Travel Oppourtunity with My Husband, ALONE!

Updated on September 22, 2009
A.B. asks from Lombard, IL
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well, i am just so nervous to take this opportunity that has presented itself to me.
my husband is going to san francisco for a conference in late october.
my mother has offered to watch our kids so we can go together, alone.
we'll be gone 4 days.
i have just started to wean my baby daughter from breastfeeding after 12 looooong months of her not taking a bottle.
i have felt very tied to her and then before she was born, i was obviously pregnant.
i also have a 2.5 year old.
i know my husband and i need this time together to reconnect, and i need it as well.
i'll return to work next year and the opportunities to travel will be limited to going away during school breaks...
it just seems like an amazing opportunity.

now, also, i'm scared to leave my kids, and fly without them.
irrational fears i know...
but still a fear.
can someone out there give me some advice, or a pep talk, or something?

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answers from Chicago on

Go for it and don't look back! Seriously, take a couple of pictures with you but know that your girls will be well cared for. It's as good for them as it is you guys. It's even good for your Mom. :) It's a win-win-win!

I know it's hard but it sounds like perfect timing, you are weaning your daughter and getting your body back. Time to start using it again...for other things. :) Like with hubby!

Go, have fun and for goodness sakes, don't worry!

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answers from Chicago on

My son is 14 months old, and I recently had to travel for 2 day for work. While I missed him greatly, it was nice to have some me time. Absence makes the heart feel fonder is the truth. I am sure you and your husband will have a wonderful time.

Bring your pump, I didn't and I wished I had. But good luck and have fun.



answers from Chicago on

GO! The first long trip alone that my husband and I had was when my oldest was 5 and my twins were 18 months. It felt kind of wierd and sad the first day, but after that I just decided to enjoy the time together, and everything was great.

We just took two 5 day trips to Cancun this year. My kids are now 11 and 7. It is always nervous going, but once youe are their it is so nice to reconnect with your spouse.

We have decided that if we can afford it( and find sitters) we will do 1 family vacation, and 1 adult vacation each year.

It is nice to feel like a couple again.



answers from Chicago on

These opportunities are few and far between. Go! Your kids will be perfectly fine and happy being with your Mom. I love San Fran and wish it was me!!! Don't allow any guilt -- GO and enjoy yourself! Rediscover yourself as an individual and a wife!



answers from Chicago on

As my friends would say "Snap out of it!" Your kids will be with your Mom, not some stranger. Your hubby's airfare and hotel are paid for by his company.

It will be a REALLY long date night! Go for it!




answers from Chicago on

I don't think you are unusual. I also didn't like traveling when my kids were as young as your youngest is. I found it physically (when pumping breastmilk, especially) and emotionally uncomfortable to be away from them on the few occasions I had to take short work trips.

But I also enjoyed the freedom from daily responsibility, and you'll enjoy it even more if you have time with your husband, too. San Francisco is lovely. I went there for 2 days when my younger son was a toddler, and I have great memories of the stuff I did in the evenings that trip. I missed my babies, but I sent them photos on my phone of the cool things I was seeing and it all worked out OK in the end.

Anyway, I guess what I'm saying is, don't feel guilty either way. Don't feel guilty if you aren't completely excited, and also don't feel guilty about leaving them. It doesn't mean you are strange, or not a good wife or whatever, I don't think - in a few years, you'll be eager to get a few days away but it's understandable with a just-weaning baby that it's a little harder to tear yourself away. Once you get there, though, I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun.



answers from Chicago on

It was hard to leave our children behind when we first vacationed without them. We were blessed to have one or both of their 2 grandmas stay with them. These were wonderful opportunities for my mother and mother in law to bond and make special memories with them.
Think of it this way:
Time alone with hubby is an investment in your marriage. A strong loving marriage is really the best gift you can give your children.
Take plenty of pictures so you can relive your special time together over future date nights.

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