Trip to New York?

Updated on December 29, 2011
❤.M. asks from Santa Monica, CA
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Possibly planning a trip to New York City in the near future.
Trying to convince hubby it will be fun & there will be plenty to do.
What have you done there?
What would you recommend doing or a "must see"?

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answers from New York on

How many adults, any children. I can give you a list, a yard long, of things to do but need more info. How long are you staying.

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answers from Cincinnati on

I just went on a girls trip to NYC for the first time ever. OMG- if I wasn't a wife and mother, I would move there to live. It is the most interesting, fast paced place I have been to.

The best part for us was to not really planning anything! Seriously. We wanted to experience it on a whim. So instead of having a written out agenda, we found ourselves in hole in the wall diners, that were amazing, little cupcake shops with heavenly treats, shows we would have never seen if we weren't approached by someone inviting us. We did buy tickets to Wicked on Broadway beforehand. It is a MUST see if you have ever enjoyed The Wizard of Oz.

You will not have to convince him there will be things to do. There's too much, you just can't get it done in 1 trip. Here's a list of what I think was worth the money and/or worth your time.

911 memorial- no brainer
Central park- no brainer. We took pedicabs through the park. There were also gorgeous horse drawn carriages to get on.
Times Square, Good Morning America show. We were on live tv, and got to watch Emeril Lagasse make pumpkin and pecan pies. We got to meet/hug the entire crew. There was not a big crowd. Maybe 100 people total in the whole area.
Get on the subway- it's an experience in itself. We took it to Hoboken, NJ where we went to see "The cake boss" show bakery, Carlo's.
Greenwich village - quaint, quiet area out of the busyness.
Double decker bus tour- fun, interesting. You can get on and off as you please.
A Broadway show - no brainer. Many shows to choose from.

You will LOVE it.

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answers from New York on

I live right across the river from NYC. There are so many things to see and do in NYC. I love to visit the Big Apple.

If you are coming to NYC, a Broadway show is a must. Just walking up and down 42nd Street is thrilling. Not to mention walking along 5th Avenue. Check out Madison Square Garden for hockey or basketball. There is shopping par none.

Eating out in the city is amazing. You can find all kinds of eateries at all price points for a small fortune or little money at all. NY also has some of the best museums in the world. Brooklyn Botanical Garden is one of my most treasured spots in town. If you like the Zoo, get yourself to the Bronx Zoo.

Ride the subway or just go for a walk. There is an endless amount of things to see and do and the best part is the City Never Sleeps also an added bonus.

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answers from St. Louis on

Canal street. :p

It is fun, I just wish I wasn't allergic to it. :(

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answers from Philadelphia on

i would not tour J. NY
id make it a road trip!
I'd do a play on broadway, walk NY and see the city a bit, and walk central park (but central park isnt that cool when you're coming from somewhere beautiful)
then id do the museums in NY
eat at the food carts=)
see the statue of liberty and any other historical things
Then I'd do the museums in Washington DC,
and maybe see the niagra falls...
and maybe do philly for a nigth and fly back from phillyoh if you like shopping or have girls that want to see the american girl thingy my answer would be diferent i'm not a shopper=)

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answers from Los Angeles on

figure out where the best pizza is and try some real NY pizza.
you have to see a broadway show too. Buy ahead of time or go to time square and buy a same day ticket for what ever is not sold out at half price. There's alway the Ferry ride to ellis island, shopping, eating, and people watching. Museums, central park, 911 memorial. Convince him there will be plenty to do? Its NY for peat sake, what does your husband do for fun? tip cows? (apologies for the sarcasm, is just that there is so much to do see and eat!!!!)

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answers from Washington DC on


GO!!! GO!!! GO!!!!!!

Winter in New York is SOOOO cool!!! Rockerfeller Center - the ice rink...

The Twin Towers site - watching the rebuild.
The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.
Times Square - if it's just you and your husband you don't have to worry about Toys R Us - there is a Ferris Wheel inside the store!!!
Broadway - see the Rockettes!! :)

There is a sooo much to do!!! Family or just the two of you!!

I have a book that's a few years old about trips to New York - there are a lot of different things to do as well!!!


We went last November (2010)! We stayed at the Waldorf Astoria.

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answers from Seattle on

You have to go! There is no place like it. Other cities do not even compare. Like some other posters said. There is so much to do, you don't really need a plan. Just wander. NY is about neighborhoods so check out a visitors thing about it and decide which neighborhoods appeal to you.
If it were me I would stay in Times Square/Theater district - walk around, see a broadway show. Then take the subway down to the village to little Italy for some good eats and a totally different neighborhood feel. If your going little kid-less then take a day and go to the Metropolitain Museum of Art (uptown further), visit central park, there is a zoo there also. IT's endless, and fun. Take a dinner cruise from Chelsea Pier and see Manhattan at night....

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answers from Los Angeles on

NY is awesome. If neither of you has ever been, you can easily stay busy for as long as you want, with or without kids.
Statue of Liberty
Empire State Building
Central Park
Times Square
(Window) Shopping on 5th Avenue
FAO Schwartz
American Girl Store (though you can just go to the one at the Grove)
Coney Island
Washington Square Park
Farmer's Market (seasonal) at Union Square
NY Public Library (main branch)
Rockefeller Center
Magnolia Bakery (the cupcake shop that was around LONG before the cupcake craze)

Not to mention all the food - restaurants, street carts, markets with great samples (can't remember the name but there is a really good one on the upper west side)

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answers from Phoenix on

Statue of Liberty, Fishermans Warf, China Town, Little Italy, ride the subway. :) there are alot of things to do. go see a broadway play

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answers from Roanoke on

Pretty much anything you could possibly want to do there; with or without kids, free or expensive, planned or unplanned, early or late, can do in NYC. I recommend buying the Frommer's Guide to NYC and Trip adviser. Tons of tips and info on there.

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answers from Washington DC on

Oh I want to go SO bad!!

My kids want to go SO bad!!

Husband would tag along to make us happy, but I'm sure he isn't dying to go!!

I went there for work last December and while I only drove through Manhattan - wow!! It's GORGEOUS!!

I'm sure there is so much to do there. My neighbor did say some things you need to book months in advance - not sure on that, but maybe.

Have fun!!!



answers from Los Angeles on

What ISN'T there to do there?? :) Mommyc pretty much covered my list. Go, but try not to go in summer - the heat and humidity sucks, but despite that it is my favorite place on Earth besides Maui and Italy.

Try going to a ballgame if your husband is into baseball (obviously that would have to wait until April or May)...not sure exactly when you are going.



answers from Charlotte on

With or without children? Age of children? Can you update?


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