Trip to Disney World in July or August?

Updated on February 12, 2011
S.D. asks from Essex Junction, VT
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Hi ladies! My family and I are plannig a trip to Disney World this summer and I'm just wondering if there's much difference in going in July vs in August as far as crowds and more importantly, the weather. Because of when summer daycamps end, the end of August would be a good time for us, as I usually have to scramble for daycare those last two weeks, before school starts again, but we're worried that it'll be too hot and my MIL and FIL were wanting something earlier. One of my DDs has a camp we don't want to miss that ends on July 8, so it'd have to be after that and July would be a better time for me to leave work (we're planning on going for 2 weeks). My MIL, I'm sure, would help me with daycare in those Aug weeks, as she does help out fairly often, but I can't ask her to take them all week for both weeks. Through some creative scheduling, she and I could get it done, but it's so much easier just to plan a vacation for that time. Would August be that much hotter than July?

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answers from Orlando on

I live in Orlando and I agree July and August are both miserably hot. One is not hotter than the other. It doesn't start to cool down until around October ish here. And even then it's still warm.

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answers from Springfield on

We went the first week of June last year and it was above 100 degrees. Good luck! July and August are both going to be very hot! We usually go the first week of December because the crowds are not as big and the weather is just right. :) PS They also decorate for Christmas and it's so pretty!

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answers from Chattanooga on

I've been in late June, 1st week of September and mid-October. We don't tolerate extreme heat well and I would NEVER go to Disney again from June-September. We were so miserable. None of the kids wanted to be at the parks because it was so hot and steamy. It just wasn't fun. Everyone was hot and cranky and all we did was fight--even my husband & I and we rarely fight! The only thing they wanted to do was be in the pool or inside where there was air conditioning! That was upsetting to me considering what we'd paid for park passes. I suppose if you are going for that long, you could plan to be at the parks in the early morning and leave by 11am and then go back after 7pm, but that doesn't give you much time there for the cost....and honestly, it was still WAY too hot for us even at 7:30 or 8 pm!
Others might disagree, but I'd go somewhere else if you have to take your vacation at that time of year.

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answers from Orlando on

I live in Orlando and we have the Disney passes that are not good during the summer months. It is hot and crowded so we don't use them much then anyway.

July and August will be just as hot. Make sure to bring plenty of sunscreen and bottles for water, you can bring them into the park and fill them up at water fountains so that you are not buying water all day long. Schools here go back Aug. 22 this coming school year, so it may be a little less crowded during that time. Another poster mentioned tour groups during that time, they are always here we were at the park a couple of weeks ago and couldn't turn in a circle without bumping into a "flag carrier" for a south american tour group. People love Disney and they come from all over at all times of the year to visit.
There really isn't a time that it isn't crowded anymore. America is on sale right now and people from all over the world are here visiting!
I would reccommed Aug. for your vacation because then at least the schools here are back in session. FL schools start before labor day.
It wil rain and probably every day that you are here, at least for a little while in the afternoon, that is just what happens in FL. If you use your fastpasses wisely you will still be able to do everything the parks have to offer. I would buy ponchos before you leave (at the dollar store or walmart) so that you don't feel the need to buy them in the park. They are nice to have even if you don't mind getting wet, you can put them over your bag or stroller or whatever you have. I don't know if you have stroller aged kids, but I would bring an umbrella stroller that you can easily fold up for the tram/monorail,/plane, etc. the ones at the park are up to $15 a day or $31 for a double.
If you have any Disney questions feel free to pm me. Your family will LOVE it no matter what time you go! Especially if you are staying two weeks!

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answers from New York on

I grew up in FL and can honestly say that it is HOT from May until November with July and August being equally HOT HOT HOT! You should consider the rain factor b/c FL can be very rainy in the summers and if I recall July was typically more rainy than August.

