Trying to Conceive-but Need My Wisdom Teeth Out Monday!

Updated on August 08, 2012
E.P. asks from New Britain, CT
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I am ovulating this weekend, and going on Monday to get my wisdom teeth removed.I am not going under but they will be using laughing gas and prescribing vicodin. I am afraid if I do conceive this weekend,, it would not be wise to take anything(which would be soo painful). I am not sure if I should skip this months ttc, and wait for next month? Any thoughts? Advice? Similar issues?

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So What Happened?

You ladies are awesome! Thank you all so much:) waiting to hear hack from ob/ and dentist :)

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I don't think the baby would be effected in any way by this but talk to the dentist today before the weekend to see if they know if it will be a problem. I think even if you do conceive this weekend that baby would be in the cellular stage and very protected. But I'm not a doc. Maybe the OB/GYN could answer this question too.

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answers from Dallas on

I think you'd be wise to just wait a month. Give your mouth and body the time to recoup, before you worry about growing a baby.

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answers from Charlotte on

Wait until next month to TTC. Your mouth will hurt a lot for a week or two, and you won't feel up to having sex either. Eating will be harder, there's always a chance of infection, and it's just one of those things that you should do one at a time.

Taking pain meds after a surgery is IMPORTANT, E.. That kind of pain makes it harder for your body to actually heal itself. It puts stress on the body and you aren't supposed to do that. The doctor will want you to keep the medicine in your system and not let it run out so that you don't hit a "pain wall".

Do everything the doctor says. Look up online information on "dry socket" and make sure you don't inadvertently do something to cause THAT. You do NOT want to get a dry socket.

If you want the best outcome from your wisdom teeth removal, you'll help your doctor help you by not holding back on the pain meds and by focusing on getting well.

Good luck with the surgery.

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answers from Hartford on

Well... you NEED to get your wisdom teeth out on Monday. You don't NEED to try to get pregnant this weekend and you'll ovulate next month (meaning it doesn't sound from your post that you have an irregular or overly long cycle). I guess I don't really see the dilemma.

:-) Wait on the baby making until next cycle. Take care of YOU first. Especially since it's not really advisable to have dental work (ie. surgery) done during pregnancy. Some dentists/surgeons will do emergency work, but not if it can wait even if Mom is in pain.

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answers from Spokane on

I had 2 wisdom teeth pulled when I was about 6 weeks pregnant....of course, I didn't KNOW I was pregnant at the time!! My baby was perfectly healthy, though she was early.

Personally, I would wait. One month isn't going to make much of a difference in the grand scheme of things, but it'll save you lots of stress and worry.

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answers from Shreveport on

Talk to the dentist but odds are s/he is going to tell you it will be just fine. As one person already pointed out even if you did get pregnant this weekend it wont implant for a few days. Even then it wont be living off of you. A cyst will actually form to support the pregnancy til the cord and such if formed enough to support the pregnancy.
Read Taking Charge Of Your Fertility and you will see what I mean. Or find some of the pregnancy books that discuss the first week or two after fertilization has occurred.
Better yet read at these two sites.

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answers from El Paso on

I didn't take anything but OTC pain meds after getting mine out, and mine were full-bony impacted and I had to be put under for it. Worked just fine. Never filled the rx they gave me. Don't have any thoughts about the laughing gas, though.

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answers from Milwaukee on

I also agree the the embryo will not be implanted yet thus will not be taking anything from your system

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answers from Boston on

If it has been a struggle you probably don't want to skip the month. I can't imagine it will hurt the embryo which will barely be formed but ask your ob.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Agree with all the others that if you were to conceive, the embryo won't be implanted yet so you are safe. I had my wisdom teeth out with just locals, no laughing gas, and used only Tylenol afterwards. Agree with Dawn on the dry socket - I suffered with that for 4 days (including an airplane ride) and you do NOT want that. It wasn't easy and I was pretty drained for a couple days afterwards. That said, the stress on your system from the surgery might make the point moot. When they ask if you might be pregnant, you simply have to tell them there is a chance. They won't ask for details, but will be extra careful about using protection for any needed x-rays. Good luck on both endeavors!

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answers from San Francisco on

I'd probably wait a month. If you get pregnant this month, you'll need to wait a very long time before getting your dental work done. However, when I was three months pregnant I needed to have a root canal done and I had it taken care of without any gas, no pain pills other than regular strength Tylenol. They numbed up my gums with shots but nothing to loop me out and nothing strong to manage the pain afterwards. I just brought an mp3 player loaded with some soothing songs and tried to ignore what the dentist was doing to my mouth. Having the gas is just a perk to make the experience more comfortable, but really, the pain will be taken care of with the locals.

I think if you wanted to try to conceive this month you should go for it and also get your teeth taken care of as well. The local anesthetic won't be harmful and it's totally possible to get it done without the extra drugs.

When I had my wisdom teeth pulled, one of them was impacted so they had to knock me out to do that work. They prescribed me Vicodin but I ended up just using regular Tylenol instead. The pain was achy but nothing like when I had a c-section or my gallbladder removed. After those surgeries I ate my narcotics and was grateful because they allowed me to drag myself to the bathroom so I could pee without crying like a big baby.

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