Trying to Get 8Month to Eat More

Updated on May 17, 2008
C.L. asks from San Francisco, CA
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i need some help/ideas from you about trying to get my 8 month to eat more. he currently eats maybe around 25oz or maybe even up to 29oz a day (if i'm lucky). since he's low in the percentile for weight, the doctor wants me to try to feed him at least up to 29 to 32oz a day. it's so difficult to do so. he fusses and sometimes doesn't even want to finish his whole bottle. he does eat solid foods but since i don't breastfeed, his main source should be the formula. that was something that the doctor reiterated too. don't get me wrong, he does eat and loves to eat except i just want to help try to build up his weight. but also, he's a very active 8 month old. he's crawling and just burns those calories so fast. that may be a reason why he's low but what do you think ...

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answers from San Francisco on

try fortifying the formula. Formula - when mixed at the normal instructions is about 20 calories per ounce. You can see a nutritionist to get recipe to increase calories per ounce. I work with a nutritionist in Menlo Park (email me if you want the contact info). She helped me get my sone from 5th percentile to 25th percentile by upping the calories on my breastmilk and formula from 20 calories per ounce to 27 calories. You can also talk to the nutritionist about adding fat into the "spoon fed" meals. I add olive oil into veggies and something called "Duocal" into foods which ups the calorie intake. In one tablespoon of duocal there is 42 calories. Good luck!



answers from San Francisco on

I agree with what Sheryl M said. Feed him as much of the formula as he is willing to eat and then supplement his diet with foods. My daughter is 7 mo and takes in about 25-30 oz a day and eats lots of fruits and veggies. Since he’s so active you may want to try giving him avocado. It’s calorie dense and has lots of good fats for brain development.



answers from Sacramento on

Aren't 8 month olds now old enough to start "real" food? It's been a few years since I had a tiny one, but I thought for sure that my little ones started eating baby food at about 7 months. I continued to nurse for a year, and always offered a bottle after we finished the baby food, but I'm almost positive that this is about the time we started introducing food.

Maybe that would help. Good luck!



answers from Fresno on

Your son can be eating 2-3 regular meals a day in addition to the formula. This will help him gain weight also. At 9 months my doctor said that I no longer needed to give baby food and that my daughter could start eating regular food cut up or mashed. My daughter was eating between 25-30 ounces at that age and she was in the 95th percentile most of her life. As long as your son is getting the minimum milk than he can eat as much regular food as he wants.

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