The winter months tend to be busier for Disney b/c the parks are very "open" to the elements and it's a long, hot day (but really fun). Make sure to have your kids drink plenty of fluids, wear a hat and tons of sunscreen! Take breaks and do the indoor attractions as needed and don't miss out on the nighttime shows!



answers from Atlanta on

The very end of August will probably help you crowd-wise, but you're going to ROAST! Not trying to be mean, but especially since you're from Vermont -if you've always lived in the north -get ready to experience extreme heat and humidity! I would plan for lots of outings to the pools and water parks and water rides. Take bottles of sunscreen and loose, linen and cotton clothing, comfortable sandals like Tevas and maybe make some plans to go out of Disney to some of the beautiful (and VERY cold water) natural springs and rivers you can tube in the general area. You can also be at a beach in an hour to hour and a half, so that may be a nice side trip for some breezes and ocean!



answers from Dallas on

No, August would not be hotter than July. I used to live in Orlando and July and August is the same hot weather! Since they are the same, you should definately go in late August when it won't be as crowded. In July, no one has school and everyone goes to Disney then! In late August, a lot of the vacationers will already have gone to Disney (probably in July or early August), so the crowds shouldn't be as bad. Go as late in August as you can before school starts.

Also, you need to be prepared to be walking around the theme parks all day long in the extreme heat. Personally, I'd rather go in the fall or winter where it will be very pleasant to walk around all day. The best time to go to Disney is 2 weeks before Thanksgiving and 2 weeks before Christmas - there will be no crowds and very nice weather!!



answers from Tallahassee on

I'm not sure about the crowds, but July and August are both going to be very hot.



answers from Washington DC on

Both are going to be HOT! We went in June 2010 and it was 100+ every day. So if those two months are your only options, I would go with August since sitter wise that works best.

Don't forget the sunscreen!



answers from Boston on

We went the last two weeks of August last year, right before school. It was very hot, The crowds seemed not as bad the last week of August, because a lot of children start school in August. If you are planning on going to the special character dinners, start planning now, because they do book up real quick. The employees at the parks said it's cooler the last weeks of August then July. The temp was 98 plus everyday with 100% humidity. Dress very lite, and drink alot of water and wear comfortable shoes, alot of walking on hot payvement.



answers from Charlotte on

July, August, it's the same - hot and humid - whew!

Have fun!



answers from Houston on

I have done this trip and I will NEVER do it again during the summer. Its not just the heat, its the crowds of people. Europe and South America close in August and they come to the US, specifically, Disney. When we went a bunch of Brazilians were there. Obnoxious little twits! Cut in line, yelled at people, pushing and shoving. They have tours and you will see all these flags around the park with these hords of people. Blahhh! Also, it is VERY HOT! Yuck! And remember hurricanes. We went again in March and it was wonderful! The weather was fantastic, lines were short and everyone had a great time. You could even swim. If you do go during this time, please bring your patiences, sunscreen and water.



answers from Cleveland on

i say august because if you go in july its the midst of summer and it will be around 90-100 the whole time you are there



answers from Kansas City on

I grew up in South Florida. July and August are both really hot! And, Disney will be super crowded either time. Just pick which weeks work best for you. The best time to go in the summer is the first week of June--not as hot or as many people.



answers from Orlando on

Both July and August are very hot and humid in Orlando. Also, plan on it raining most afternoons for at least 1-2 hours, which makes the humidity even worse. I have a subscription to the website which is great for planning a trip to Disney. They have a crowd calendar for the entire year. I just checked it and it looks like the crowds are high for most of July and August. However, the crowds seems to drop off starting around August 24. So, the last week in August would be better than in July or early Aug. Hope that helps!



answers from Boston on

Hi Suzanne,
I had to go down to Orlando last July for a baby shower and it was awfully hot. I said to my mom "How in the world to people go to Disney on days like this?" My mom and dad live in Florida and I think they are crazy for staying down there all summer. It's just gross. Hot and humid. If you did decide to go I may suggest staying at a hotel within the park so you could go in the morning before it gets too hot, go back to the hotel around lunch for a couple of hours to swim and cool off and then go back to the park in the late afternoon and stay till they close. That way you could get out of the strongest heat of the day for awhile. You didn't mention how old your kids are but I bet they would enjoy a mid-day swim. Good luck!

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