Trouble with Bowel Movements - Philadelphia,PA

Updated on March 07, 2014
M.V. asks from Philadelphia, PA
7 answers

Hey my 7 week baby is having problems pooping he pushes and pushes until he cries and only like a soft pellet comes out more like playdo never bigger than a lime!!! He hasn't pooped in 2days and hasn't given me a normal diaper in a month!!! Please help he is currently on formula similac soy he was spitting up similac advance but i never tried any other formula other then those two!!! :( it's frustrated not being able to help him!!!

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answers from Los Angeles on

You need to address this with his pediatrician.
We are not doctors.
Call the office and speak to a nurse today!
What are you waiting for?
Good luck!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

There are so many bad bad bad wives tales out there for cures to constipation but truly, please ask your doc about this. It's not normal for kiddo's to have constipation like this.

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answers from Beaumont on

What does the doctor say? This needs to be handled immediately. I would call the doctor on call right now and ask them what to do. So sorry...

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answers from Chicago on

Another formula should do the trick. My kids never did well on Similac (same issue as you), but Enfamil worked wonders. Just keep trying different brands until you find one he can tolerate. My DD did best on Target's brand!

For now, a suppository should help him with the bowel movements until he can get regular.
No big deal, this is very common!

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answers from New York on

By all means call the doctor. For what it's worth, when our DS was about that age, he would sometimes go a few days without pooping, then poop up a storm. The ped said, in our case, not to worry, as it would become more regular in time, and that we needn't panic so long as he didn't go over 4 days without a poop.

F. B.

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answers from New York on

It sounds like the formula is not agreeing with his system. Call his dr and they'll probably have you switch over to something else that's more gentle on his tummy. Poor baby. Poor mama.

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answers from Boston on

I remember this happening to my son when I had to start supplementing with formula. The pediatrician gave me 2 cans of Neocate formula and his constipation problems went away. This formula is very expensive but I think insurance may help cover it- as your pediatrician. Luckily for me my son was 11 months at the time so I was able to switch him over to milk. He had the same problem after having whole milk, switching him to low-fat milk stopped the problem.

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