Triple Stroller or No Triple Stroller??

Updated on March 01, 2010
E.R. asks from Austin, TX
6 answers

Hi Ladies, I am about to have my third child, and I will have three young children ages 0, 2, and 4. I am thinking about buying a used triple stroller b/c my 4 year-old is still impossible to shop with without being restrained, and for other times when we are out for a long time and he needs to sit. If you have used one, what do you think? Do you recommend it for 3 young children? Did you use it or was it too big and too much of a hassle? What are the pros and cons? Thanks!

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answers from Salt Lake City on

I have a set of triplets and used several different triplet strollers. The umbrella strollers are worthless. They aren't sturdy enough for the weight of three kids. I liked my jogger stroller, it was great for walks to the park or cruising around the neighborhood. But it was too wide to fit through doorways at the mall and it barely fit in the back of my large SUV. The runabout was great for both getting into the mall and for around the neighborhood, but it has a weird vibe to it (my opinion). I always felt like it looked like a wheelchair for multiples instead of a stroller. And I always got strange looks--it just has that "medically necessary" look to it. I know that probably sounds weird--and I know other people who love them. Just my opinion...

Anyway--I guess it just depends on how you plan to use it. But I would definitely encourage you to buy a used one. They can be VERY expensive.

good luck!



answers from Detroit on

I think that a triplet stroller would be a waste of money. You might use it for a year and they are huge! My 3 are 2 years apart. I used a double stroller and a baby sling. Most of the time the 2 younger ones rode in the stroller but for long trips my youngest and oldes would take turns in the stroller.



answers from San Antonio on

we used a double stoller; the kind where they are behind each other and the back of the front seat would lay recline flat. most the time only the younger two would ride; but on long outings we made it flat and all 3 could take a nap at the same time. underneath it had a basket/net to store diaper-bags and snacks. we bought it at wal-mart for about $125. i think it was called a graco double glider.
we could not have done without it!



answers from Seattle on

When i nannied, i watced 2 very small children and had my son who was almost 4, I used a Joovy Big Caboose Stand-On Tandem on Triple Stroller, got used one off of craigslist. it was nice, did the job but not extra room for bags and stuff, so i bought a hook to hang all my bags on.



answers from Victoria on

when jon and kate +8 were still together they touched on this topic. they said the triple strollers that are side by side werent very well thought out, hard to steer, difficult to fit threw store doors and i would think easier for kids to get to each other and fight. the in line strollers seemed to be easier in all of these catagories. in line meaning one seat in front of the other. hope you find one that helps. if anything i would get a double stroller for the littler ones.



answers from San Antonio on

I have a Valco triple stoller and I really love it. It is a double stroller, with an extra seat (toddler seat) that you can attach. The extra seat sits infront above the feet of the two. My DDwas 15 months old when my twins were born and I didn't want the wide triples or the long limo styles. I love this stroller I have, it is a bit heavy and pricey but I would say those are its only drawbacks. The great think about this for you is that when your older child doesn't want to ride, the extra seat can be detached or folded down in front. I can't say enough about it

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