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Updated on November 26, 2006
D.H. asks from Gwynn Oak, MD
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I am a 32 year old mother of 2 boys 15 and 8 years old and we are trying to have another baby to complete how family. However we are not having any luck. I thought I was pregnant last month but my period was 7 days late.Does anybody have any advice.

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answers from Allentown on

Relax!! When I was trying to get pregnant with my daughter, my grandmom, an old Italian lady, told me to go home, drink some wine, and have sex under the Christmas tree. I thought she was nuts. While I didn't completely take her advice, it made me relax some, and one month later, I was pregnant.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

When we were trying to conceive I acted like I was pregnant, as far as what I did, ate and drank. I also took prenatals. That stuff might not help to conceive but my dr told me that when we did it would give the baby a better shot. My dr also told me not to have sex to often, space it out every 2-3 days. They had also suggested buying a ovulation kit from the store. There isn't really anything we can do to ensure conception but I hope maybe some of this will help you. Good luck with your baby making!


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answers from Philadelphia on

It only took one time of not using protection to get pregnant with my first child. We were not trying. When we decided to have our second child, we expected it to be really easy but after a couple of months of trying I became obsessed with getting pregnant. I bought the ovulation kits and they didn't work plus they were expensive. My husband and I finally decided to stop "trying" and just let it happen if it was going to happen. The next month I was pregnant. I think I stressed myself out too much and was trying too hard to plan it. Sometimes we just need to let nature just do it's thing. Funny thing is that my third child was another one-shot-deal, totally unexpected.

My suggestion would be to relax for a few more months and if you don't get pregnant, speak to your OB/GYN.

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answers from Scranton on

I think maybe time and little stress may help. How long have you been trying? A few months is not really alot of time (even though it feels that way). I say if after a year or so and nothing (I know that is long) maybe try other messures. I think sometimes we are in such a rush and forget that it is a very tricky thing to get pregnant for some. There really is not much "fertile" time each month so it is such a guessing game. Be patient and let your body do its thing. When we were trying to have our daughter I found that not thinking about it too much, having fun :), and just being patient was the best medicine. Our daughter is 18 months old and things are great. I know I am not you but I would just try to hang on. Hope this helps!

T. :)



answers from Pittsburgh on

hi! have you thought about adopting through something like foster care? it'ssometimes something poeple don't often think of. when i was thirty i was diognosed with cancer and could no longer have children. i was newly married. only two months married to be excat. that was such a blow. we became foster parents and adopted a child we got when she was turning 12. she's now turning 18 and has been a wonderful addition to our family. now that we've relocated we're going to start classes to foster again. i'd keep trying to concieve, but incase that doesn't happen, "all hope isn't lost!" i know adoption isn't for everyone, but for us, it sure was a blessing.
Good Luck, T.



answers from Washington DC on

Try Geritol. Always works in my family.



answers from Washington DC on

The book "Taking Charge of your Fertility" by Toni Weschler is a great resource. It helped me a lot when we were ttc.

Good Luck

ETA: from the other responses it looks like someone else suggested this book as well.



answers from Scranton on

There is an excellent book called Taking Charge of Your Fertility that helps you understand your cycles and how to chart your BBT, cervical changes, etc, and any problems that may be preventing it.

The website is a great place to actually keep your chart, and there are chats and forums there where you can connect with other ladies. But as far as the info they have about how charting works, it's so-so. Get the book if you can. ;)



answers from Reading on

I actually just found a article about fertility resources. Here they are & I hope they help:
1) 1-888-623-0744 Find a chapter of Resolve near you for face to face support, get comprehensive info online.
2) Its all about the message boards: with topics that cover the entire spectrum of fertility issues, you'll find plenty of opportunities to share stories & support.
3) Find a doctor in your state with the American Fertility Association's physician-referral list, & download the free monthlu newsletters.
4) Get tons of facts,plus info about the InterNational Council on Infertility Info Dissemination's IVF scholarship programs.

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