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Updated on July 26, 2010
B.W. asks from Salt Lake City, UT
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With my first child, we got pregnant in 2 months. With my second child, we got pregnant the very first month! We have now been trying for a third for 7 months now!!!! Has anyone else had this happen? I'm not too discouraged because we aren't in a rush for #3....I'm just confused as to why it's taking so long this time! Thanks ladies!!

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answers from Salt Lake City on

With my first 3 children I was able to get pregnant the first month no problem....I just found out I am pregnant with #4 and this little one took over a year to come along!



answers from Boise on

Have you had any vaccines or flu shots in the last several years? They contain things that make women infertile.

Increasing iodine can help with fertility (idoral is a pill form you can find online). So an vit E. have hubby take it too.

too much soy can decrease infertitliy.

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answers from Raleigh on

I feel your pain! We began trying in February with no luck to this day! Our first baby was a "surprise" (we were on the pill), so we figured no problems the second time around! It is so nice to know that there is someone else going through this. Please feel free to PM me if you want to talk hubby is only so much help in understanding my frustration! Good luck to you!

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answers from Norfolk on

My husband and I picked a date we wanted to start trying for our second.... he's in the military, so of course our great plans had a big 'ole Uncle Sam shaped monkey wrench thrown in the gears. I did ovulation predictors for a long time. (My first child was slow to wean and my cycles were not quite regular for a long time.) For months, I would get a positive result, but hubby was away. When he was finally home for longer stretches of time, I felt the tension of "we have to do this now" and it was not.... inspiring. In December, my calendar ran out and I decided to take a break from charting and just relax. In February, I realized I had completely lost track of my so-called cycle. I took a pregnancy test. It was positive. I was shocked but thrilled. (The bigger shocker is that we're having twins.)

All in all, we're probably about a year later than we wanted to be, but life is what happens when you're making other plans, right?

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answers from Los Angeles on

get the book "taking charge of your fertility"

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answers from St. Louis on

With my first it took only the first try. My second was about six months of trying. Now with my third nine months that included a miscarriage in the first few months of trying. If it doesn't happen for you in the next few months I would definitely make an appointment with your Ob doctor. good luck

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answers from New York on

I got pregnant of my first right away, but with my second it took about 5 months, but here she is, loud and cute as it can be.



answers from Denver on

I had the same issues. My first was a surprise when I was 29 and my second we were using natural planning and got pg with him when I was 30. So I expected to get pg quickly when we tried again at 34. We tried for 9 months of charting ovulation, etc... then we set an appt. with a specialist. Found I had a short lutel phase and was put on clomid.. next month I got pregnant. My dr. was hesitant to put me on clomid as he thought it would happen on its own in time since I had no problems with my other 2. Good luck to you.



answers from Denver on

The average time with two healthy twenty-somethings is 7 months, according to what I've read. You were lucky with the first two. If it doesn't happen in the next couple months, you may want to make an appt with your dr. If nothing has changed for you or your husband, it probably won't be long.

Good luck



answers from Detroit on

The only person that could really answer that question is the man above. Maybe when you're trying to conceive isn't around the time your ovulating. However I don't want to give misinformation, I think you should make an appointment to see the doctor.



answers from Las Vegas on

try your cycles and try and see what is going on. that book, take charge of your fertility , is a great way to learn how to chart. Additionally, ovulation kits are good in a sense that it can help indicate when you have a surge in the LH hormone, that being said... there is a misconception when it comes to these kits. while they can show the LH surge, they are not truly indicative of whether you have ovulated or not......... which means you'd have to chart to truly determine if you are.... there are so many factors when it comes to fertility, this includes the man's ... .which leads me to this. has he been checked?
just because one was fertile before, doesn't mean they are again.
also... really 7 mos is not long at all.. some couples wait years... not to say you should wait that long. maybe have your hormones checked at well.. so many things can throw them off, stress being one of them...
anyway,, first and foremost, track your cycles for a few months and see IF in fact you are even ovulating
best of luck



answers from Grand Junction on

We are in the same exact situation, same numbers and everything . . . I don't know how old you are, but even after age 30, it gets harder to conceive. I am 35 and had recently read that if we don't get prego in 6 months to see your OBGYN to make sure there isn't an issue (I'm waiting a week to make sure I'm not pregnant before making my appointment.) If you are under 35, the suggestion is to try for a year before going.

Do a google search on best chances of getting pregnant . . . there are some interesting tips out there, including laying off caffiene (you and your hubby) and, surprise, having more sex! If you don't know exactly when you're ovulating, I'd suggest one of those over the counter ovulation kits. Good luck!



answers from Denver on

My first two children took only two/three month of trying with my third I tried for months and then my dr. checked my hormones and thyroid levels and found out I was hypothyroid which happens to many people, especially women after having children. After being treated for the thyroid condition for the past three/four month we tried again and got pregnant in our typical three month time. Good luck.


answers from Santa Fe on

For our second child it took us almost a year and a half!! I was ready to give up but then we got pregnant. Good luck.



answers from Washington DC on

That sounds frustrating. None of our three were "planned", all were talked about, but not planned when they came. But I know you can do the temperature thing and get ovulation kits. Maybe those will help? Good luck!


answers from Chicago on

Have you tried an Ovulation Predictor Kit?

Your body chemistry may have changed or something hormonally after the 2 kids. Same could be the issue with your hubby.

Try the kit and see if you're ovulating when you think you are. Maybe something simple as that.



answers from Johnstown on

We've been trying for almost 5 YEARS...we have conceived in that time period, but have had a couple m/c.



answers from Boise on

Like you my first only took a couple months, and my second a month or so. But in trying for #3 it took 9 months - for me, I realized that God's timing was much better then my desired timing. Good luck and at least you can have fun with all the trying :o)



answers from St. Louis on

Try an ovulation kit if you haven't already. I got pregnant the first month I used one with my now 3 year old son and my husband and I just got pregnant my first month using one with baby #2! Good luck! How exciting!!

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