Traveling by Plane to New York City, New York

Updated on October 29, 2011
L.H. asks from San Antonio, TX
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Have 18 month old and 4 1/2 year old (medically challenged) cannot walk on own, talk, has walker/wheelchair. We were planning on buying a double stroller for both children. We are being told we need a baby seat for the shuttle from airport to hotel. We did not plan on taking baby seat (more things to lug around). We were planning on taking the bus tour and again were told the 18 month old needs a baby seat. Does anyone know for sure as we are traveling from Texas. There is also nothing on line about medically challenged children (sites to see, places to take him, etc..) and he has to pay full adult price since he is over 2 years old.

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answers from Seattle on

Who is telling you that you need a carseat for your 18-mo-old? The shuttle company? The bus line? Someone else? If it's someone with an opinion but no knowledge, then disregard. If it's the shuttle company, ask if they have a carseat you can use (we have taken the airport shuttle from home to the airport, and they provide a carseat. We have taken the shuttle from the leave-your-car parking lot to the airport, and there's no carseat needed/required, though I wish there was!).

Most buses (bus tours) do not have seat belts and I'll bet they also don't have the LATCH system in their seats - how would you install a carseat there? Small children do not use carseats riding on city bus, right? Not sure how a bus tour would be that different.

Get on the phone and call - if the first person you talk to says you need a carseat for this or that, but can't tell you how it will be installed, then ask for a supervisor for the straight answer.

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answers from Cincinnati on

I just got back from NYC. I saw children under 18 months on a double decker tour bus. I also saw a 2 year old on the airport shuttle on moms lap. I wouldn't worry about it. Taxi's don't even require baby seats.

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answers from New York on

public buses, the subway and taxis do not require child seats. you should call the carrier for the tour bus and shuttle and find out more about their requirements. good luck to you and enjoy your stay in NY.

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answers from Lakeland on

Is it the shuttle asking that you have a car seat? Airlines only allow car seats that are approved for air travel (this is usually ONLY infant carriers). I don't think you will need it in cabs or on busses in NYC. I would take the stroller you can check it at the gate. They will give you a tag at the counter before getting on the plane and you will get it back as you get off the plane. You can do the same with the car seat and just leave it at the hotel or where ever you are staying in NYC while you go out. I would also let the airline know ahead of time if you need assistance with your child (medical reasons). They can help you get though the airport faster.

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answers from Albuquerque on

NYC doesn't require car seats in taxis so I can't imagine they require them in shuttle buses or tour buses. All you need to do it call each of those companies, though and ask if they have a rule and if so, where is it documented.

As for where to take your 4.5 year old son, it really depends on what he likes to see/do. Many of the sites in NY are handicap accessible, but still difficult to get to since it's a busy city. A double stroller will be great in the less crowded areas, but tricky downtown - like by Times Square. Of course you can make it work, just be prepared for people to bump into you as they try to walk around. When we head to NYC next, I plan to take my 4.5 year olds to the Bronx Zoo, Central Park, Times Square, and the FAO Schwartz toy store. Maybe some of those places would interest your family too?

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answers from Odessa on

I have to say I am a bit worried that you are questioning the need for a carseat for your 18 month old. Would you really consider compromising her safety on any trip? Why would vacation be any different? I understand exactly where you're coming from. I have 4 year old twins, a 5 year old and a profoundly handicap son. I understand how much equipment it requires to travel. Not only is it an inconvenience, it's nearly impossible to get all that stuff to/from the airport. We took a 10 day family trip in May and actually used FedEx for all of our luggage and equipment. It was less expensive to use FedEx than to pay the extra luggage fees and, as we all know, more dependable! They picked up our luggage from our house and it was in our hotel room when we got to our destination! It was then delivered to our home after the trip. You might want to consider it for you luggage, etc., leaving your hands free to pull the carseat dolly(with your child in it) and your husband can handle the wheel chair. I'm not certain the apparatus I mentioned is called a "carseat dolly", but it resembles a dolly and can be found at toys r us, etc. FedEx has an actual link on their website called "FedEx my luggage". You print of the tags and attach them to the actual luggage- no need to box anything.

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answers from Dothan on

Could you just "check" the baby seat as luggage? At least that would keep you from lugging it through the airport. My friend did that one time when she came to visit. At that time, we had no children so we did not have a car seat that her daughter could use.
There is also a backpack type carrier that you can buy. The car seat straps onto it and then you wear it on your back. I have one that I used when traveling overseas with my son (who was 18 months old at the time). Since it's on your back, your hands are free.
One Step Ahead is where I ordered mine.

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