Trip to Mexico with a 2 1/2 Month Old

Updated on January 07, 2009
J.D. asks from Spring, TX
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We are expecting our first buddle of joy in August! Then in Oct. one of my sorority sisters is getting married in Playa del Carmen and I am in the wedding. We have two options...either my parents and the baby come with us (my mom would stay in the room with the baby) or the baby stays home with my parents. I would REALLY HATE to leave my brand new baby home especially b/c I will be breastfeeding! Would you bring a 2 1/2 month old to Mexico?

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So What Happened?

I talked to the nurse at the pediatricians office and she said there is really no reason why the baby couldn't go as long as everything is ok before hand. Now I will just have to check into the whole passport thing!

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I don't see how you could do it, unless you do the passport in a day. It will take a while for the birth certificate to be issued, and then to get the passport. You might be pushing it to get it all in 2 1/2 months. The traveling would be the easiest part though. The smaller they are the easier they adapt!



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I traveled when my little girl was only a month old and things went great. But, we didn't travel out of the U.S. though. Traveling with a younger infant is much easier, than an older one --- all they do is eat and sleep. I might be a little concerned about taking her to a foreign country. I've been to Mexico and I know you need to watch what you eat and drink. But before buying plane tickets, I would ask a pediatrican or your pediatrician (if you have one) what his/her thoughts are. I did this when I was going to travel and she just gave me suggestions what to do on the plane to prevent her from getting sick---keep her covered, shield her from others, anyone, feed her when we were taking off and landing. But she did not discourage me to fly or to travel. Plus, she had all the vaccinations she need for her age. Just make sure to ask a pediatrican.



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Take your baby and have fun. I have traveled with my kids to Mexico since they were 3 months old and nothing bad has happened to them. If you are breastfeeding the baby will not have to drink the water! Dont bath the baby in resort water even though they say it is filtered and you will be fine. Drink only bottled fluids and dont eat any fruit that does not come in a dont eat fresh salads.

Despite what the other people have posted Mexico does have great healthcare. I had an emergency in both Cancun and Puerto Vallarta and recieved excellent care by AMERICAN trained doctors! And I was in and out in under an hour for under $100! Can't get that here!

Dont listen to all these doomsdayers!



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Hi there!

Just my opinion, but I would NOT take a newborn to Mexico. No way~ it's just too soon and too many things can happen. I'd leave the baby at home with your parents. Maybe you can pump and have plenty of milk saved for the baby? How long will you be gone??

Good luck and congrats!!



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Don't take your child to an almost 3rd world country. What if your child gets sick over there, are you going to feel comfortable with the medical care you will be receiving? You can make the choice to go, but your child can't. Leave the baby with your mother, go relax and enjoy the opportunity to get away. Don't even think that you are a bad mother for leaving a 2month old. You will be that child's mother for the rest of your life, not just that short period of time. Don'tinflict the child to potential danger. Good luck with the delivery. Enjoy the moment, don't over analise each step of your mother hood. Step back and try not to judge yourself or measure yourself to some other people's standard. Relax and allow yourself to relax. There will be plenty of times when you will not have a chance to relax. So take advantage of it, especially the days in the hospital after the baby is born. Enjoy those delivery and recovery nurses.

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