Trouble Getting Pregnant the 4Th Time?!?

Updated on January 12, 2008
E.K. asks from Indianapolis, IN
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I got pregnant with my first three kids the first month that we tried. We thought that the fourth time would be just as easy, but it has not been. They were born in Feb. 2001, Feb. 2003, and Feb. 2005. I nursed each one for 15 months, so that means that I stopped nursing in May, and got pregnent in June with #2 and #3. But I stopped nursing #3 in May 2006. June 2006-now:nothing! There's lots of info on 2nd time infertility, but 4th? Went to Dr. last year: Everything OK. Should I go again? Should I get a second opinion? Stress--low, eating--good, no other health issues, taking folic acid and prenatal vitimins. I'm 31.

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You should look up secondary infertility - it is NOT only with the 2nd child. It is any attempt after the first child. There is a lot of information out there on it. Just check it out.

As for secondary infertility, I have two friends who had the exact same problem after their 3rd and 4th's. Then afterwards, they got pregnant fine the next times. It has to do with a lot of things but I do know that it took them about a year before anything. And they were quite worried...

It is not easy no matter what number it is and just hang in there! I know its hard...

Your hormone levels are probably off and maybe a few things would work or atleast assist - accupuncture or chiropractic work. There is a high rate success with 2ndary infertility with accupressure and puncture. You may want to look into it and if you need the name of someone who is really really good and effective I can give it to you. She worked on me for something OB related and in the 1st try it succeeded. I also know others who have gotten pregnant with it. I would write more but GTG. If you want mroe info please let me know. Good luck and hang in there!



answers from Augusta on

To clarify, secondary infertility doesn't mean with your second child, it means being infertile after previously being fertile.

Normally, they say a healthy young couple with no known problems should wait one year before being concerned. So, although this seems like a long time to you, really it isn't that long in terms of infertility diagnosis.

Have you been charting your cycles? Are you sure you are ovulating? There's a great book called Taking Charge of Your Fertility that you may want to look at. It explains fertility awareness and charting. It's possible that your body just hasn't returned to optimal fertility as quickly as it did after your first two children.

We have had trouble getting pregnant with our third after getting pregnant on the first and second try before. We discovered that I have a blocked fallopian tube, probably due to an infection I didn't realize I had from an IUD that I had for only a couple of months. So, we did have a problem on #3 and I am actually having surgery to correct the problem next week. This is unlikely to be the case with you I am sure, but just so you know it it possible that there is some sort of issue (that can usually be corrected without too much fuss).

Also, remember it takes two to tango:) It could just as easily be your husband, particularly if her works in certain jobs, bicycles a lot, uses hot tubs, etc. Men and women are about 50/50 when it comes to fertility problems.

So if you feel something is wrong, push your doctor to investigate or find a new doctor. I would recommend charting your cycles for a couple of months to see what's going on. It's possible that with three babies in the house your timing is not what it used to be;)

Good luck, I know how tough it is waiting each month only to be disappointed. There's no reason to think there's anything wrong yet so stay hopeful and keep up the healthy lifestyle.



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Do you have a copy of Taking Charge of Your Fertility, by Toni Weschler? If you don't, I *highly* recommend it. Are your cycles regular? Do you think you're getting the timing right? Could be that your body is just telling you, "no, we need to wait a little while longer" for the next child. Figure that even if you get the timing right, each cycle on average you only have about a 25% chance of conceiving. Still, if you've been trying for over a year, have regular cycles, are sure that you're ovulating (see the book recommendation), and think you're doing everything right, I might get a second opinion from a Dr.



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I would concur with the previous individuals who mentioned charting your cycles. A dear friend of mine had a similar experience to yours. After she started tracking her temperature she learned that she was ovulating much later than she'd anticipated. There's a website where you can actually chart your temperatures and it will tell you your most fertile periods: I hope this helps!



answers from Elkhart on

Your kids are all born exactly two years apart? You're amazing. That's really all I have to say. :)



answers from Chicago on

I'm having the exact same problem only Im trying for number 3. I have a 1 1/2 year old and a 2 1/2 year old and they are 10 months apart. My advise to you is i guess it will happen when its suppose to



answers from Chicago on

Hi E.,

You sound like me, longing for a child when you are ready. GOD gives us his beautiful gifts when the time is right for us. Be patient because you are stressing trying to get pregnant. Let mother nature work w/o you intercepting and calculating. Enjoy making the baby and enjoy the beautiful gift at the end.

God Bless You and good Luck!




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Have you been tracking your ovulation? There is a great book that outlines everything you can do to really get in touch with and "read" your body its called, "Taking Charge of Your Fertility."

But wow . . .you've had such great luck with your previous 3 pregnancies. I'd relax. I was told that I would have a difficult time getting pregnant and I did some things nutritonally that I could share with you if you'd like. I got pregnant quickly, much to our surprise!

Best of luck with #4. I hope it happens soon!



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MY doctor suggested to me to use birth control for three months and then after the last month getting pregnant would be easy. I did this recently and am now pregnant with number three. I had a hard time getting pregnant with my first it took 8 months and my second took a year and a half, so when I tried this with the third I was shocked I got pregnant with one month of trying.

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