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Updated on September 07, 2009
K.M. asks from Suwanee, GA
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I am curious to hear of people's experience with trying to conceive a boy or girl. What did you try? Did it work? I've heard the new study that skipping breakfast makes you more likely to conceive a girl, which may fit with my experience. An Iranian woman at the playground started to tell me = very matter-of-factly = that it all depended on what you ate, We got interrupted by our kids so I never got to hear the details. I have also heard being "active" up until 2 days before you ovulate and then none after that may up your odds of a girl.

I have 3 beautiful, healthy kids and am so blessed. My daughter is the only girl of 8 grandkids and I always wanted a sister growing up, so I'd love to add another girl both to our family and to our extended family. We won't start trying until next year sometime but thought I'd go ahead and ask in case I should start changing my diet/habits or plotting my cycle etc. Girl or boy, this will be our last child so I have 1 chance to get a sister for my daughter. :-) Thanks in advance for any advice/input!

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone for your advice. I will definitely start paying attention to my diet. Hopefully once my 11 month old stops breast feeding my cycle will become regular again so I can make use of all the advice. As long as I try all the tricks and do what I can, I will be excited for a boy and won't feel guilty if my daughter doesn't have a sister.... and who knows, maybe it will all work and we will be blessed with another girl :-)

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I can tell you what worked for us. The first time we just wanted a child so we timed intercourse with ovulation and got our boy. The second time I really wanted to try for a girl so we timed intercourse 2 days before ovulation. If you are very regular and you ovulate the same day every month (everyone can be off a day or two) you have a better chance at knowing when to time it. The reason for this is the boy "swimmers" ;) are faster but don't last long. Whereas the girl "swimmers" are slower but live longer. So if you have intercourse 2 days before then the only swimmers left alive when the egg presents itself are the girl swimmers! So that's how that works :)

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Obviously it's not foolproof, but get a book on the Shettles method. It explains why you're more likely to conceive a girl depending on ovulation--you will have an easier time if you're charting, like with

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ADOPT!! :)
we've got two precious incredible, beautiful, charming girly-girls. both adopted, and we got to choose! we chose the gender, the bm chose us. and a priceless incredible couple girls got families they needed desperately. our second chlds bm chose us BECAUSE we already had a girl and she wanted her daughter to have a sister.

an adoptd child is a blessing that you will never ever fully appreciate no matter how long your life is. i promise you.

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I think what the lady on the playground was referencing was an English study from Oxford that talks about the foods you eat affecting the sex of your baby. The diet modification needs to take place before you get pregnant because baby gender is decided at conception.

If I recall the article correctly, eating a lot of fruit, particularly bananas and other high potassium or alkaline foods, produces a male.

Moms who have lesser caloric intake and eat a more acidic diet high in calcium and magnesium and sodium during conception time tend to have girls.

You can Google ”foods to determine baby’s gender” and get a ton of results. The study has been widely knocked by many and I personally believe God’s will is the decider but I also believe food has a huge affect on our body chemistry. My aunt has successfully fended off an aggressive cancer for two years with an alkaline wheat and sugar free diet.

I will say that I had a girl and was dieting to get my weight down before pregnancy and I rarely eat breakfast until I am up a couple hours, I also love a lot of the foods said to produce a girl…also I hate drinking milk but during my pregnancy I couldn’t get enough of it. My sister on the other hand had a boy. She is a banana addict eats at least one a day and as a vegetarian her diet consist of a lot of vegetables, soy products, and fish again foods said to produce males. Also, during her pregnancy she craved meat and began to eat some poultry and steak even though she hadn’t eaten any in the 10 years prior to pregnancy and hasn’t since.

Take it however you want but I guess if you desperately want one gender over another then it’s worth a try.

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answers from Macon on

As a believer, I can only say pray. I prayed to be blessed with my girls, and that's what I have. The male determines the sex of your baby, so I don't really believe in the myths. Fate lies in the Lords hands. Just my opinion. Good Luck!!

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Hi K.,

We tried the Shettles method for almost a year. To me it seems much easier to have a boy since I can feel when I am ovulating. The timing to have intercourse several days BEFORE ovulation is more tricky. My cycle is pretty regular, and I did chart prior to trying and during that year..... we went from 4 days out, then 3, then 2, and even 24 hours before ovulation..... I finally got pregnant, and I suspect it was a girl, but it was an ectopic pregnancy so we'll never know for sure.

We finally decided that all that mattered was a healthy baby, so once I was cleared to try again (with my one remaining tube), we conceived quickly and added our fourth boy!! I can't imagine not having him.... he has the best disposition out of all of them! I would still like to have a girl, but I guess we'll have to adopt since I chose to have that one remaining tube tied at delivery.

I didn't try any of the diet suggestions, but it couldn't hurt. And I think the Shettles method has some factual basis to it, so if you have enough patience for that, go for it! The biggest problem is that you run the risk of not getting pregnant (which is why it took us a year using that method). I can usually get pregnant within 2-3 months otherwise.

Good luck!! Let us know how it goes!!

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