Treatment for Psoriasis

Updated on April 27, 2010
B.S. asks from Spring, TX
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I have psoriasis breaking out all over my body. My knees and elbows are the worse but I have patches all over my legs. If anyone else has this and is being treated for it, can you please tell me what you are using and if it is working? I am on Olux-E which is supposed to be the strongest steriod but it isn't helping much. This is making me very depressed!

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answers from Houston on

B. -

I have had this myself for most of my life and have seen 7 doctors all giving me meds which made it worse. It was very very frustating - then I finally found the right doctor (unfortunately he has retired but I can pass on his protocol). There is something called lightbox therapy - there are only 2 in Houston I know of - one at Baylor in the medical center and one at Kelsey Seybold on Augusta (West Clinic - Galleria area). You go 2-3 times a week, you stand in it for anywhere for 10 second to a minute. And it will make it disappear! This is the short version - call Kelsey and see about making an appointment, they can fill you in on everything. Its time consuming and costly with 3 co-pays a week but well woth it. Good luck to you. I know how hard this is to deal with and I feel for you. Try and do this it is the only thing I have ever found that works.

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I have psoriasis too. One thing I will say is it has gotten worse since the birth of my son. Which makes sense because flare-ups are often related to stress. Try not to worry and hopefully it will get better soon.

I have a large patch on my left elbow (none on my right, which is weird because it is a symetrical disorder), all over my scalp, and a new patch on my left knee. I have little spots that come and go in other parts of my body.

I am currently NOT using any medication. I went to the dermatologist a few months ago and he gave me a few new medications to try. Honestly, I got tired of putting medicine and steriods onto my body so I thought I'd try something else. I recently started taking probiotics. A friend of mine told me her doctor recommended it for her sons eczema and I should give it a try. It really makes sense to me that it would work, and after a month of taking it, my skin is clearing up. The appearance is getting better, it still itches some, but I have been putting regular lotion on it during the day and it is helping with that. I am hoping that in a few more months it will improve even more.

Probiotics help maintain the good bacteria in you gut. If you have too much bad bacteria, it can start to show up as diseases and problems all throughout your body. The skin is the largest organ of the body. Did you know that 70% of your immune system is located in your gut? If it's out of whack, it makes sense that you would start to see problems with your skin. And psoriasis is an auto-immune disease, which means your immune system is attacking your body! Look into it. I take Culturelle and I get it at Target.

I know how you feel though, it gets me down sometimes too.

Good luck

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answers from Cincinnati on

I have a 30 page handout it you would like me to send it to you. some of the suggestions include:
- link with GI system
- food allergy testing
- nutritional supplements.

take care

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answers from College Station on

My son has psoriasis and excema and both are in remissoion thank god. His hands and feetwould form a crust that if He moves them they cracked and bled. The excema was all over his body..for the excema I am sort I don't remember the name.. But we had to give him steroids, a topical steroid and another that peeled layers of the skin on we did that 4 times a day oatmeal baths twice a day and the light treatment three times a week. It was lokg and painfull but it just one day stArted getting better. The flakes and crust was coming off his excema rashes went away And in about a month my son who has excema and psoriasis so bad he couldn't hold a pencil is in school ( I homeschooled at the time) and he got to see. ll his friends a nd all he had to show for it is color spots on his knees and elbows , I really don't think thast ever goes away. It can be permanently scarring. Ask your doctor if light tremeamts are good for you


answers from Killeen on

Hi B.,
I have not dealt with Psoriasis but Eczema as well as an another Auto-Immune Disease called Vasculitis. I have also helped many kids and adults get relief without the use of products with harmful chemicals. I just received an email from someone who has had Psoriasis and got relief. So I copied and paste it for you:

There was an a lady I work with who had a very bad case on her arms.
On one arm she put the shampoo on like a serum, and then the Firming Body Nourisher over it. We met the next week and we saw a 75% reduction of the Psoriasis on the treated arm!

I had a plastic surgeon's office using the shampoo and conditioner on their patients, they had a hairstylist in their practice. They had a patient with a large circular area and with one wash the lady came back a week later with nothing there. They called me on my cell phone to tell me because they were so shocked. Remember we can not treat, prevent, or cure any skin disease with Sense but we can optimize the body's health!

This was from Julie Dennis, a business associate of mine who is a Licensed Esthetician. If you would like more information you are welcomed to send me a message.

Please keep the faith, you can find we relief just like I did.



answers from Austin on

My grandfather-in-law had to adjust his diet and then it cleared up. Instead of all the medications, I would start isolating foods and see which natural supplements have worked for people. You will not have to deal with side effects this way!



answers from Austin on

My husband has been struggling with this for years. Finally got a new doctor and new prescriptions that are doing the trick - clobetasol and clobex. HUGE improvement in first week, has been on the new meds for about 2 weeks.



answers from Austin on

Try taking Fish oils as well as Evening Primrose oil. You can break open an Evening Primrose oil capsule and put it right on your psoriasis. Also remove dairy and red meat from you diet and take a probiotic EVERY DAY!



answers from Savannah on

My mom has psoriasis but I do not know much about her meds or doctors recommendations other than her doctor told her to go to a tanning bed 2-3 times a week for like 5-10 min. Not long...but he said something about that helping with it. Good luck!



answers from Houston on

I recently heard of a product called "NAPOLYEA" not sure of can google it.



answers from Philadelphia on

My husband has dealt with Psoriasis for most of his life, about 2 years ago he finally started seeing a new dermatologist and he has been on Enbrel since then. It has cleared up immensely and isn't painful or itchy anymore.



answers from Houston on

According to my dermetologist Tazorac Gel is one of the best topical meds.

I also have heard of people that drink Apple Cider Vinegar and claims it helps. Hard to choke down but probably worth a try.


answers from Minneapolis on

My oldest son has eczema and psoriasis, and we've struggled with it for years. He was put on all kinds of steriod creams and ointments, and I finally got tired of conventional medicine treating the symptoms but not the cause. We did a major elimination diet iwth him, and found as we added foods back that he was reacting to dairy, the protein. We removed dairy from his diet and added in probiotics (acidophilus) and fish oil caplets, and within a month his bleeding, cracked, crusting falling off skin was healing itself! We've followed this routine for 2yrs now and his skin, while not perfect and never will be, is no longer bleeding and falling off in chunks. He still has the psoriasis 'alligator skin', but its not painful anymore. We thank God for that!



answers from Austin on

My sister has psoriasis and has it for most of her life. The one thing that has always helped her is sunlight. If she were to get some sun everyday, it would help clear it up gradually. I know the one thing that we all get from the sun is Vitamin D. You can find this vitamin in other things as well, such as fish and soymilk.
I hope this helped some.



answers from Portland on

Just an idea. My cousin was diagnosed with psoriasis and spent years trying various treatments without having any improvement. He went to a new doctor who told him it wasn't psoriasis but a yeast infection. Once he treated it for yeast it cleared up and has not returned.

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