Traveling with a Ten Month Old

Updated on September 03, 2007
H.C. asks from Omaha, NE
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My daughter will be ten months old when we travel to Tenn. for a wedding. I am wondering if I should take her car seat with us for the rental car or if renting the rental car companies is ok. Has anyone tried one of the seats and are they any good. I am concerned that they would be old or defective. Also, does anyone have any suggestions for the plane flight? She will not take a bottle or pacifier so I think I may have to nurse every rise or fall in altitude.

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone, We just got back form our trip and our daughter did great. The plane ride was wonderful; she did great. We rented a car seat form the car rental company and it was very clean and worked well. My daught did get a cold a few days before we left and her dr. gave her some Benadryl and that did the trick. Thanks again.

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I would think that putting your car seat through the luggage at the airport will make the car seat WORSE than the ones at the rental companies. Just use theirs. The airport can really destroy stuff!



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I would highly suggest taking your carseat w/ you. Your daughter will be more comfortable in her own car seat and safer. I've seen the ones at that rental places.
We flew when my son was 7 months old and took his car seat as well.
I bought a carrier for our car seat that way you can check it with the rest of your luggage. You can find these carriers at Babies R Us for about $20 and they have a strap that can hook onto your luggage as well.
I did give my son a bottle when we took off and also had one ready when it was time to land. Which work just great.
You will also be able to boared with your stroller and then they will take it/tag it and store it right there. When your ready to get off the plane they will have it right there again before walking up the ramp. Hope this helps. Enjoy your trip.



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I would think that the car rental place has to have up-to-date car seats to make them know what I mean? You could always ask them what seat they have, and research to find out as much as you can about it.



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I would call the car rental company and ask them what kind of car seat they have and how old are they...etc.. I've used the rental car seats myself and found they were perfectly fine and up to standard. The most important part is making sure they are latched properly - that will be up to you. I've also flown and checked in my own car seat, which worked out fine, but was one more thing to lug around.

About the nursing baby on a plane. I have traveled with infants on airplanes and have had many compliments about my baby being so good at the end of the flight. I was just very quiet and as modest as can be while nursing. I don't even cover with a blanket because my babies always pull them off and cause more of a distraction. I remember one time I sat nursing my baby and had a long conversation with a man who had no clue I was nursing my baby.

I suggest you bring tylenol or give you baby tylenol before the flight in case her ears hurt during the flight.

Good luck,



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I traveled with a 10-month-old to Phoenix this last January. It actually went just fine. Without a bottle or pacifier though, the plane ride could become uncomfortable for your daughter (and you). When I asked our doctor about traveling with my daughter, he said that giving her a little Benadryl would be fine. We used a bottle/pacifier during take-off and the Benadryl during the landing. We gave it to her about 30 minutes before landing...we discovered that we probably should have given it to her a little bit earlier because she was REALLY mellow when we were picking up the luggage! If you do choose to use Benadryl, I would recommend trying it before your flight...I have heard of Benadryl having the opposite reaction in some children...and getting a hyperactive child instead of a mellow one would not be fun on an airplane!

As far at car seats and rental cars, we just used the one from the rental car company. It wasn't as nice as the one we have a home, but it did the job and it was wonderful not having to bring along her big clunky seat. We had enough stuff to carry! I would just ask the rental car company to make sure that they have one.

Have a great trip!




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Well, I would not use the car rental seat even though i am sure that it is safe and meets safety standards. Her own car seat is familiar to her and might be a comfort while traveling. Whe u travel by plane u can check it in with ur luggage and it wont count as part as ur luggage count. If using a sky cab be sure always to tip at least 4 dollars. If ur traveling by plane i assume u wont be using her seat since she can still sit on ur lap.

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