Traveling with a 7 Month Old

Updated on February 24, 2010
K.G. asks from Katy, TX
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I'm nervous. I am flying to a funeral next week with a 7 month old. My husband and older son will be staying here. I have never flown with an infant. What do I need to know? What are the regulations? I did not purchase a seat for my son. He will be in my lap.

Also, there will not be a crib where I am staying. I saw at Babies R Us that I can purchase a portable crib that will fit into my suitcase. Has anyone used one of these? Any other suggestions? It costs $40, so if there is another solution, I would appreciate it!

Thank you!

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answers from Austin on

If you are staying with friends or family, find out if they could borrow a pack and play for you. Or if they do not know anyone with small children, tell them to go to a congignment shop and usually you can buy one used for about $20. (or look on craigslist).

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answers from Indianapolis on

The best advice is to go to and understand the regulations for traveling with small children.

You can take a stroller on the plane, but you'll need to gate check it and put it through the screening machines. You'll still only have your 2 carry-ons since he'll be on your lap.

You'll want to think about what to do for a car seat once you arrive at your destination. Usually, you don't need a car seat in cabs, but that's risky. If he's still in an infant seat, I'd gate check that with the stroller.

Check with your airline to see what documentation is needed for him. Usually, for infants, there is none, but double-check to be safe and make sure they know he'll be on the flight with you as he'll need an infant boarding pass.

Honestly, I'd co-sleep with him at your destination instead of spending the money one something like that you're likely not to use again or let him sleep in the stroller. We never used cribs when travelling - even in hotels. Just easier to cosleep in my opinion.

Good luck.

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answers from Houston on

To avoid any problems with his ears is good to give him the bottle on take off and landing. Ask your pediatrician for ear drops too. (just in case).I will recommend you 2 changes of clothes , diapers, wipes . Is your flight going to be long??? , all that you pack depends on it, including the meals.
Dont worry too much, it's not so difficult to fly with kids.
Good luck



answers from Houston on

We flew with our son for the first time when he was 12 1/2 months, connecting flights from Houston to LAX. As each flight began to back up from the gate, I gave him a small dose of Tylenol to help him stay relaxed. To my surprise he slept the entire flights.

He had already given up the pacifier by then, so we didn't have that. He was already off formula. From Dallas to LA he did wake up and the flight attendant gave us milk for his bottle when we asked for it. On the way home, they would let us have it, said it was reserved for the 1st class. We got apple juice instead. Big mistake. On the flight from Dallas back to Houston, he had apple juice runs out his diaper and on to my leg. We changed him on his changing mat on our laps and put clean clothes on him. I always carried some plastic bags in his diaper bag, so that is what I put his clothes in. It wasn't much on my leg, I was able to use some wipes to wipe it clean enough.

As far as regulations, you don't have to have any documentation for him. But we did take his birth certificate with us. You can go to for the full regulations as to what you can carry on-board, liquid formula, powder, etc.

Do the pre-boarding if it is offered. That way you can get settled before everyone starts piling on.

If you have an umbrella stroller you could take it, because typically the planes have a small closet to put things in. I would not take a large stroller because they will drop it down for baggage and it might not make it to you at the destination. If you have a sling or pack to carry him, I would do that.

Check as much as possible. You don't want to have to carry your baby and haul around a bunch of luggage.

Will someone have a car seat/baby carrier for you to use once you get there? If you take his, they will drop it down to baggage for the flights as well.

As for the hotel, I wouldn't waste money on a special travel crib. Get some extra pillows and place around him. He should move around too much to push them off and fall off the bed. Is there a family member at the destination that has a pack and play you could borrow?

Go to the airport early. You don't want to be rushed. Just stay calm. Good luck!



answers from San Antonio on

Last time I flew they wanted to charge me $50 more since my bag went over 50 pounds....could it be possible to purchase it there? And leave it there for your next trip. Or check out a Kids resale we have here in San Antonio will rent them out for so much a wk.

Good Luck.



answers from Clarksville on

it will prob be a lil difficult with him in your lap. I traveled with our son when he was 4 months and we only had about 5 hours to travel. We were lucky enough to have flights that werent booked full so we could find 2 sets together. I would suggest doing that so if you want to let him sit down..and let your arms rest ...then you can. Bring his fav toys and books to entertain him and of course snacks. Hopefully he'll just fall asleep instantly like my son and not wake up til you get there. I would say buy the travel crib. you can always keep it for the next time you travel. Or co-sleeping..its whatver youre most comfortable with doing. Good luck oh and try to bring a pacifier cuz his ears might pop and they help him unpop them.



answers from San Francisco on

Definately bring the stroller, it is a huge help at the airport. We traveled with our 5 mo old and 2 1/2 yr old. We checked the port a crib and car seats, I've not used a portable crib that fits in a suitcase. If you're comfortable cosleeping then I would do that to save money. If your son is still in an infant carrier then check that with the stroller too.

Make sure you bring enough toys, clothes, diapers, wipes, etc for the trip. We used a diaper backpack, you can fit a ton of stuff in there and it's easy to handle on your back. You can also use a larger canvas type bag for more room and your purse for the 2nd carry on.

