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Updated on March 14, 2014
T.N. asks from Waukesha, WI
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i was on the depo shot for two years and my periods have been a bit unstable, they are seeming to be more normal now, but i have been trying for two years and i haven't gotten pregnant yet, anyone have any tips?

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So What Happened?

OK it's really funny that looking back on this it was seriously posted on January 21 2010!!! that was the day my daughter was born in 2011!! how funny is that? i was having problems with my eggs and i was put on provera to induce ovulation and i got pregnant right away in April, now my baby girl is 4 months old and i'm having the same problems again with a lot of bleeding and I'm treating it with provera but i also have the IUD for now.... i'll probably have another one within a few years :D

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I took depo for many years, and when I stopped using it I went on the pill for a few months to get my body on more of a cycle. I still ended up using Clomid because even with regular cycles I wasn't ovulating. Use the methods suggested below and/or try ovulation predictor kits. (buy two so you can test for more than 5 days.) It can be helpful to have the temperature charts along with the hormone level confirmation from the tests.

Good luck!

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Are you keeping track of your signs of fertility to see if or when you are ovulating? You can take you waking temp and check for cervical mucus. Check out this web site they will give you specfic directions on how to chart your fertility.
Blessings, K.

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answers from Omaha on

Sounds like your system is out of whack and you need to get it back in balance. For different reasons I was out of whack so I took an alternative route. With our first we had been trying for 3 years. Tried fertility treatment-nothing. I put hubby and I on an herbal regime and within 2 months I was pregnant. With our second we tried for one year. Tried my regime again and got pregnant in 1 month. Not everyone is open to it so if you interested shoot me an email - [email protected]



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3 years to conceive is a long time. Go to an OB/GYN that can help. I recomment Dr. Immerman at Paul Larson OB/GYN in Edina. He helped me get pregnant with both girls after 1yr TTC with no luck. Good luck to you!



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Well the golden rule of TTC is 1 year and they will start to test you to see if there is an issue. So I'd contact your Ob/gyn and get that ball rolling.

But I was on a TTC board because I was taking awhile and even had a miscarriage. Lots of people on the Depo shot seem to have this problem. I originally said I'd put my daughter on it when she was of breeding age to prevent any issues but now I never would. There were just so many on there that had problems and thought it was depo. Some of their doctors even indicated that it can cause major problems with conception if you use it.. especially for a long time. So maybe that is your problem. I'd go to babycenter and join the TTC board. It helped me so much and I think they helped me sooooooooooo much to get pregnant. All had wonderful suggestions and alot of women going through what I was.

What finally worked for me was DTD every other night and using ovulation pridictor kits. I got pregnant the very month I used them and it also confirmed that I was indeed ovulating which if you aren't you can't really get pregnant so you might have to get put on something to induce ovulation if that is messed up.

But good luck. I feel your pain... But I just had a baby so keep faith.

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