Trying to Decide on a Cute Business Name!

Updated on June 22, 2011
A.L. asks from Oswego, IL
9 answers

I make tutu's, ribbon shoes, tote bags and binky holders! I am trying to come up with a cute name. I have used Binky Boutique in the past for my binky holders but was thinking of changing it to a name that includes everything. The first thing that came to mind was Sassy Situations...for times when girlies need to add some sass to our day! anyway I would LOVE any ideas! thank you!!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Baubles & Bits

I do think the word Diva might be good worked in there...

Glitter Diva
Diva Stuff

Personally, I don't think "sassy" is the word you're going for...

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answers from Dallas on

How about "tutu-cute kids"?

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answers from St. Louis on

Could you name it after your daughter?

Example- "Lily's Baby Boutique"

There is a cute shop were I live called "Oh La La Baby Boutique"

"Sassy Pants"

I wouldnt mind seeing your stuff either, considering I have two princesses. :)

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answers from Kansas City on

very cute suggestions!! my two cents?

Sassy lil' Creations

Sweet 'n Sassy Baby!

Tu-Tu's & Tiaras



answers from Sacramento on

I love all the ideas given!
Do you want it to be specific to your target audience (like...Baby Bundles) or do you want it to be fun and use the name "Sassy" in it?
So depending on what you want.....
Sassy Baby

Personally I think it's better if your name describes your business or product like;
Baby Boutique
Toddler Haven
Baby Maven
Sassy Baby
Baby Treasures
Baby Stuff
Bundle of Joy
Baby'n Me
Good luck w/your business! :)


answers from Chicago on


Congrats on your business.

Before you lock down on a name, do some searches on what already exists via Google and Facebook for starters. See what business names are already out there. Then once you've narrowed down a few (or even before) go to and see if the domain is available as you will want to create a website :) Hope this helps. All sound cute.

If you are in need of a website, please keep me in mind I provide assistance/guidance, design, development and online marketing for small business owners. My rates are extremely reasonable and my goal is to make you self sufficient with your site instead of wanting to make a change and have to pay someone to do it :) Any ?'s - let me know. :) Again, good luck!


answers from Las Vegas on

I love Sassy situations, shop line: add some sass to your day. That's so cute. Sweet and Sassy Boutique
Sassy Lassie

I agree with another mom, I wouldn't mind seeing your stuff. Sounds cute.


answers from Medford on

Sassitude- a Diva's Boutique (as in Sassy attitude)



answers from San Diego on

What about "Oh So Sassy"?, "Classy & Sassy", Lil Diva's, "Lil Lady Botique"

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