We flew Southwest and they required immunization records as proof for our kids. Who ever you use, read their requirements online and call for more detail. I got clearer information over the phone than just the info posted on the website.

Not sure if you are breastfeeding or using formula, either way feeding them during take off helps. Our daughter was fine, no crying or anything. If using formula like we were, I packed a bunch of premade bottles in the back back. Once we were through security we bought bottled water to use each time we needed to make a bottle.



answers from Killeen on

As a military wife, I've flown multiple times with babies and young kids! Its not as bad as you think if you are well prepared =)
Call the airline to check on their policies! Most will let you check the carseat at the ticket counter and it doesn't count toward check baggage! Take a light stroller to push him through the airport, yes you will have to fold it down for security but its worth it to have. If you use an infant carrier, be forewarned, they WILL ask you to take your baby out and put the carrier through security! I learned this the hard way and no one even helped me! Do you have a pack n play that can be folded down to check as one of your bags?
As for what to take on the plane, I would take double what you think you need. A complete change of clothes for baby, an extra shirt for you, double wipes, double diapers, etc. You never know when a flight will be delayed, or you are stuck waiting on the tarmac or your luggage is lost! I also always take orajel and baby tylonol just in case. Take several small books/toys for your baby to play with, bring them out one at a time. I find the easiest way to carry everything is a backpack. Also get a travel changing pad if you don't have one already, it has pockets for wipes and diapers so when you have to change him on the plane you can just take that one thiing with you! Don't be afraid to ask a flight attendant to hold him while you go to the bathroom or to help you buckle your seat belt. They will also provide you with warm water for his bottle if you like. Good luck and I'm sorry for the circumstances!
PS there is a changing table that folds down over the toilet in the plane's lavatory, most people just don't notice it until they have kids =) and I always took powdered formula, the flight attendants were always great at helping hold my baby while I mixed the bottle =)



answers from Sherman on

Ok, I've flown alot with my son(now 2) when he was 6, 7, 8 months. I also traveled by car...
First, I'd suggest a pack'n'play..and not one of those flimsy cribs. You can check it with your baggage, most airlines won't charge for it. Second, take a small folding stroller(similar to an umbrella stroller) to get through the airport. Plus, once you get to your destination, it's easier to get through that airport as well. You will end up checking it at the gate. You should take his birth certificate, a bottle(don't make it until you get through security) a light blanket, a small toy or two. You'll be allowed to have your carry on, your purse and a diaper bag. Make sure you take diapers on the plane with you. My son usually fell asleep as we took off. Make sure you don't get to nervous as you take off, otherwise your son will pick up on it and become restless. Hope this helps!!



answers from St. Cloud on

I vote that you BRING A STOLLER with! That way you can put your carryon and other items in the basket through the airport! We always just gate check ours so it is right there when we land.

Pack a few toys for the plane. But most likely your baby will sleep at least some. Ours always did. Have a bottle, nuk, or YOU (if you nurse) handy at take off and landing. Our kids never seemed to have a problem with their ears but I was always ready just in case they seemed to be.

Have 2 extra sets of clothes for your baby and an extra shirt along for you! You just never know..... LOL.

Make sure to pack enough diapers and wet ones!!!! I always over-packed on them because I didn't want to run out on the plane.

We always flew with the kids on our laps when we could. If they get antsy, just get up and walk the aisle a little. Head back by the bathrooms and let him crawl too!

We brought our kids' birth certificates along but never needed them. I've never heard of having to bring an immunization record with.... Some kids don't get vaccinations so I don't know how they could have that as a way to prove they are your kids.......??? But you should definitely check into the airline you're flying to make sure!

I would NOT purchase a $40 portable crib that you will more than likely only use once..... IF you have other uses for it, go ahead. But I would not waste my money. Are you sure there won't be SOMEONE who can borrow you one once you get there? Otherwise, just co-sleep or set up an area on the floor for your child IF you can safety proof one.



answers from College Station on

I am so sorry for your loss.

As a veteran traveller wit children of all ages, 1st, relax!

2nd, if your child is breastfed, you are good. If not, pack the babies bottles that you will need for the flight (and only those needed for the flight) with the formula powder already in them. NO WATER. You will have to buy that on the other side of security. They will not let you bring any fluids through security. Not even for babies.

3rd, gate check your stroller and car seat. It will make it a lot easier once you get to there you are going and your stuff will not get beat up as much. You can pre-board if the airline lets you, but that is entirely up to you. The less time on the plane the better in my opinion.

4th, pack a couple of new (never seen by your child) toys that will help keep baby distracted.

Good Luck and God bless!

As far as the crib is concerned, my kids co-slept with me so that is what we did. I would put pillows on the floor just in case they rolled over at night. Or you can put them on a little palate on the floor.



answers from College Station on

I'm sure there are new regulations and all, so visiting (or as appropriate:, etc) will be more specific.

You might concern yourself about a crib if your 7-mo-old is already crawling out of what he has at home, otherwise consider a crib pad for him to sleep on right beside you or beside your hotel bed. If you will consider it, have him sleep beside you, aka co-sleep.

