Travel Fun Pack for 4 Year Old and 6 Year Old!

Updated on May 08, 2012
L.K. asks from Lafayette, CA
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We are traveling with our kids and wondering what to pack in their little travel bags? Crayons, markers, paper, and what else? Any fun suggestions?

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answers from Austin on

Just be careful with crayons in hot cars.... they melt! When they melt, they leave a BIG mess....... I learned that the hard way one summer.......

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answers from Chicago on

colored pencils instead of crayons if your driving. if you have room then my kids liked little puzzels and we put a jellyroll pan (cookie sheet with sides) this will hold puzzel pieces. Stickers and markers.



answers from Dallas on

Remember those create a scene sets that would stick to the coated cardboard? They also stick to car windows. I saw some a few years ago and did not buy them, but I should have. You can get magnet playsets or get magnetic letters and take a cookie sheet and they can spell things, play hangman, etc. You can get different magnets so they can make different scenes. My kids love stickers. Frisbee or whiffle ball for roadside stops to burn off energy if you are driving. The invisible ink things you can buy at travel centers. They have them for different ages. Color wonder markers are super! Craft kits like sewing felt with yarn or something with not a lot of pieces they can do in the car.



answers from Detroit on

Crayola makes those kits with the markers that only write on the paper in the kit. Walmart has those minature etch-a-skecth at the check out lanes. Portable dvd's. If your kids love math as much as mines then math activity books or other educational activity books (shapes/letters).



answers from Los Angeles on

I do an erase board w/dry erase pens.

-DVD & portable player (saving grace!!!)
-a new cartoon movie they haven't seen yet
-travel games (magnetic checkers etc)
-doodle etcha-sketch thing
-puzzle (big pcs, made for young kids)
-not sure if you have boys or girls but I add Matchbox cars, cute bracelet & necklace, mini travel cards (they don't have to actually know how to play games)



answers from San Francisco on

Do you let your kids eat in the car? My son has blueberries or grapes, then crackers, and water and juice. Any little distraction is good. He's almost 4. I also try to bring a few toys that will hold his attention. He will sit and play with leggos or other things for a little bit. We also have a family i-touch that he watches movies on.



answers from Dallas on

My kids are 5 and 3 so I can relate. Stickers are huge with my kids. They love to design scenes on paper and it occupies them for quite a while. You don't mention whether you are driving or flying, but I usually do a little gift every so often depending on the length of your trip. My kids love little play people, my daughter gets little ponies, little princesses, polly pockets etc. and my son gets play mobil or little cars. I usually give them a wrapped little gift with a toy and a piece of candy or snack. I have gotten them the old school metal lunch boxes to hold their figures and it provides a good play surface and storage. They love getting their little gifts and it will usually last them until the next gift. Not huge gifts, just little things, even new books. Felt boards are good, MIchaels usually has some at good prices. We also play a bingo game with photos of cars, trucks, construction equipment etc. they have fun finding all the things to bingo. They love Bubbles for the rest stops if driving or a ball to kick around also huge hits with our kids. Enjoy the trip!



answers from Savannah on

Mini Magna Doodles are great for car rides. They also have those travel size games, although they are probably better for the 6 year old. Bring their favorite cds if they have any, so they can occupy themselves singing their favorite songs. Books for sure. When I was little, we used to take the audio books that made a special noise so you knew when to turn the page. I am sure those are still around. There are games that you can buy that are tubes filled with stuff. Then the kids have to find specific things within the tube. Eye spy books (they have them for different ages), and travel bingo too.



answers from San Francisco on

I always go to the Dollar Store or similar right before a long trip and get a new "toy." It's something that I don't care if it gets thrown away not too long after the trip, but something that will entertain my child. And it will be more entertaining because it's new to my son. I always get a new book also! I also just pack it in the bag. I don't even show it to my son beforehand. So because he's never seen it before, he's even more excited about it and always has so much fun with whatever I choose. He is now 7, and we travel extensively. I only do this for long trips, but it works every single time! Good luck!!!

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