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Updated on November 26, 2008
A.A. asks from San Diego, CA
6 answers

Hi ladies~
I was wondering if there is anyone out there who has had difficulty getting pregnant the second or third time around? The first time we tried to get pregnant we did, but I miscarried. The second time we tried I got pregnant right away and now have a 2 year old. We are trying for our second baby and have been for the past 4-5 months but no luck. The only thing different from then to now is that my period is irregular. Some months it's every 23 days and other it's up to 27 days. It makes it difficult to know exactly when I'm ovulating. I feel like I can tell when I am but so far I've obviously been wrong. It's just frustrating because it came so easy the other times.

Any feedback or advice would be great. Thanks a lot!

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answers from Las Vegas on


I have friends that got pregnant after trying for a long time.
They have taken the Mangosteen Juice. First it detoxifies the reproductive system. I know of women who got pregnant after 1 month, 3 months, 9 months depending on how much they drank per day.

Please research the following website: type mangosteen in search area

Let me know if you want to try it.

M. B
[email protected]



answers from Santa Barbara on

I have irregular periods too. It took me about 6 months to conceive the first time around, but that wasn't too concerning to me then. I read that regardless of how far apart your periods are, you almost always ovulate 14 days prior to the next one. Have you been marking the calendar with your start dates? If so, go back and count the days between and see if there's ANY kind of pattern (maybe it's going back and forth between 23 and 27 or maybe you've had a 27-day cycle for a couple of months in a row and then it switches). Then just make a best guess as to when you'll ovulate next time and give yourself a window! That's pretty much what I did, and I realized that I'd usually have the same kind of cycle a couple months in a row.

Of course, what I didn't know at the time is that they sell ovulation detection kits at the drugstore. ;) This might get a bit expensive but maybe you'll only have to do it once!



answers from Los Angeles on

Have sex every other day!



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi A., you can try fertility awareness by calculating your fertility period .If your cycles are between 23 to 27 days then your fertility period is from day 5 to day 16 of your cycles,The time in between these two days is considered your fertility window. Your ovulation is expected during this time frame. You cannot get pregnant everyday during this period, but it is sometime during this period that pregnancy can can also check your basal body temperature everyday starting with day one of your period. you will see that prior to ovulation your temperature is rather consistent. As you get closer to ovulation, you may have a slight decline, but it will be followed by a sharp increase after ovulation. The increase in temperature is the sign that ovulation has just occurred. Because the increase happens after you have ovulated, this method is best used by those who have time to track and study their charts for a couple months, to ensure the best chances of conception. Illness, lack of sleep, and alcohol or drug use can affect your temperature and make it difficult to establish an accurate reading.Another sign of ovulation for most women is the change in vaginal discharge to mucusy,clearest,slippery and most strechy looking like egg may experience a dull lower abdominal pain around your ovulation.good luck....give us the good news soon and see your provider if no pregnancy in few months .



answers from Los Angeles on

Have you tried using the basal body temperature to determine when you are ovulating:
Also, irregular periods might be a sign of a thyroid issue, you should get yours checked by your doctor
Good luck



answers from Honolulu on

There is a saying..if you struggled to get pregnant with the first, it'll be a breeze the next time...and if it wasn't hard the first time it will be the next. We tried for 4 years to get pregnant with our first child and all it took was 5 months to get pregnant with my second. 4-5 months is really not a long time, anything under a year is pretty normal. Even your period... it may be erratic by a few days but nothing of concern. I'd say try getting a Basal body thermometer and start charting your temp every morning at the same time. You'll see a spike in your temp within 72 hours of your ovulation. Write down your temps and you'll know for the next month when approximately you will ovulate. You've got a 72 hour window during ovulation to get pregnant..which is why, timing is everything. Or to make it a bit easier there are now Ovulation kits you can get at most stores like Walmart, they are in the pregnancy test section. We went in for infertility testing and ran the whole gammut of tests, and nothing was technically wrong..just timing.. as all the docs like to put it. We started natural family planning with the temperature taking and it worked pretty well. Thank goodness cause fertility drugs was our next option. So I'd say look into some easier way, and if you are concerned call your doc and have a chat about it. I wish you the best of luck and hopefully it wont be much longer.

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