Travelling with IBS

Updated on January 06, 2010
A.C. asks from Wayne, PA
6 answers

I would love for any advice on this topic. I'm having anxiety about an early morning flight in a few days and getting to the airport, being there, and being on the plane! Should I bring imodium? Would that help? Go on a special diet until I leave to alleviate any possible symptoms? Please, i'm in desperate need of advice, thank you in advance.

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answers from Erie on

I have suffered w/IBS -D for over 15 years so I can relate to you. If you have not yet done so, please check out website gives you so much info on how to eat for IBS, what to eat and what not to eat as well as a multitude of recipes. It has def. been a lifesaver for me and countless others. I would suggest eating soluble fiber "safe" foods for a few days before your trip...rice, french bread, bananas, "no yolk" noodles,applesauce...etc. Stay away from coffee, soda, and sugary drinks. Drink plenty of fresh water, mint tea...feel free to msg me if you have any other questions!



answers from Philadelphia on

Dear A.,
I do not know if you are old or young or your eating habits. I get so excited about flying that I usually stay up all night with all the last-minute changes, get an hour's sleep, then have a small burst of energy, get to the airport and relax on the plane, that's all the body will take and everything in my body is too exhausted to be irritable. I have done this numerous of times and it works for me. I have not had IBS for years and you will have to find what works for you. Have a wonderful time....also, I have been taking Shaklee protein drinks for years and it worked for me. I have come to depend on them. I tried something else recently, because I was not at home, it was OK but it seemed too sweet. Find what works for you and I hope you find it soon.



answers from Philadelphia on

A., I have Crohns Disease so I know what it is all about to be in the bathroom at the worst times. I went to Alaska in September and because of layovers, it took 16 hours to get there from NJ. Fun...Anyway....I could not really help needing to go so I use this spray that I got from Bed Bath and Beyond. I don't know what it is called but it is near the registers and it is skinny. Keep it in your purse and spray when you go. It eliminates the smell and for me...the anxiety. You can also use matches b/c the sulfur eliminates smell too..but NOT on an airplane!!! LOL! Be careful with immodium b/c it might constipate you and make you sick. Take care and good luck!! A.



answers from Philadelphia on

I have noticed that coffee can also trigger me having to use the bathroom. Especially if i am stressed. Maybe the doctor can give you something for the plane?



answers from Pittsburgh on

Anxiety will only make your symptoms worse.

I have IBS also and I do fly. The best things you can do are leave yourself more time than you think you need. So, if you have to leave the house at 7:00... leave at 6:30.

Bring tissues or wipes in your carry on, as well as a change of clothes (standard for any carry on, IMHO).

Eat lightly, and only eat foods that you know don't irritate you and drink plenty of water. For me, I skip all dairy and soy, as they affect me the worst.

See if you can get an aisle seat on the plane, just in case.

The best thing you can do is *not* stress about it. The more stress you have the more your bowel will act up.




answers from Philadelphia on

Hello A.,
Imodium does help but can make you sicker if you take it for too long. Make sure you eat what does not trigger any symptoms for a good 24hrs before you leave and try to go before you board again. I used imodium for a 8 hrs flight and then another 5 hrs travel time soo if you have to go nothing will stop it! Best thing is to relax and don't stress about it cause it is the worse thing to do with this problem.
Good luck!

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