Treating Ear Infections and Seeking New Ped Doctor for Infant Son..

Updated on August 31, 2006
L.H. asks from Chicago, IL
4 answers

I have a seven month old who seems to catch a cold every time we visit the doctor's office. The cold turns into an ear infection, we go back to the doctor's office, get drugs, he gets better, we go back to the doctor's office to get him checked out and he seems to have caught something else.
I am seeking some advice(not ready for tubes yet)for some potential home remedies and would love to hear about any ped practice that is more personal, less crowded in the northside of chicago..

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My oldest got a ton of ear infections and we really struggled with the tubes issue for a long time. We found a good bit of research on the issue helpful. We ended up working with an amazing chiropractor by the name of Stephanie Maj who completely cleared Josh's issues and freed us from the ear infection cycle through regular and very gentle adjustments. As an added side benefit, we actually saw a huge behavioral difference in our son after adjustments and realized that the further out of alignment he was, the more he acted out. Dr. Maj's practice encompasses total family health. We trust her so much she adjusted our newborn twins the day they were born. Her office, Community Chiropractic, is located near Belmont and Southport, ###-###-####.

Good luck. As an aside, you probably don't have to take him to the doc as often as you do as research is now starting to show that antibiotics probably aren't having much if any impact on ear infections, they just seem to run their course in about the same amount of time it takes to finish a course of antibiotics. Unless you can't get your son comfortable or his symptoms don't improve, you can probably wait. We always found ourselves going too soon. We'd go at the beginning of an illness, then end up going back a few days later when the really bad symptoms hit.

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I love my pediatricians office. We had a bad experience when my daughter was a year old and we switched to Lakeview Pediatrics. My daughters primary care physician is Dr. Janice Salem. We have had a really great experience with them and my daughter is now 5.
Their # ###-###-####..they are on Belmont in the 1300 block. I think its 1331.
We live in Oak Park and I still take her there for all of her visits. Hope this helps!



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That was my life three years ago with my son. Dr. Rentea with Paulina Medical was the answer for us. She is an MD that is amazing. Email me if you want more info, I don't know if I put her on the Mamasource Business Referral List or not. She is expensive, but insurance will cover the office the visit. My son has never had another ear infection since he was one. To be honest, he is a really healthy kid now.

My email is



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You should take him to a chiropractor to be evaluated. For references as to why check out this website which will help to exlpain how chiropractic can help your child's immune system- Naturally!!!
There will be a link for research to lead you to the articles. As a chiropractor myself, we see kids get better with less repeat infections when the body is allowed to work at it's full potential. You can also find a chiropractor in your area that works with kids from the ICPA website I gave you. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions! My e-mail is:

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