Trying to Find Good Recipes and Meal Ideas

Updated on April 19, 2008
C.L. asks from Provo, UT
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My husband and I are looking for good meal ideas and recipes. While we both have some weight to lose, after the baby is born for me, my husband also has some problems with high blood pressure. Type 2 diabetes also runs in both of our families and we are trying to avoid that problem as well.

We've found the DASH eating program online and plan on following it. What we need are some low-sodium, low-fat meal ideas and recipes. Our current favorites, while I can modify them, aren't the best or very full of variety.

We already eat a lot of poultry, little to no red meat, and a lot of fish. So we need ways to branch out and make those interesting.

My DH isn't very fond of veggies either, so ways to make those tasty without killing their nutritional value would be great too.

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My husband and own a Health & fitness consulting co. & I have a hard time being inventive at times. Here are some things that we have tried & seem to like.
Ground Turkey breast- substitute for ground beef- make sure you do use ground turkey BREAST though because the regular ground turkey isn't as lean. - I have made taco salad- with lots of veggies- especially cucumbers, use mixed greens instead of iceburg lettuce and very-light on dressing- 1/2-1 tesp of a light salad dressing- vinegaretts are the best though. We also get the multi grain chips- still use just a few and use low fat cheese.

Another of our favorites is Chicken tortilla soup. boil chicken breast- 5-6 breasts, add a can of diced tomatoes, 1 med onion cut up, chicken stock- or boilion cubes work too, 1 can black beans, cilantro. After chicken is cooked remove from water & cut up- keep the water though for the bouilion unless you are using stock. Then add everything together & cook for about 20 minutes. Garnish with avocado- light sour cream and low fat cheese, also multi grain chips- use these ingredients sparingly. :)
We also like tilapia- baked with Lemon, brown rice & salsa and Yam with splenda and cinnamon.

Those are just a couple ideas we have used- Our website is and they have recipe spotlights on there everyonce in while.

Whole grain pasta with tomato sauce and shimp is another one we like. My family- yes even my kids love asparagus too- I usually bake it at about 350-375 for 10-15 min with a little olive oil and very little salt- just enough to bring out a little flavor- sooooo good. You can email me anytime at [email protected] you like some of these. :)

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A good website that I like to use is Each recipe is rated by people who have made the dish. There are also recipes if you're trying to be health concious. I hope this helps!

Also, there is a cook book that has veggie purees in it. The cook book is called Deceptively Delicious. It was written by Jerry Seinfeld's wife. You can check out the website

Good luck!



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I love It's been a lifesaver for us. They have so many easy, delicious, affordable recipes. They list all the nutritional info too.



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I would try it is a website mainly on diabetes2 i hope this helps and gl



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Hi C. -

I have found the following websites very helpful. You can register and they will send you daily/weekly/montly emails with tons of recipes. Since there are so many I created an email address just for recipes. We have found and love so many great recipes this way. (Better Homes and Gardens)

I didn't grow up eating very many veggies and so I have taught myself to like them. The same method might work for your husband. I cut them up so small you can barely tell they are there and then over time you make the pieces bigger and bigger until you are used to eating them and they taste good. As far as low sodium - you will have to watch the ingredients you use. The more homemade ingredients (spaghetti sauce, fresh veggies, etc.) the easier this will be and these subsitutions are easy to make. I hope this helps and good luck!



answers from Colorado Springs on

I love salads in the summer. My hubby isn't big on veggies either, but here are a few he does like.
Baby spinach
Sliced strawberries
Mandarin oranges
Grilled or baked chicken
Almond, walnut or pecan pieces
Kens steakhouse light raspberry walnut vinaigrette

Green leafy lettuce
Again some kind of nut if you want
A little blue cheese
And the same raspberry walnut dressing or a sweet Italian is good too

If you want a more traditional salads try the wishbone brand salad spritzers for dressing. The only kind I’ve tried is the balsamic, it’s really good and only 1 cal per spray so it's easy to keep track of how many cal without measuring.

Use egg whites or egg beaters instead of whole eggs to make omelets with asparagus and mushrooms or broccoli and chicken frittatas with light cheese. Just steam the veggies before cooking.

Make turkey burgers... and if you can’t handle it with only turkey meat mix with a very small amount of very lean beef. Also use turkey burger in any recipe that calls for hamburger... If it’s mixed in with something you can hardly tell the difference.

Grill shish kabobs with chicken, shrimp, bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, pineapple, or any other veggies you might like. Try a little marinade to give it some more flavors. Serve with brown rice.

If you're making anything with bread, tortillas, pasta, etc look for "whole wheat" not just whole grain, multi grain, or regular wheat.

Stir fry is always good too. Just looks for "low sodium" sauces. I usually just use leftover chicken, frozen stir fry veggie mix, and a little rice. Sometimes I use a little jam or marmalade to make a sweet stir-fry. There are several low calorie low sugar jams now. It’s super fast and so yummy :) but you do have to watch the sodium and go light on the sauces!
Sorry that was such a long response! I hope that helps a little. Send me a message if you need any thing or if I wasn’t specific enough w/ the recipes



answers from Norfolk on

It kind of depends on what your favorites are currently but I have LOTS of great yummy ways of making your food more fun and interesting. My first tip is that I would use lots of herbs and spices, they add basically no calories but really pack a punch with flavor. I always wonder why people say that healthy food is so bland and boring when you can add all the spices you want without really effecting the calories in any way. Also if you and your husband like vinegar and lemons they are both a really yummy and healthy way to punch up almost any recipe you currently have. Email me at [email protected] and I'll be happy to help you out further.