Traveling to Joplin/Springfield MO from Plano

Updated on April 06, 2009
D.D. asks from Dallas, TX
4 answers

What's the best route to go to Springfield Mo from Plano? Google Maps recommend 75 and then 69. Are these 4 lane highways? How is the traffic? If we had to stay the night on the way, what's a good place with decent hotels to take a break? THANK YOU.

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I've taken this route MANY times. I haven't looked at a map, but we pick up the Will Rogers turnpike in Oklahoma that pretty much brings you to the state line of Mo. It is a much easier drive than it used to be, they have done a lot of work in Ok that made a huge difference in the driving quality. We go North to Sedalia, so I don't know what it's like between Springfield and St. Louis.


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I have no info on routes. We fly if anything is 2+ hours away.

However, my husband is in sales and travels a lot. He does fly to OK and then drives into the areas he needs to go. I get on my MSN page click on maps and directions and it spells it out for your point to point when you plug in the info. It shows a map so that you can see if it is interstate, etc.

Then, to find a hotel (we prefer the Hilton family of hotels) I get on the Hilton site, plug in the areas and times he will be coming through to find a hotel within a reasonable spot off the highway.

I know he has stayed in the Joplin/Springfield area. I am not sure about the route to get there.

Maybe that helps a little.


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I agree with Lori, there are a couple of small towns you have to go thru on 75, it's not that bad and it's shorter than 35... I took the 75 on my way up to Illinois and took 35 all the way back, I should have taken 75 back, but I learned for next time...



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Hi, I've driven this route probably a hundred times...and I've driven the HWY 35 route. The 75/69 route is faster but it is not 4 lane highways the whole way....there are small areas that are 2 lane but I don't think it's bad at all. And, if you leave in the morning, you should easily be able to get there in one day. I've driven it as a single person, then later married, and then with 2 babies. If you want big 4-lane highway then you should go 35 but it will be 1-2 hours longer. have fun!

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