Trying to Find a Car Seat W/out the Leg Sides

Updated on August 19, 2010
B.C. asks from Arlington, TX
6 answers

My DD is almost 3 (38inches tall and 34lbs) and is still in a 5 point harness convertible car seat. She's approaching the 35lb mark on it and will need a new one. She is in the middle of our Xterra. I am so short and it's hard to help her get into it. If it didn't have the leg sides, it would be easier for her to get into. Anyone know of one like this that still has the 5point harness that has great safety standards?

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answers from Seattle on

See the question right below yours! We love our britax frontier, harnesses to 85lbs then a booster to 100lbs, highest out there. For smaller seats, check out recaro and sunshine/radian as well. And yes, the longer in a harness, the better!

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answers from Dallas on

Wow! Seems like all of these suggestions are very expensive... Although you really do get what you pay for... I know Britax is pretty pricey but judging by all of the responses, they are a very popular brand. I was looking for a new one for Nat, too, so I might look into Britax. But do they really have better safety standards than Graco?

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answers from Los Angeles on

We have the Britax Regent and it does not have the high sides, the Frontier cams out 6 mo after we bought ours. I have 2 in my minivan. I like the I can still climb over them and into the third row. If it had arm rests I would not be able to. Also it has a high weight limit for the 5pt harness, my 2nd grader is still in it. :) Mama's car, Mama's rules.

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answers from Boston on

we have a graco nautilus and its great. my 3 yr old can climb into the car and then up into it w/o my help. he can also buckle the harness.



answers from Canton on

I have a 4 1/2 YO who is 44+ inches tall and about 50 lbs. We have loved and are still loving the Radian. Compact, easy to install and very comfortable for our child (we travel often).


answers from Minneapolis on

The lower profile seats that would fit your daughter are the Britax Frontier (harness to 85lbs, booster to 120lbs, $300), Graco Nautilus (harness to 65lbs, booster to 100, no back booster to 100lbs, $150) or an Evenflo Maestro or Evenflo Generations 65.

At her age, let her climb into the seat herself! Also the seat likely harnesses to 40lbs (the 35lbs is the rear facing weight limit, forward facing is 40lbs). A forward facing car seat is outgrown when one of three things happens; the child goes over the forward facing weight limit, the tips of the ears are level with the top of the seat, or the shoulders go over the top harness slot. For a forward facing car seat, the harness must come from at or above the shoulders, never below.

If she's still under that top harness slot, she's still fine in that seat! And let her climb into the seat herself! At 3yrs old there is no reason for you to be lifting her into it.

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