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Updated on November 03, 2006
B.J. asks from Cedarburg, WI
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My entire family is traveling to [semi-rurual] Mexico this spring. My husband and I are bringing our daughter who will be 2 years at the time and my sister will be bringing her 3 month old son. We will be staying in a beach house and having a very low key vacation, but I have a few questions about air travel as well as on ground travel with the kids. My daughter will have her own seat on the plane and my nephew will sit with my sister. What is the safest way for the kids to travel on the plane? I'm sure my sister will keep her son wrapped in a sling. What do you all think about my daughter. Do we need to bring a car seat? Does anyone have experience with those backpack carriers that attach to the car seat? I've also seen vests that are available and keep your toddler secured to your seatbelt, however, it says that these are not appropriate for taxi, take off or landing. What about ground travel when we arrive? I'm wondering specifically about bus, taxi, and van travel. Do our kids need to ride in a car seat on the bus, taxi, I'd assume they would need to in a van. Do airports or car rental agencies rent carseats? I'd appreciate any advice from moms who have traveled similarily with their travel. Thanks so much.

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answers from Green Bay on

If your daughter will have her own seat anyway it may be easier for you to have her strapped into a carseat so that she can't get loose. And that is probably less stress on you. That is how she is used to traveling buckled up too. When we traveled to seatle with our one and a half year old we checked an older carseat (our nice one stayed home, we used one that we did not care if they lost it or not). That way too you have it for your vehicle too. I do believe that if you have to transfer planes they well take care of the carseat for you. I know that we were able to have our stroller and drive it right up to the airplane door and they took care of it and then when we got off it was waiting for us again.
Safe travels to you!



answers from Minneapolis on

When we flew to CA (from MN), my son was only 7 months old. He didn't have his own seat, he was just held on the plane and carried in a Snuggli through the airports. Also, we were able to request a carseat with our rental car, but on the taxi ride to the airport before we left MN, we just held him.

Your best bet otherwise is to call the airline and car rental service, and ask them directly.




answers from Milwaukee on

We traveled from CA to Ohio when my son was 9 months and we also brought along my son's carseat. He used it in the plane and in the rent a car. I purchased a backpack carrier (Pac Back carseat backpack) for the carseat when we had to walk through the terminals (it came in handy). I think putting your child in the carseat is not only safe during flying but it also comes in handy when she wants to get out and about in the plane. You can strap her right back in! I personally recommend your sister to take along her child carseat as well. I feel it is safer than holding them. I know the odds of anything happening in the air is slim but you never know. I'd rather be safe and sure knowing my child is strapped in the carseat.

Goodluck with whatever you and your family decides to do.



answers from Minneapolis on

I bring our carseats for taxis and vans, I don't use them on buses. I don't think the halter things they sell help much. Only being strapped in to a seat, or held on to by a person strapped into a seat is going to keep you in place in case of a sudden drop in altitude or accident on the runway. Most rental car companies will rent you a car seat, but if I'm not bringing mine on board I check it with my luggage.

We went to Mexico when my older daughter was 1 1/2, and I was pregnant. It may be worth seeing a doctor that specializes in travel medicine, since you say that you're going somewhere semirural. They will check and make sure you have all of the necessary shots. Also, they will remind you to bring stuff like insect repellant (malaria) and electrolyte powder for the kids if you get Montazuma's revenge. It's hard to find but there is a brand called Kayo electrolyte (I think) It comes in powder in small packages, perfect for travelling.

We've travelled a bunch with both kids, let me know if you have any other questions.

There have been many posts in the past on this topic too.



answers from Milwaukee on

My family and I just flew from Milwaukee to Baltimore with my DD, who was 5 months at the time. First off,I'm not one to bash things, but I would avoid flying Northwest if I was you. That's what we flew, and it was nothing but problems, including a flight being cancelled and having to spend the night in Detroit with NO luggage (the luggage was sent to Baltimore on another flight, that had no room for us just our luggage apparently). We had packed a days worth of diapers for DD, but because we didn't have our luggage we almost ran out of diapers. We have to stretch the ones we had (only changing when we HAD to).

Anyways, besides avoiding NWA, I suggest checking out the TSA website for rules and regulations. I thought I read that car seats are necessary for international travel (don't know if Mexico is included). It's good also to check specifically what is allowed for carry-ons when the time gets closer.

We didn't bring a carseat for DD - I just held her on the flight. Then we rented a seat from the car rental for use in Baltimore. I had to ride a shuttle to the airport in Detroit, so I held her in that as well. I didn't feel very comfortable not having her belted in, but there were no seat belts.

Hopefully some of that helps.



answers from Minneapolis on

My son went with my husband to visit family in Philadelphia. I actually called and asked someone on the airline. They said we can check our car seat and have it as a piece of luggage that they store with the rest....OR, apparently they have car seats available. It almost sounded like they were free for use..but I would assume their's a rental fee. Contact your airline.

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