Treating Fibroids at Home

Updated on March 12, 2019
L.S. asks from Morrisville, PA
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I am fairly certain I am having issues with a fibroid. I have had two instances with fibroids in the past; the last being during my pregnancy with ds#2 (so about 3 years ago). My stomach is definitely enlarged, there is some pain in my lower stomach and I have been spotting. Not to mention the constant fatigue and headaches. This has been going on for a few weeks maybe over a month or so.

Since I do not have medical insurance, I want to try and treat this at home. Does anyone have any tips on how to shrink a fibroid at home?

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So What Happened?

My husband happened to touch my stomach and felt a hardness. So i called and made an appointment at Planned Parenthood right away. I am hoping it is nothing but it does worry me.

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answers from Appleton on

I also recommend Planned Parenthood. Not only do they have reduced fees for some patients but they can also help you to apply for state Medicaid. The staff is fully trained and knowledgeable.

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answers from Dallas on

ETA: I just did some googling... go to and enter tour location. It showed 10 clinic within a few miles of you that have low cost/sliding scale care - many listed gyn care.

You need to schedule an office visit ASAP with a PCP or OB/GYN... set up a payment plan, etc. But you first need an accurate diagnosis of what you’re dealing with. The symptoms you’re describing are in that realm of could be relatively “nothing” to could be something that costs you your life if you wait even days or weeks. Please call someplace TODAY.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

This is why Planned Parenthood is so important to have in our country. Call them and get an appointment today. It could be fibroids, but those symptoms are the same as some other much more serious issues. You need to see a doctor.

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answers from Dallas on

We are not Dr’s and cannot help you with medical issues.

You “think” you have a fibroid. You don’t know what’s going on and it’s in your best interest for you and your family that you see a Dr and get a proper diagnosis.

You can cash pay a Dr at a discounted price. See Planned Parenthood and/or talk to social services in your community.

This is your health.. nothing to mess with on your own trying to self diagnose. I assume you want to be around to see your children grow up? See a Dr. they will work with you.

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answers from New York on

I don't mean to scare you, but I had symptoms similar to what you describe that I also thought were related to my fibroids. It turned out to be ovarian cancer. Please go see an OBGYN right away, insurance or no insurance. If there is any chance that it is cancer, you want to catch it as soon as possible. Good luck and hoping whatever it is will turn out to be benign.

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answers from Boston on

I'm not sure why you don't have medical insurance, although I am extremely aware of the horrendous price of insurance and the problems with high copays and deductibles, not to mention pre-existing conditions. So I'm on your side with this dilemma.

If you go to any good hospital and talk to the social workers there, they should help you connect with sources of insurance. If your state has an insurance connector (we have one in MA and many other states have them), you should be able to investigate coverages you didn't know existed, especially for low income people (if that's your situation). We pay a penalty on our state income tax if we don't have coverage.

I agree with TF that it's essential that you have an accurate diagnosis. Randomly treating yourself with home remedies can take a long time and mask symptoms of something else. I do know that there are a number of reliable things to use for anti-inflammation and I know people who've had results minimizing the effects of fibroids, but they knew what they had to start with. You're not there yet. I agree about Planned Parenthood as being very reliable (be sure it's a true Planned Parenthood though, and not one of those fake ones that sets up with a similar logo). You can work out a payment plan.

You know how the flight attendant says to "put the oxygen ask on yourself first before helping those around you"? It would be great if you could find a way to take care of your own health so you can be there for your children.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I too have been without insurance and it sucks. However, this is a situation where you do need to look out for yourself first. I went to Planned Parenthood and they had care on a sliding scale to help diagnose and ultimately treat my condition. I will always be grateful to PP for their help. I still make a monthly donation to that wonderful organization. Call today and make an appointment for an exam and share your concerns with the provider who you see.

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answers from Portland on

March 12; I'm glad you have an appointment!

Fibroids are a growth in your uterus. There is no home treatment for fibroids. I suggest your symptoms may be caused by more than fibroids.

I've had fibroids. I may have had pain. I did have pain caused by endometriosis so it's hard to know. Fibroids eventually caused painful periods. I never had spotting. My stomach didn't enlarge. I didn't have headaches or fatigue.

