Tricks to Teach My 3 Yr Old to Blow His Nose?

Updated on April 12, 2008
D.F. asks from Schenectady, NY
4 answers

Hi there, does anyone have any tricks to share on how to teach my 3 year old Son to blow his nose? All he does is sniff in - and doesn't seem to understand how to sniff out. Thanks, D.

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answers from Albany on

My first son was 4 years old before he understood the blowing out his nose concept. I think I tried everything and it just didn't work.

My youngest started blowing his nose properly shortly after he turned 1. It was very strange to see him do this but in retrospect he sees everyone in this house do it so much I guess he just wanted to do it too.

Patience. That is just about the best advice I can give. But once they get it, it is so nice! I can't stand runny noses!




answers from New York on

Practice without the tissue first. Close your mouth and blow air out of your nose only first and tell him to try it next. It'll take at least 10 trys. When he has that down, introduce the tissue. You can continue to make the crinkly blowing out of your nose face to encourage him and he will eventually understand and do it. Give him a lollipop or reward him when he does figure it out.



answers from New York on

I went to a party supply store and purchased about (3) very funny fake noses. I blew my (fake)nose, took it off and then blew the real one and then put the fake one back on! My daughter "fell to the floor" with laughter...I made this "task" FUN. Children "rebel" when they are "ordered" to do something, and "participate" gladly when It's FUN...It's kinda like reverse psychology. I use it on my two kids daily (chuckles)...

Good luck, and have FUN with it...Oh, You keep 1 nose, give him the other two!



answers from New York on

When he is NOT congested.....
Take a feather put it on the table. Show your son how you can move the feather by blowing air out your nose. Then have him do it.
Worked for me
Take Care,

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