Travelling in Asia First Trimester

Updated on April 15, 2010
K.L. asks from Beverly Hills, CA
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Hi mama's

so I've been travelling south east asia for the last two three weeks, and had missed my period last month. i was under extreme stress so didn't think too much about it and just went ahead with my travel plans. i'm 27 and healthy with no health complications/conditions. i've done two urine pregnancy tests and they have both come back positive. i've done some calculations and i'm apparently 6/7 weeks along. some of my following questions here:

1) are there things i should be concerned about? women all over asia have healthy babies all the time. i'm wondering if there is anything i should be concerned about. other than being careful with food and water.

2) i'm not due to be back home till maybe 13 weeks. will that still ok to see a dr?

3) when is it safe to state you're pregnant and the risk of miscarriage has decreased?

4) i'm having abdominal tenderness, like i've been doing alot of sit ups. is that normal?

i've been doing some reading and noticed that some people say you should just continue on with what you are doing, and let nature take its course. of course you can't be too cautious as i dont want to have a few weeks travelling cause complications for a bbay down the line.

any advice is welcome. i'm already planning on cutting my trip shorter to get home to see a dr. just wondering if i'm ok to keep travelling. :)

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So What Happened?

Thanks for your responses everyone!!

this really helps reassure me and put things at ease. I've cut my trip short and will be looking to get home in 3 weeks (apparently the earliest flgt available)

So far i've just been concentrating on keeping hydrated and eating well.. taking multi-vitimins and realxing. also been sleeping alot and staying out of the hot hot heat too much.

i'm excited, and just want to get home to make sure everything is ok for the little one.

thanks again!


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answers from Las Vegas on

You should be fine to continue traveling; I raced on a sailboat until I was 6 months along! 1) Just take the precautions any pregnant woman should take; eat healthy; and listen to your body. 2) Try to arrange an appt with an OB/Gyn as soon as you get back home (maybe someone back home can make an appt for you?). 3) Not sure what you mean by "safe to state you're pregnant"; but if you mean that you don't want to tell others until the biggest risk for miscarriage is past, the biggest risk is in the first trimester. 4) Tenderness is not abnormal, but if it seems excessive, or you start to have other symptoms, I would get into see a doctor where ever you are.



answers from Honolulu on

Well, you might also want to avoid some local foods. Raw fish esp. Sorry if you are a sushi lover...



answers from Los Angeles on

I too am 6 weeks pregnant and have the same feeling of having done
sit-ups..which I would NEVER think of:)! I do not think you need to cut your trip short, just see a Dr as soon as you get back. Try to eat as healthy as you can and I am sure you will be fine. Just do not stress to much about it, stress is the worst thing for you. If you have not already start taking prenatal vitamins, calcium, DHA(flax seed/fish oil), and folic acid. Have fun and enjoy yourself. I am sure there is some sort of clininc you can go to where ever you are if you really feel the need to see a Dr.



answers from Las Vegas on

Although I doubt there are real concerns with traveling while in your first trimester (other than normal illness, which you want to try avoid if you can), the first trimester is pretty hard on some women. I mean morning/all day sickness. You will probably be a lot more tired than normal, and will feel crappy at least some of the time. At least you have a really good distraction :) Just take it easy when you don't feel good, and you should be fine.

As for seeing the doctor, you really don't need to see the doctor right away. I know my first appointment I had a pap smear since I hadn't had one in several years, and at about 10 weeks, they listen for the heart beat, but you don't really need to do that. I had an ultrasound and blood tests at about 17/18 weeks, but then switched over to a midwife, I would not have had an U/S with her, and the blood tests can wait. Just get some good prenatal vitamins and take care of yourself, and if you do feel like something is wrong or you have problems, go to a doctor there. We go to the doctor a lot when we are pregnant, but in a healthy pregnancy, it really isn't necessary. Obviously when you get back, find a good doctor or midwife (or maybe now, so you will have an appointment when you get back), but having a baby is a normal part of life.

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