One thing I learned with airline travel and infants is to _plan_ to be feeding him during take offs and landings. I bet the regulations want to put a stop to that but that, sometimes, is the only way to have your baby moving his jaw and thereby releasing any air pressure behind the ear drum. It could be an alternative to offer a teether, a teething biscuit, or something during those times.

Sounds like you will do fine! My condolences.



answers from Houston on

No help with the flight, but check to see if someone you know at your destination has a porta-crib you can borrow.



answers from Sioux Falls on

I just traveled by myself with my 10 month old and it went well. I brought my own stroller and car seat. I gate checked the stroller and brought the car seat (she still fits in an infant carrier) on with me because I had gotten her a seat too. It was nice to have my car seat with so I did not need to rent or borrow one. If the plane is not full, they may allow you to have an extra seat and you could use the carrier on board or else just gate check it with your stroller.
I am still breastfeeding, so that was the best option on the plane for take off and landing. Even though I was sitting next to a stranger, I was able to turn my body away from him and lean into the extra seat with the car seat a bit during feeding. A bottle would work fine too. I had a few bottles of the ready-made formula with just in case too.
I did bring a change of clothes for me and baby in my carry-on and luckily did not need either!
I brought a few snacks - yogurt melts and cherrios and that occupied her for most of the time. She also spent a lot of time playing with the seat tray in front of us - we opened and closed, opened and closed and she fidgeted with the arm rest pushing the buttons , etc. She "read" the fold-out safety sheet for quite a while too! She seemed to be more interested in these non-toy items more than her toys anyway.
Not sure how long your flight it, but I also got up on the longer legs and just stood in the back holding her to break things up a little. We played peek-a-boo in the bathroom mirror for quite a while too!
What else?
The airline and TSA websites were helpful. You are allowed more liquids than normal - formula, milk, sippy-cups, baby food - when traveling with baby.
Somebody should be able to assist you when going through security if needed.
As others mentioned, if just for a few days and you can not borrow a pack and play from someone, co-sleeping is an option for a few days. I did that even though I never had before and it went well.



answers from Austin on

As far as I know there aren't any regulations with a lap child. From past experience, I would suggest plenty of diapers and wipes, a change of clothes for baby and for you, and whatever you need to feed your baby including a nursing cover up if necessary. Also a blanket and pacifier, if you use one. I found it unnecessary to bring toys, at least not very many. They can be entertained by looking around and just interacting with you, plus other passengers will probably keep him entertained, too. And he might sleep the whole time, too. Also especially if you have your hands full with other things, it might be helpful to carry your baby through the airport in a front pack or sling which you can throw in your bag once you board. Good luck!



answers from Austin on

I have flown a lot with my now 2 year old and there is no regulation against carrying liquids for infants through security. I'm not sure why so many people think there is.

You can have a sippy cup of water or formula or breast milk. If you are concerned that the security people aren't going to be up to date on the regulations, you can print out this page from the TSA website stating what is allowed and what isn't:

On a good note, I think 7 months old is a great age for flying! They aren't super mobile yet, so they can hang out on your lap without being too fidgety or squirmy.

Bring a couple of new toys, maybe some stickers or tape that you can put on his hands to entertain him. My son could almost always be distracted by snacks, so at 7 months we packed a lot of teething biscuits and cheerios and the like.

I would ask someone on the destination end to obtain a pack and play for you, one less thing for you to worry about.

Good luck, you guys will do great!



answers from El Paso on

Definitely second what the first poster said. Keep it light and easy.

I've traveled several times with infants and small children both domestically and internationally and haven't had much trouble at all.

We always take their bag with water, milk and juice. Never had a problem. They check the bag through security and let you go through. Since you'll be by yourself, definitely pack light since you'll be lugging everything.

We've always checked the stroller and car seat at the gate. That way it's with you all the time. Kinda sucks to have to take the baby out and fold it down for security so I would suggest some type of baby carrier. That way, the baby is strapped on and you have your hands free to hold bags and push the stroller with car seat on top if you'll need one once you get to your destination.

I would also not worry about the portable crib. Most hotels have them for use, you just have to ask when you check in or can call ahead. If not, co-sleeping for a short time will do.



answers from Washington DC on

Your diaper bag will count as a carryon. Check the site. If you are using formula, bring only ready-to-eat cans/bottles. The 3oz size. If you normally use powdered formula, I'd pack two small, unopened containers in your luggage.

I'd also check the airline site about changing diapers and such mid-flight.



answers from San Antonio on

a couple of more things to add on to everyone else's comments. I purchased a go go babyz (check Craigslist) - to transport my carseat and put my son in it to get through the airport and I was also able to check it in along w/a umbrella stroller. Most airlines let you gate check 2 items and carry-on 2 which was my diaper bag (backpack) and a small purse that I clipped to my diaper bag. As for the port crib, i wouldn't purchase one either and depenging on where you are going, there are some places that rent baby supplies and furniture for traveling babys - deliver them to the airport or the location where you will be staying. Due an internet search for rental baby furniture and if available, my suggestion is to rent the umbrella stroller there too.

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