I had a friend who had all of the same symptoms you describe. Like you, she put off going to the doctor. She had already gone through menopause but yet didn't think bleeding was a sign something was wrong. She went to the doctor once she had heavy flow. She had uterine cancer. I'm telling you this because it's extremely important to see a doctor.

Portland has low cost clinics. Most are run by the county. We have a couple run by nonprofits. I suggest you call the county information number. Our county publishes pamphlets listing available services. Your county will have a website with information. I suggest you also Google "need medical treatment no insurance."

You could call a hospital advise nurse. Describe your symptoms and ask for advice.

Don't wait. See a doctor!

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answers from Wausau on

I'm so sorry that you don't have medical insurance. Can you apply for your state's Medicaid? Do you have a Planned Parenthood location?

There are no home treatments for fibroids. Your current status of an enlarged abdomen along with pain and bleeding absolutely requires medical care. If the cause is fibroids then there are treatments for that depending on your specifics. Sometimes it isn't just fibroids though. You need to be seen.

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answers from Norfolk on

For some things you just really need to see a doctor.
My mom's friend had a fibroid removed that was the size of a watermelon.
She ultimately had to have a hysterectomy as soon as she was done having kids.
Find a free or reduced cost clinic but don't try to deal with this on your own.

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answers from Washington DC on

you are playing russian roulette.

i get the worry when you're uninsured. but you can't diagnose and treat a potentially fatal condition on your own, and if you take advice about it from strangers on the internet, you're almost certainly putting your kids at risk for being motherless.

get thee to a planned parenthood, or contact the (maddening, obtuse, convoluted, difficult) insurance exchange. however difficult it is, it's almost certainly better than diagnosing and setting up a treatment plan with strangers who don't have medical degrees.


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answers from Portland on

I've never heard of home treatment for fibroids. The women I've known who had them had very heavy periods, and pain. My mom had to have a hysterectomy. I don't remember anyone I've known who had them mention anything about headaches.

Are you having fatigue and headaches from anemia from the bleeding or spotting? Maybe try increasing the iron in your diet. You don't really want to do that unless you know you need it though because you can become constipated (from taking iron supplements for example). A blood test would tell you if you were anemic.

I'd really be seen any way possible just to be sure, and regardless, if it gets worse there are things they can do. What did they do in the past for your fibroids?

Best to you.

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answers from Tampa on

I think this is something you need to speak to the dr. You might have other issues. ( I am not sure but fatigue shouldn’t be a part of daily occurrence)during period probably but not after.

Drs are professionals and know how and what. Go to your pcp or obgyn and discuss it. Plus they know your history. I get you have no insurance so I suggest applying for state /Medicaid etc.
( I have them as well and found out during my 3rd c section, during 4th he said there are a lot) so I definitely know the symptoms well. My periods are borderline unbearable. And I am
Just too much of chicken poop to get it medically taken cared of. My gf has them but not as bad and just birth control pills help her. So you need a medical advice on this. Goid luck!

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answers from Amarillo on

Please seek medical help. See if they will make arrangements for payments if need be Are you done having children? If so it might be best to have the surgery and be done with all of the excessive bleeding and such. I had the surgery but it was a decision I made with all the information I had. It was the best thing I could have done.

Do not delay your medical health. We cannot give medical advice.

the other S.

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answers from Miami on

I don't know, but I do have a fibroid (found it on a pelvic ultrasound) and although I have heavy bleeding during my periods and have had it for a long time, I don't have a constantly enlarged stomach, though I do suffer from bloating, but that is from digestive issues, since I get that after eating, not from the fibroid. I also have never had spotting in between periods, or fatigue. Headaches I get are hormonal, so before, or during period, which are a common symptom of PMS, but I don't have them daily, nor do I have daily fatigue. I am not sure that your symptoms are those of a fibroid, it might be something else. You really should follow the advice of the ladies below and consider going to a Planned Parenthood clinic for diagnosis. There are no home remedies for a fibroid. It's like a benign tumor. The only way to get rid of it is by removal, though my ob/gyn said they usually shrink after menopause since estrogen is what makes them grow, but that may be a long way for both you and me. If it's something serious, time is of the essence and you can be losing precious time by playing around with experimental home remedies that won't cure something serious. Please don't wait.

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