sigh and said "well, if the doctor says I HAVE to. 12 days later (4x a day) we were pregnant. Now, we didn't have two five year olds in the house, we were recently married, never tired and full of love for each other. I'm not sure I could have sex 4x in a day now. Heck, I'm not sure I could have sex 4x in a week now, with two kids home. But that method worked for us. Good luck. Remember if it doesn't happen, you were already blessed with TWO beautiful kids.



answers from Miami on

You should see your ob/gyn or a fertility doc to find out what is going on first and then here about your options re: treatment, if one is even needed. Depending on the fertility treatment you use, there may not be an increase in the odds of having twins again.
Good luck.



answers from Pensacola on

my suggestion would be for you AND your husband to take vitamin E 500 or more units a day. That's what animal breeders do - not to be crude. Evidently they know something we are not told. it's worth a try and there are no side effects. keep looking up. p



answers from Pensacola on

This is going to sound strange, but over 26 years ago, I wanted to get pregnant with my daughter, this was after an unsucessful tubiligation and the insertion of an IUD. I had been unable to become pregnant after those.My son was my only child, and i would have these haunting thoughts about, what if his father and I were in an accident & both killed, I wanted to be sure that he had other family, his father was in the military and we were stuttgart germany at that time. to make the long story short, I read in cosmopolitan magazine that year that you could take baking soda douches to boost fertilization naturally. I really prayed that night after reading that article and took a baking soda douche in the morning and at night before bed, two months later I was pregnant with my daughter, a perfect and beautiful 9mth term girl. And I was pregnant again after that, but that child spontaneously aborted in the womb. (miscarried) the douche recipe was, 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda to about 8 to 6 ounces of water, shake well and shoot!(smile)

Maybe you can look up baking soda douches for fertility on the internet or ask your gyn about it. I don't know what implications or contraindications there are for this type of douche these days, but ask your doctor, and tell them you don't want the fertility stuff. It may have been the prayer that worked for me, but, I never took another baking soda douche again. This is a totally true story.
Good luck and best wishes in your endeavor.




answers from Boca Raton on

You could always adopt. :)

Either way, good luck!



answers from Los Angeles on

One of my mom clients tried for years to get pregnant, she didn't want unnatural help, so she came to me. Her and her husband did our 90 day program of nutritional body cleansing and before the end of it they were pregnant. Now did my program get them pregnant? No, they did that on their own (okay that sounds funny but I think you know what I mean) What my program does is it cleans out the body in a gentle natural way so that the body can function properly. will explain.

What have you got to lose? If it doesn't work at least you will have a cleaner internal body, you will be sleeping better, you will have more energy, more mental clarity and you may even drop unwanted pounds or inches. THEN you can choose the drugs.

What do you say J., want to go the all natural way first?

B. H. B.A.:B.Ed.
Family Nutrition Coach



answers from Jacksonville on


I dont have much advice at all, but I did just start reading this book called Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni
Weschler. Its supposed to be like the fertility bible. I have only read 2 chapters so far, but I have already learned alot. I would just check it out. Good luck to you!

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